Master to Minion

Minion was probably in the last place anyone would ever think to look for an alien fish in a robot gorilla suit, for he was in Chinatown, pardon the irony. The fish had found the area a few years ago when he became lost on his way back to the Lair and had begun frequenting it often, seeing as how it brought back many a happy memory. Being there made him feel closer to home, and knowing Chinese certainly helped too. It was safe to say that most of Metro City's Chinese population favored the fish, for obvious reasons.

At the moment, Minion was walking through a grocery-type store, searching for something to make lunch with. Megamind had questioned the fish's sudden interest in Chinese food, but Minion had simply told him that they had plenty of nutrients and that it was good for him to try something new.

And so Minion was there accordingly, searching zealously through aisles, looking for the perfect ingredients to whatever it was he was making. Though as a result of his mad dash down the aisle, the fish didn't notice the woman heading towards him, and consequently crashed into one the woman was thrown to the floor from the force of running into Minion's robotic suit, surprisingly, the fish himself had nearly fallen from the strength of the human colliding with him. "Oh, I'm sorry!" he quickly amended, ever his polite and considerate self, bending down to help the woman pick up her dropped groceries.

"It's alright,"the woman chuckled, "though I might sue you for assault," she added in jokingly, placing a few cans back into her basket. As Minion sniggered at the woman's joke, he noticed that she was of Asian origin, with pale skin and jet black hair, some of it falling down the side of her face in a stylish side bang, while most of it was up in a loose bun. There wore lotus flower clips in her hair, one on each side, and she even wore Oriental-style clothing, a long dark green skirt coming down to her ankles and a yellow/green v-neck shirt, the collar pitch black, with a sash around her waist of the same color as the skirt.

And through all of this, Minion couldn't shake the fact that she looked familiar. He didn't know from where exactly, but he'd definitely heard her voice somewhere before.

When they'd finished picking up her groceries the woman stood, looking up at the fish and her startlingly recognizable azure eyes locked with his own golden ones, neither moving for several seconds. Azure eyes that Minion was sure he'd seen before….

And then he figured it out (the realization hitting him with all the force of a freight train) apparently at the same moment she did. And the woman looked up at him; shock laced into her every feature, and breathed—as if hardly daring to believe it—



And done! Sorry it was so short, but that's how it goes. Whoever knows who the lady is gets a….fortune cookie…. or something. I don't know, maybe a bowl of noodles? Anyway, I may or may not make a sequel, but I'll probably write a story on how "mystery lady" got there, so until then, good-bye, and don't forget to review!

~if you didn't know, the lady's Viper

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