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Title: World Turned Upside Down
Rating: T
Pairing: Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. (Others are undecided. May add NaruHina, InoShika, and NejiTen)
Short Summary: He was rich. She was poor. Your typical modern Cinderella Story - except that she was bought for a billion dollar. It was because of the hell week and that darn egg.

(Sorry. My summary sucks. I know. D:)

Chapter 1

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.
-Mother Teresa


I grimaced as I sat on my hard bed. Today is Monday. Another start of a hell week, y'know.

"Sakura, Honey?" My Mom knocked softly on my door.

"Yes, Mom?" I sounded hoarse.

"You're going to be late for class…"

"Right." I tried to sound eager for Mom to leave me alone. I heard her fading footsteps and I arranged my pillows and blanket on my bed. I prepared everything I needed for school and work.

Work. Yes. I have to work. We're not that rich, you see. I have an older sister. She's far away from home because she's studying college. And she's also working to support herself. But she can't afford everything so my Father has to send money, too. And we have this house rent to pay, electric bills, the water bill, my fees…

I am studying at Konoha High. An expensive Private High School. Yes. I know. I am a burden. But… I passed the scholarship exam and I am a scholar. Full scholar. So no worries about my tuition fees. Plus, I also have allowance for my books, and my miscellaneous fees are not a problem since I also got monthly allowance from our school. I will pay them every month. I'm so grateful for them for letting me owe them sometimes. And the only problem is my allowance. That is why I am working part-time in a restaurant. The Ichiraku Ramen Restaurant. They serve different kinds of ramen.

But still… I am working my butt off every day of my life. I am tired and sick of this… But I can't blame anyone. Nor my parents. They are trying their best just to pay for everything. I'm the one who insisted that I'll be enrolled in Konoha High so… Yes. I have to endure it.

I groaned as the cold water hit my face. I looked at myself in front of the mirror. Pink hair. Eyebags. Green eyes. Who the hell would want someone like me? They will be joking for the rest of their lives if they want me! I locked the bathroom door and turned on the faucet and waited for the small bucket to be filled.


I sat down ever so carefully on my chair and opened my Math book. Some of the girls in my class would see me as a bookworm, yes. But, I don't care. I like peaceful things…

A raven-haired girl sat beside me timidly and doodled silently on her notebook. We were both the silent type, yes.

"Good morning, Hinata-chan." I greeted.

She suddenly jolted her head up. Surprised. "G-good morning, too… S-Sakura-chan." She smiled.

I smiled back and went back to reading the Algebra book I was holding.

All of a sudden, there's a huge squeal coming from the girls on the front and second row. I glanced at them and followed their gazes. It landed on the ever-feeling-handsome Sasuke Uchiha. He's such an asshole. I don't know what they like in him.

Sure, he's rich. He has such taste in clothes. As much as I hated to admit it, he's also a bit handsome. But. Not enough to make me drool. I'm not like those girls.

The ever-feeling-handsome Uchiha gave the girls a smile before he went to his seat in the back. The girls returned it with a squeal and some of them banged their heads on the table.

"Sasuke smiled at me! He did!"

"No! He smiled at me!"

Darn it. The peaceful moment I have. Ruined by that egotistic person. Such a great mood. I groaned as I glanced at him. Unfortunately, he was absently looking near my way, and he saw me turn my head his way. He blinked and smiled at me. I glared at him and I went back to the book I was reading.

Great, Sakura. Just great. Now he thinks you like him. Am I really an idiot?

I sighed as I heard the bell rang. Saved by the bell. And a few seconds later, Kakashi-sensei walked in. That was new. He was always, as in ALWAYS, late. Well, good job for him. Seems like he is improving.

"Morning, class." Kakashi-sensei didn't glance at us. He motioned us to sit. His eyes were locked on that small orange book which has to be perverted comics – or book. "I'm having a meeting in a few minutes with the principal and… I'm just giving you guys a project."

"What kind?" The girls in the front row groaned.

"A project for two." Kakashi-sensei grinned. He was handsome despite his age. If he was younger, I bet he will be more handsome than this bastard Uchiha. "Home Economics, this is." He laid the book on the table and get the box under the table. "This. You will take care of the eggs. You will treat them as your baby. So this will be a couple partner. You can freely choose who you want to be your partner."

The class was in a huge chaos. Ugh. I hate this subject. And what's with this project? So lame.

"Yo," Ino hugged me from behind and I jumped a little from my seat.

"Don't scare me like that, Ino!" I scolded her.

She laughed. "Who do you want to be your partner, Sakura-chaaaan?"

"I still don't know." I shrugged. "Who will be the last guy, I think." I turned to Hinata. "What about you, Hinata-chan?"

She was busy staring into a certain blonde-head in Uchiha's male group that she didn't notice me. I smirked and whispered in her ear. "You want the Blondie, right?"

She suddenly stood up and her face became red. "N-No! I… Uh…"

"Just kidding, Hinata." I took her hand and forced her to sit again. Some of the boys were looking at her. "Sorry if I startled you."

"How about you, Ino?"

She sighed. "Who else? I'll drag my best friend who is snoring there." She pointed at the back. Shikamaru was –as usual, lazily – sleeping. I laughed.

"Where is Tenten?" I asked, looking around.

Ino pointed. Tenten was in front of the Uchiha's male group. Her face was light red.

Was she confessing?

The cream-eyed guy, whom she was talking to, smirked and nodded. Tenten bowed and excused herself. Her eyes were slightly dreaming 'til she reached our place.

"So what's up, dream girl?" Ino tried to pry.

"Yeah, tell me what happened."

"I asked him to be my partner." She admitted and smiled. "And he said, YES."

I sighed. Then a certain Blondie guy walked to us and approached the raven-haired girl who is now trembling. She really is shy. I smiled and tried to fight it.

"Um…" He scratched the back of his head. "Will you be my partner, H-Hinata-chan?"

"Uh, y-y-y-yesss." She nodded one sharp nod.

"Ok, then." The blonde guy – who is named Naruto, I believe – smiled and walked away sheepishly.

Hinata turned around to face us and her face was beaming red.

Ino, Tenten and I laughed. Her face was priceless. A combination of emotions. Shocked and happy and it was like she's going to faint any minute now.

"Yes, I know." I nodded. She can't speak. Loss of words. But Hinata's face says it all. "You're happy."

These three are my only girlfriends here.

"How about you, forehead?" Ino poked my forehead. "Who will be your partner?"

"Uh… I said the last guy who will not have any partner." I shrugged again.

I wonder who will be. I glanced around. And the same time I glanced at the Uchiha male group, he also glance my way. I quickly looked away and tried to find other boys. Great. He will really think I like him.

I saw a thick-browed guy approach us. He stopped in front of me. "Um… I was wondering if you… You know…"

He wasn't that bad-looking. But he also wasn't that good-looking. I shooed away my thoughts. I'm so bad! Comparing him to others. Tsk.

I think I better say yes. There will be no other to approach me anyway.

Then, all squeals and snorts of different girls interrupted my thoughts.

"Sasuke-kun! Who will be your partner?" One girl pouted.

"Sasuke-sama! Please let me be the one!"

"No! He will choose me!"

"No. He is mine!" A certain redhead shooed away the girls. But the girls did not even flinch. They just glared at the redhead. And the redhead also glared at them.

The ever-feeling-handsome Uchiha stood up in the middle of the glare fight of the girls and he coughed to get their attention. He did get their attention.

I gritted my teeth. He really was too full of himself. Look. His smile was so arrogant, the way he touches his hair was irritating, like there's a neon sign in his hair that says, Look at me! Look at me!

He cleared his throat again. "I will choose who will be my partner."

The girls harrumphed at the redhead. The redhead just stuck her tongue ut at them. They are all like children.

The Uchiha guy put his right hand on his chin and narrowed his eyes and eyes the girls. Anyways, why am I looking at them? I stared down at my hands.

Oh yeah, I was about to accept this guy's approach to me.

I opened my mouth. "Um…"

"Lee." He smiled.

"Right." I nodded. "Lee-san… I…"

"The girl I choose…" I was interrupted, yet again, by the ever-feeling-handsome Uchiha. I stared at him as he will make his diplomatic decision. HE sure is proud to make the whole class be in a huge chaos because of him. "is…"

The girls were biting their lips and some of them were like praying. Ew.

"Is the pinkette…"

My eyes widened. "W-What?" His fans, and my reaction were identical. Shocked.

"That's all." He grinned at me while I glare at him. He sat down and whistled. I saw the all the girls glare at me.

Wow. Enemies in an instant. Great job, Uchiha. You really blew it.

"Oh," I forgot Lee-san. I saw his face turn to sadness. "I'm sorry. I didn't know you're already partners with… Sasuke…"

He walked away, still gloomy.

"Wait… I…" I tried to call but Ino's hands covered my mouth.

"Shhh." She silenced me. "You'll only make it worse."

"Gotta go." Kakashi-sensei waved his hand. "You can go now…" He smiled and then stopped walking. "Oops, before I forgot, you have to ve with your partner everyday for the week, got it?"

I groaned. This will be one hell of a week.

Ino and Tenten grabbed both of my wrists and dragged me outside. "What's wrong with you, guys?" I tried to break free, but both of them combined. Ugh.

"Don't you still get it?" Ino almost shouted at me. Hinata came to my side, rushing with my bag. "Thanks," I murmured to her.

"The girls are ready to ambush you once Kakashi-sensei is out!"

"Oh," It clicked on my mind, then.

Sheesh. They are all a pain in the neck! Ugh. I wish this week is already over!

We tried to always hide from them, but eventually they are scattered and they got me. I lost sight of my girlfriends. I'm doomed.

"So," the redhead raised her thin and shaved brow at me. "Why are you partners with my Sasuke-kun?"

"I-I have no idea." I choked and shook my head.

"How did you become friends, anyway?" One girl angrily asked.

"We're not friends. I don't even know him – aside from his name!" I blurted out.

"What is this?" I heard an angry deep male voice from behind the girls. The girls immediately backed up.

"Uh, nothing…" they laughed and stormed away. But gave me threatening glares.

My life is over.

God, kill me now.

"I'm sorry for that." His deep voice was mesmerizing. I just nodded. "You left our baby egg at the homeroom." He showed me the fragile white egg. "We have to take care of it."

"Uh, yeah." I said angrily. "What the hell was this about, Uchiha? Why did you pick me? Of all girls? Why me?"

"Simple." He flashed his perfect teeth. "Because you're fun."

I gritted my teeth. "Impressive…" I glared at him and he just grinned at me.

He left the egg in my hands.

"I'll see you after lunch." He waved.

My life is officially over. Yes. It is.

This day turned my whole world completely. Turned my world upside down. Like a compass reversed one eighty degrees.

And I simply hate it.

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