Someone Once Said. . .

This is a collection of one-shots that will be initiated by a quote or a phrase. They will not be in any specific order, and will most likely include all characters. When couples arise, it will most likely be Jibbs, McAbby, and Tiva. Ducky, Mike Franks, Fornell, Mrs. Mallard, Jimmy, and other characters will most likely be included. Sometimes there will be extra characters.

I have over three pages of quotes to work with so far. I will update the story when I can. Right now I'm still working on my story "Love of a Family". I had the idea for the story, and I think it will help when I've having a spell of writer's block on my others. lol :)

I do not own the characters from the show, or the quotes / phrases. Each quote or phrase will appear at the beginning of the story in bold letters and italics.

Thanks for reading! :)

P. S. If you have any favorite quotes or phrases, please feel free to send them to me. I might just use it, with credit of course :)