He began to walk over to her, attracted to the scent, the music, and of course, her toned, tanned and glowing body that was barely covered by a silk dressing gown. She paused. Looked over to him and spoke in a low and seductive voice: "hello, sweetie."

Her voice pulsated like an ongoing orgasm through every cell in his body. He walked up to her and placed his hand upon her hair, tangled his left fingers into her golden locks formed a powerful yet sexual fist and pulled her hair. Hard. Then quickly let go.

What had he become? A sadist?

As and element of worry entered his eye, she laughed seductively, she was both turned on and shocked that he was at this stage already. As she stood, her eyes slowly followed the stitches up his bath robe… his chin… and finally… his lips. She tilted her head and leaned in to kiss him, millimetres away from touching his pouting lips… She pushes him onto the dressing table knocking the red dress and all of her make-up onto the floor. His face screams stunned and intrigued. She falls onto him as her right hand caresses his testicles. She places her thigh between his and rips open his robe to reveal his chest, she looks deep into his eye, grins, and pushes his forehead back into the position of ecstasy and bites his collar bone. He sucks in the air through his teeth, as he pulls his neck forward and opens his eyes, he is shocked to discover both he and she were completely naked and both gowns were folded into a neat pile on the chair. She stood in front of him; both hands behind her back; bare as the day she was born. Every curve he wondered and dreamt about lay out in front of him and he was far from disappointed as to where they led to. Her hands revealed from behind her back a pair of handcuffs on one and a crop in the other. She grinned; walked over to him and cuffed him to the leg of the dressing table. His heart raced; mind screamed 'NO!' but his hard, pulsating, adrenaline rushed cock begged 'yes' over and over again until it became to much. He must have her now. He grabbed her thigh with his one free hand and dragged her towards him, she slapped his wrist with the crop, and he instantly sprung it back beneath his chin. The feeling had brought him back to childhood, as though he had just been told off by his mother for attempting to steal a cookie before it had cooled or for attempting to stare at a fire bird for longer than what is bearable. However, he also had a sense of mischief, like he wanted to see how far he could go before feeling the whip again. He placed his active hand onto the dressing table for support.

She had him where she wanted him.

She bent her leg; placed her foot onto the table and commanded him to kneel. The almighty Doctor at his knees for a woman, but as we all know: River is no ordinary woman.

His face was adjacent with her clitoris but he waited for permission. "Now" She commanded. He obeyed. He began with circular motions with his tongue then moved onto up and down movements. His pace built up in speed, faster and harder. She moaned as she started her journey to ecstasy. Each breath became heavier and heavier, he began to use his free hand and placed both fingers inside her, rotating them; facing them towards him and pushing onto her G-Spot. He began to suck as she became more and more aroused; her clitoris pulsated against his tongue, she was almost there when… she stopped him. He looked up confused, what had he done wrong? She seemed to be enjoying herself, which she was; it was far from over yet. He deserved a reward for his effort, River lay onto her back and placed both legs around his thighs, "go ahead sweetie", the idea of penetrating her after all this foreplay almost made him come in it's own right. He pounded into her hard, gripping her thighs and using them to thrust his pelvis into hers. With every thrust, a moan escaped their lips in uniform. "Harder!" She commanded, he lifted her right leg and put it onto his shoulder making his penetration deeper. His penis tensed as did she, he continued to push, harder and faster than he had ever done before. He had never been this aroused in his life; it had turned him into an animal. She released the crop and slapped him across the face. His head turned and returned to original position making him only more turned on, he pounded harder as she slapped him again. "Harder" he screamed, she slapped him one last time before he lined her insides with himself. He moaned and attempted to relax in ecstasy however, not this time. He wasn't the one to decide when this sex session was over. She was.

She un-cuffed him and told him to get on all fours…


"DO IT!"

He obeyed reluctantly. She intended to step it up a notch. She grabbed the crop "Say my name." "What?" He replied confused. She whipped him hard on his arse. "Ow!" He had now referred to a naughty school boy, confused and turned on by the hot teacher. Hormones and emotions filled his being. "Say my name. My real name." "River, this is too…" She whipped him again, this time he groaned and seemed to be enjoying it. "Say it, I want you to say my name then I will reward you." She whipped him once more when he groaned out after a quick intake of breath, "Melody." She stroked his spine slowly before whipping his arse again "again!" With no hesitation he replied "Melody!" She smiled "Such a good Time Lord. Lay on your back." He did so instantly. She sat on him, ready to ride him as though he had never been ridden before, she began raising and thrusting her hips into his, rotating; tensing and releasing her grip that she had on his bulging penis. She rubbed her hands up his chest and pinned down his shoulders as she continued to thrust with her hips. He was helpless, he did the only thing he could.
Beg for more.

"Please… Melody… Harder!"

She did, she lightly grabbed his throat with one hand; pushed onto his chest with the other and pushed onto him as hard as she could, thrusting her body. She leaned forward and licked up his chest before sucking and lightly biting his nipple. She continued for as long as she could before allowing herself to orgasm, her toes clenched, her legs spasmed and she finally came onto his pelvis.
As she let out the supreme feeling of post-orgasmic energy, she lay next to her Doctor and fell asleep in his arms and for the first time in so long. The Doctor slept too.

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