Angel, Interrupted

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: swarm.

Spoiler alert: This refers to the end of season 6.

Summary: If you can't tell good intentions from obsession anymore, the road to perdition is nigh...

He'd observed every new creation with wonder – neither knowing nor questioning the greater plan behind it. He'd watched them come and go, so fleeting, changing within a blink of his eye. Crawling, winding, stumbling, swarming allover the world. Without realizing it, the seed was set, and in his core the love grew, though he couldn't label the new sensation. So when he noticed how weeds and vermin were trying to take over, he knew what he had to do. Take the responsibility – doubting, desperate, desolate. Protect the last remnants of God. Safe them, against all odds.

Cause nobody else would.

A/N: This one is dedicated to Castiel, Angel of the Lord – it's so sad to see him walk the lonely road to perdition, but on the other hand: it's so human. That's why we love him, right? It's the Winchester way to go down – and perhaps to come back, torn and tainted, but a little wiser...