"Don't cry child, you've got so much more to live for.
Don't cry child, you've got something I would die for
And if it comes to the rain, just be glad you'll smile again
'Cause so many don't.
And so many go unnamed."

– Failure, Laura Marling

Colter sat transfixed before his reflection in the shop front window, brown eyes that were so familiar yet still so alien, stared defiantly back at him. He'd been given a second chance – not one of those metaphorical second chances, involving a 12 step programme and a whole lot of hugging. This... this was a second chance at life, a second chance to experience a wealth of possibilities. A chance for a life away from the army with a woman... Christina. He had seen her die a countless number of times, 8 minutes and she was gone. Burnt flesh and bone. But now, Colter had her – he had a life. No, not just a life... Sean's life. Sean Fentress would get on a train at 7:30 every morning, go to work and teach kids about the Declaration of Independence. Sean Fentress had a pretty friend who dated jerks and wanted to ride on the trains in India. Sean Fentress no longer did those things. Colter did.

"Hey... you ok?" A large mug coffee was placed in front of the former helicopter pilot to accompany Christina's melodic tones. Her brown hair was longer now, her skin a little browner after a holiday in St Barts and her belly a little rounder. Time had moved on past 8 minutes and Colter thanked God for every second.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Colter gave her an easy smile.

"You sure?" Christina pushed a little further, her eyes narrowing ever so slightly as she leant into him. Enveloping him in the unmistakable floral notes of her perfume, the wind tugging playfully at her hair as she did her best to ignore it. It was a moment like this when Colter first realised that he loved her.

"I'm just thinking how lucky I am," Colter's eyes met Christina's as he tried to convey the full force of his words.

"Well at least you still get to drink as much coffee as you want," the brunette grumbled somewhat resentfully.

"I gotta say, teasing you about it does provide me with endless entertainment but I'd give up all the coffee in the world for another 8 minutes with you."

Christina smiled, "Never took you for the mushy romantic type."

"I thought you girls loved the mushy romance?"Colter shot back, his regular humour once more in his voice.

"Mushy romance is overrated. I married you Sean, not a Valentine's Day card." Christina's hand moved across the table, her digits entwining with Colter's.

"See... lucky." Colter's free hand reached out and tucked a stay curl behind Christina's ear. Glancing down momentarily he looked back up, a small grin tugging at the corner of his mouth. "You know, you should probably remember this moment when you're throwing up every morning."

Christina laughed; her eyes creasing at the corners, her nose screwing up ever so slightly. Quite impulsively, Colter leaned forward, his lips crashing down on Christina's, her laughter petering out as she pulled the man closer to her, melting into his familiar embrace.

Colter Stevens got on a train at 7:30 every morning, went to work and taught kids about the Declaration of Independence. Colter Stevens had a beautiful wife who used to date jerks and rode on the trains in India with him. Sean Fentress didn't do those things but Colter did, and he thanked God for every moment.

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