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World Turned Upside Down

Chapter 9


I believe simple things really matter,
'Cause even a simple misunderstanding can ruin everything.



"Stupid stupid stilettos." I fumed as I bent down to unclasp it from my twitching foot. The pain just shot through my legs and wearing these high-heeled sandals wouldn't do me any good. It was a better option to walk on foot.

I still couldn't believe it. That guy set me up. I actually shouldn't get mad at him because all this was a huge set up for his father, anyway. But still, he made me go there just to make fun of me?

Maybe not. My mind tried to pacify me. Yes, maybe not. Great, great. Good, plain, ol' Sakura had surrendered herself to a snake. A snake named Sasuke Uchiha. But goodness, what a rich and handsome snake he is!

Ugh, thinking about all this stuff...

My stomach growled as my eyes glued to the famous coffeeshop in the whole wide world: Starbucks. I had never ever tasted its coffee all my life. Not even a sip. And since I had worked so hard, treating myself for once would be fine.

I crossed the street – looking both left and right for incoming cars – and hurriedly went inside the café.

The yellow lights were dim, but still gave off a good impression. There were many people inside enjoying their own choice on the menu. My eyes zoomed off to the counter and I groaned as I saw the long line. Oh great. I quickly piled with them and looked at the set of menu. My mouth almost dropped at the sight of the prices.

That. Would. Be. My. One-Week. Allowance.

I thought about backing away and settling for a cheaper café, but when I glanced behind me, there were already another set of rich people wanting to order. I had my pride, too. I wouldn't go now.

As I neared the counter, I realized some of them were staring at me as if I'd been from outer space. What was wrong with me? I fished the mini mirror out of my small purse to get a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My face was still good – decent enough. My hair was quite messy, but it still looked fine. Just a few strands loose. Then I realized I was holding my stilettos on my left hand.

Oops. I felt my face turn a shade of pink and tried to ignore their eyes on me.

"Good evening Ma'am." The lady at the counter greeted me with a smile on her face.

I smiled back. "Umm... One Mocha Frappuccino, please." I told her, still not letting the smile slip away. "Just the small one."

"Your name?"


She scribbled my name on the plastic container. "Is that everything?" Her nametag said Hi! I'm Lili.

"Yes." I nodded.

Lili stated the amount I had to pay and I grabbed my purse.

Crap. I counted the money I had. And recounted it again. I rummaged the entire purse, deftly hoping that some magic coins – or a dollar – would appear. Then something shimmered on my purse. The Gold card that Uchiha had given me. No, I wouldn't use it. He would know and that'd let him make fun of me all the more.

But what choice do I have?

I could hear some people grumble behind me. I don't want to owe him anything – even though he gave this to me... Still, that would mean I needed him.

Then it all happened fast that my mind couldn't register what had just happened.

There were several dollars on the counter. "I'll pay for this." A deep male voice said. "Add up a grande Cappucino with two slices of Oreo Cheesecake."

Startled, I looked around and was about to say I could pay for my own drink but I couldn't even form coherent thoughts as I saw him.

"Name please?" Lili interrupted my thoughts.

He opened his mouth and told Lili his name… His deep voice was the only thing I could think of right at this moment.


Where the hell is she?

My fingers impatiently tapped at the table in front of me as Dad said magical words to his very own visitor. Damn. I didn't even know he would invite this filthy redhead in this dinner – with her filthy mother.

My eyes twitched annoyingly as I glanced at them. The redhead pouted at me and fluttered her eyes open and close, trying to flirt. She was wearing a red tube with a puffy skirt that only reached the middle of her thighs. Red necklace with red matching gloves and red stilettos. Her hair was tied up in a fancy bun.

Her mother was very much like her. The purple hair – which was a dye, obviously – was in a fancy bun with some hairstrands popping out in curly ends. She was wearing spaghetti-strapped black cocktail dress – with push up bra. Ew. They were both disgusting.

"Sasuke, why don't you say something?" Madara glowered at me.

Say something? Say something, my ass!

I need to do something. I need to get out of here before the worse turn to worst. I wouldn't want that.

I ignored him and took a glimpse at the wall clock just near the door. She ditched me. That girl had a nerve.

I stood up.

"Sasuke," Madara held my wrist tightly, restraining me to walk away.

"Sasuke-kun, are you going home already?" The redhead said in her sugary-sweet – and fake – voice that made my eye twitch again.

"Yes, I'm going." I told them bluntly. Her mother's eyes became round and stared at Madara.

You set me up. Hah. Now you get yourself out of this mess.

"Sasuke!" Madara groaned as I released my wrist from his grip.

"I won't get engaged with her." I remarked as I headed for the door.

"But why? !" The redhead exasperated, her voice cracked. A fake again. She could be a very good actress – and the very worst, at the same time. Well, she was disgusting.

"Because I already have a girlfriend." I turned to look at their faces and grinned. Her mother's eyes almost popped out of its socket and her eyes became wild with fury. I could see Madara's nose turning as red as Rudolph's – flaring red with anger.

"But you were supposed to get engaged with me!" She stomped her foot. I did not just see that. I thought girls only did those in movies.

"Okay, forget that." I couldn't stop myself from grinning at her expression. "Even if I don't have a girlfriend, I wouldn't want to be engaged with you."

"But why? !" She asked again.

"Because fuck you, that's why." I twisted the doorknob and walked away, leaving them speechless and furious at me.

Hah. Take that. I don't really use foul words on a girl – and even to my friends. I only use those words if I was too pissed off to deal with people.

I hurriedly went over to the parking area to go get my car when I saw our butler. "Reo!" I called out and he instantly looked at me.

"Yes, sir?" His face was strained, like he was expecting a sermon.

"Where is Sakura?" I asked as I fumbled for the keys of my car in my pocket.

"I'm terribly sorry, sir." His forehead creased and he looked twice old as he was. The corners of his mouth pulled down into a frown. "I fetched her from her home and took her here... She went inside, but then came out running with her hands on her mouth... I was parking the car here, so when I ran after her... I was late. I didn't see her anymore."

"She just ran away?" I checked. "Not too long ago?"

"Yes," He nodded, not looking in my eyes. "About five minutes past, sir."

So she's somewhere near here. She couldn't get that far away.

I threw my car keys at him and he caught it, startled. "Take care of my car, I'll ring your phone if I need it." I skidded around the corner and started to look for a pink-haired girl.

What was the reason she ran away? Was she having diarrhea? If that was so, she could have left me a message! Speaking of message...

I reached for my phone at my back pocket and tried to call her. It rang!

Come on, Sakura. Answer the damn phone.


"Stop staring." His voice was deep and mesmerizing. "I just paid for your drink, it's not like I saved you from a lion's den."

I blinked and realized I had been staring at him ever since he paid for my Mocha Frap. We were now sitting beside the glass window with the huge Starbucks logo printed on it. You could see the street across from here.

He paid for my drink and told me that since he paid for it, I could spend a little time with him.

"I could pay for my drink, you know." I groaned unimpressively. "And sorry... For staring. You just looked like someone I know." I laughed awkwardly.

He had long, silky, black hair which was tied in a neat pony tail behind him. A few hairstrands hung loose on the sides, though – the short ones. His eyes were an astonishing pair of grey. His skin was fair and almost translucent because of smoothness. He was beautiful. It was like sitting in front of one of those Greek gods we had studied back then in Mythology. His almond-shaped eyes were just one of his face features that would set you off. His nose looked even better than mine – not that I was bragging. What I mean is, he is a male, and yet... He's better looking than me – and his thin lips...

I looked down and sipped on my frap. I just stared at him again. He must think I'm a freak.

Wow, this Mocha Frapuccino tastes good!

"If you could pay, why are you furiously trying to get something out from your purse?" He broke my reverie.

"I thought I had enough money with me..." I shyly admitted. "Sorry."

"I just want a simple thank you."

That made me look at him. He was smiling at me. Not a smirk. He was smiling a real smile at me. I laughed as I realized my shyness was blown off by his smile. "Thank you..." I looked at his cup to read his name. "Itachi."

Then my phone went ringing like mad. I reached for it and was surprised at the caller ID. I suppose I should not be surprised that he would call. Should I answer this? But he would be freaking mad at me. And I don't want him to ruin my coffee time – and my good mood.

"Why won't you answer your phone?" He questioned. I think he was getting annoyed at it ringing endlessly on my hand while I just stared at it.

I switched the phone off. "It's not important." I faked a smile, returned my phone back to the purse and sipped at the most wonderful coffee I had ever tasted.


Damn it. I tried calling her phone again, but it wouldn't connect. It seemed that she was mad at me. But why the hell was she mad at me?

Come to think of it, she went out five minutes ago... What...

I continued to search through the shops, looking for a pinky. I'd never thought that looking for a pink-haired girl could be hard.

... exactly happened five minutes ago?

Then it all clicked. Crap.

She heard about the engagement thing Madara had planned for me! She might've thought I was a two-timer creep or something. Damn!

I gritted my teeth and my hands balled into fists. I wanted to punch someone right now.

I only have to explain everything to her and it'd be fine. Plus, she signed the contract. Even if she changed her mind, a contract is a contract. A deal is a deal. Besides, this was all just pretending! Why would that little thing upset her?

Unless, she likes me...? I smirked at that.

My eyes continued to wander that some things turned to be blurry and hazy to my vision. Dang. How fast could that girl walk anyway? For only five minutes and this place was already far.

My feet stopped dead on its tracks as I saw who was – no, were – across the street, inside the coffee shop drinking coffee and smiling. Smiling like there was no tomorrow.

So I was wrong. She didn't like me. And maybe she wasn't crying when she left. Maybe she was just very happy to finally get her date that was why she hid her smile with her hands. Some girls do that, and I could see that she was that type of girl, too. She ditched me to go on a date.

She ditched me to go on a date. With my brother.

With. My. Brother.

I never knew that they actually knew each other. And that my brother had come back. He never told me anything about coming back to Japan. What was he thinking?

My jaw clenched as I saw my brother tuck her hair behind her ear when the fan blew her hair. She blushed slightly and looked down.

I reached for my phone on my pocket and dialled Reo's number. I turned my back on them, walking back to the restaurant. "Start my car, I'll be there in front of the restaurant in a few minutes.



"Thank you very much." I smiled as we got out of the café.

"That was nothing." He shrugged and grinned back. His grin was quite familiar and different at the same time that a knot was formed on my stomach.

"So, uh..." I looked at my foot. I could walk my way back home, I guess. There would be no bus at this hour and I got no money to call a cab. "I guess I'll head home."

"I'll give you a ride home." He pointed at his car on the other side of the street. It was a white, shiny Chevrolet. Whoa, it wasn't what I was expecting. I was expecting for him to have a Volvo or something.

"You seem disappointed." He mused.

"No, no."I shook my head and laughed at my thoughts. "I just thought you'd have a car that was more stylish than that. Like a shiny Volvo or a Mercedes."

"I'm not Edward Cullen or some sort of a mythical creature." He started walking towards his car. "So you coming?"

I chuckled. "Yeah, thanks so much. You don't really have to do this, you know."

He opened the passenger's door as soon as I was near the car.

"Well, I'm guessing that you wouldn't ride a cab and you'd just walk to your home. It's dangerous this hour of the night. You're alone, and you're a lady." He closed the door when I was seated. He walked over to the other side of the car and hopped in.

"You seem to know people's minds. Are you sure you're not Edward Cullen?" A giggle escaped through my lips.

"Pretty sure." He nodded with a grin while he started the car. "I took advanced classes on Psychology."

"Oh." That was the reason why. He must have taken it pretty seriously.

Then he asked me about school stuffs. "What? You're going to study at Konoha, too?" I was so surprised. "I thought you're already in... College."

"I look old?" He joked.

"No, no, no." I couldn't help but be amused at this guy! "You just seem too mature for a high school student."

"That's good to know." He grinned. "It's actually hard to transfer in the middle of the semester, but my Mother arranged it all for me. Plus, I once studied there."

"Oh, why did you transfer to another school?"

"Complicated." He shrugged. I think he didn't want to talk about the subject so I let it drop. He changed the subject, though. He asked about the professors he might know.

It was a fun ride with Itachi. I almost forgot everything, but it came back to me when I got home. He insisted to drive me in front of our house, but I told him not to. My Dad would be furious to see me with another man. You know what men would think of when they see you with another of their species.

The moment my back came contact with my bed, I was in for a deep slumber.


The pounding on my door was the very reason I was woken up. When I opened my eyes, what greeted me was the sun shining brightly. "Sakura, wake up!"

"OH CRAP!" I rose out of my bed and hastily grabbed my towel. "I'M GOING TO BE LATE!"

I forgot to switch my phone back on again, and forgot to set up my alarm clock last night. Oh gosh. And to top it all off, when I need someone to ride me to school... Speaking of which, he didn't even bother to send a message to me. He might be mad because I didn't answer the call. Oh well.

I rushed into school. Good thing I was just in time. I hurried towards my locker and gathered the two books I need. I haven't seen any of my girlfriends. They must be on the room now.

"Oh, hey." I heard a familiar voice behind me.

I turned around. "Oh, hey." I smiled. "I-Itachi, right?"

"Yeah." He nodded. "Wow, you forgot my name."

"Sorry." I laughed. "I was thinking about lots of stuff."


My eyes narrowed at the sight of both of them talking and smiling at each other. I wasn't jealous. I just don't want Itachi ruining my plans. I walked straight to them. "Hey." I greeted without much enthusiasm.

The pinkette was the first to turn to me, then she turned her back to us. "Hey," She greeted back.

"Hey, brother." Itachi greeted with a smile. I wanted to rip it off of his face. I didn't even know what reason he was for. I didn't even see him around the house. Maybe he was occupying the other villa. I wasn't expecting him. Madara didn't also say a word about him going back.

He's in for something. I don't know for what, yet. But I will soon know.

"Y-You're brothers?" Was her first reaction. I rolled my eyes. Couldn't she tell?

"Yeah," Itachi answered before I could speak up. He went beside me and tapped my shoulder. "Sasuke's my twin brother."

"WHAT?" Her emerald eyes went wide with that.

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