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Bobby sighed and finished his glass of whiskey before closing an old book and glaring at the pile of manuscripts, journals and old tomes on his desk. He'd been at it for hours and he still couldn't get on a way to catch the devil unawares.

He was about to roll his chair to his bedroom to take a well-deserved nap when the phone rang loudly, making him jump. Grumbling a few curses under his breath, he rolled his eyes up to the ceiling and picked up.

"Singer Salvage."

"Bobby! Bobby, I need your help! Dean's—stop! Just stay quiet! Let me talk to him! " A deep frown furrowed the old hunter's brow. He glanced at the phone. Whatever Sam was trying to say, it was hard to understand him with all the loud barking going on in the background. The hell kinda mess had those boys gotten themselves into now?

"Sam, what the hell is goin' on? Where's Dean?" He demanded, maybe the older Winchester would be able to talk over that dog. "Shut the dog up already, ya idjit!"

"I can't!" Louder barking ensued, and Bobby rolled his eyes and considered hanging the phone on the boy. Then Sam said something that made his eyes narrow, "Dean, shut up already!"

"Boy, I just spent seven hours straight at the books, don't tell me your brother's gotten himself in trouble again."

"Uh…he kinda has?" The old hunter heaved a sigh and looked heavenward for patience he knew he wouldn't get, "I don't exactly know what happened but—"

"The hell do you mean, you don't know what happened?" he demanded. Sam let out a frustrated scoff.

"I'm not exactly the dog whisperer, Bobby!" Bobby rubbed his face.


So that idjit had really gone and gotten himself turned into a dog.

"Well, don't look at me, boy. I ain't got any canine language skills that I know of." He paused, "Have you called Cas?"

"That's the thing! I don't know where he is." Sam's voice sounded worried, and Dean had started barking again. "Dean, we'll find him. Just calm down."

Bobby was getting too damn old for this.

"When's the last time you saw him?" He asked as he rolled his chair towards the giant pile of books on his desk.

"He and Dean went to check out a lead for the case. When they didn't come back, I went looking for them and Dean was…well, Dean was already like this. Couldn't believe it at first, but it's really him, Bobby. Can't say I've ever seen a German shepherd with green eyes."

"What were they looking for?"

"Some creeper cat guy that two of the witnesses mentioned. We thought he might be a witch or something but…" Sam sighed, and Bobby could almost see him running his hand through his hair, "I don't know, Bobby. I think we might have bumped into something big."

"Ya think?" He pinched the bridge of his nose. "Alright, have you checked the guy's house? Any sign he might come back?"

"Yeah, I did and…no, I don't think he's coming back. Place was wiped clean. Only clue we have is Dean and I'm not even sure how to ask him. But he's really freaked out, Bobby, it's gotta be something bad."

"Alright, alright, then get yer asses over here and we'll think of somethin'."

"Okay…alright, thanks, Bobby." The line was cut, and Bobby tossed the phone on his desk, heaving a sigh.

He really was getting too old for this.

Dean practically bolted out of the impala as soon as they reached the salvage yard. Thankfully the hunt had only been a few towns over, and it didn't take more than a couple hours or Sam was sure Dean would have jumped out of the car and ran here himself.

A string of angry barks that might as well have been a firm 'Sam, get your ass out of the car!' snapped him out of his reverie and he stepped out with a sigh, "Okay, okay, sorry, I'm coming."

With a huff of approval from the dog, they hurried to Bobby's door, the old hunter already waiting for them on the porch.

To say Bobby's expression was astounded would have been an understatement, but Sam couldn't really find it in himself to be amused as a very anxious German Shepherd rushed past Bobby and inside the house, paws scratching the old wooden floor in their haste.

"I'd been hopin' I'd overdone it with the whiskey again," Bobby mumbled before rolling back inside. Sam chuckled and shook his head before following.

"I wish."

Dean waited impatiently for his brother and Bobby to get inside. They needed to find Cas. Who knew what that demonic bastard was doing to the angel…cat? The creepy son of a bitch had turned Castiel into a kitten and basically stuffed him in his pocket.

Dean growled at the memory, the sound vibrating deep in his chest.


That's what the bastard had presented himself as, and the way his eyes had been focused on Cas had made Dean's skin crawl. Whatever the demon had saved for the angel could be nothing good. It seemed like he was planning on keeping Dean and Cas as animals until Lucifer got what he wanted though, so hopefully Cas would be okay.

He had to be okay.

Dog or not, Dean would not be responsible for his actions if anything happened to the angel.

Now he just needed to make Sam and Bobby understand this and they could start looking for the kitten. He shook his head. Turning into a dog had only increased the protectiveness he felt for the fallen angel, especially after seeing him helpless in the hands of that perverted asshole.

"Alright, so what do we do now?" Dean's ears twitched as his brother and surrogate father entered the living room.

"Start readin'." Bobby sounded about as confident as Sam looked, and Dean watched them gather around the old desk before lying down, setting his head between his front legs with a whine.

This seemed to turn the hunters' eyes to him, and Sam gave him his patented puppy look—which now only seemed incredibly ironic to him—and tried to reassure him, "We'll find him, Dean."

"With that pitiful hunch on your shoulders, I doubt you'll find anything, Jolly Green."

Dean raised his head and growled at the owner of the smoky voice who was leaning calmly against the doorframe, his hackles rising as the demon turned an amused pair of eyes towards him.

"Dean, I love the fur, really." He chuckled, "The whole literal guard dog look definitely suits you."

Dean snarled at the demon, rising to his paws, his ears flat against his head as he fought the urge to lunge at him and rip his throat out. Very tempting.

'You shut your mouth, you smarmy dick.' He growled.

Crowley raised his eyebrows, amusement evident in his eyes, "Always so eloquent."

Dean forgot about his anger at the realization that the demon could understand him, ears straight as he tilted his head curiously. He could tell hostility had been set aside as Sam took an urgent step towards Crowley.

"You can understand him?"

Crowley pointed at himself suggestively as if to say 'Hello. Demon.' "You think demons only walk around in human meat suits? I've been a serpent myself a few times. Of course I understand him, moose."

Sam ignored the jab, Dean could already see his confidence rising, "So then you can ask him who took Cas?" It was a statement more than a question.

"I already have a good idea of who did it," Grey eyes turned to Dean, "Name Belial ring a bell in that little canine head of yours?"

Dean growled angrily in response, already picturing what he'd do to that asshole.

'Yeah, that's the dick's name.'

Crowley sighed, "Thought so." Turning his eyes back to Sam and Bobby, he rolled his eyes, "Leave it to your darling pigeon to get taken by a demonic celebrity with a thing for fledgings."

Sam frowned worriedly, while Dean let out another low growl, "What? Why fledgings? Does Belial know Cas?"

Crowley rolled his eyes, "Well, let's just say our friend Cas is not exactly the oldest angel in the group. In fact, I happen to know he's one of the youngest."

"What's that gotta do with Belial?" Bobby asked. Dean let out a worried whine.

The demon raised an eyebrow at Dean's reaction, but actually looked a bit grim when he answered, "Belial is one of the princes of Hell. Meaning he was thrown out the Country Club with Lucifer all those millennia ago."

Bobby nodded, "So he's a fallen angel."

Crowley grinned, "I knew you were the smart one around here, darling." Bobby glared and the demon rolled his eyes, "Anyway. Let's just say Belial's thoughts were…naughtier than they should have been, even before he fell. And little Castiel was just an innocent, little fledging then. Needless to say Belial grew somewhat…fond…of your little cherub."

Dean growled, adding a furious bark for good measure.

'That sick bastard.' He snarled. The thought of Cas stuck as an innocent kitten in that pervert's claws made Dean's anger and worry grow.

Sam shared a concerned look with Bobby, glancing at Dean before turning back to Crowley, "So do you know how to find him?"

"Honestly, I thought you'd have more confidence in me by now." He raised his eyebrows and looked around, "No? Pity. Anyway, since you asked so nicely, yes. I know where to find Belial. But, against my better judgment, I suggest you seek the help of another halo before you go rescue our little angel in distress."

Sam frowned, "Who? We only know—You're kidding. Gabriel?"

Dean flopped down on his hind legs with a huff. 'Well then we're screwed. Bastard will probably laugh at us if we even try to ask for help.'

"You'd be surprised," Crowley answered him, amusement in his voice and the curl of his lips, "I bet that diabetic lump with wings will be happy to help once you mention his baby brother."

Sam looked at him in disbelief, "Who, Gabriel? Last time he saw Cas he zapped him God knows where. He came back pretty beat up."

"That's too bad. He's your only hope of getting to the prince of Hell without all ending part of the cast of a Disney film. So I suggest you summon him."

The hunters shared uneasy looks before giving in.

'Alright, then. Let's do this.'

Castiel opened his eyes blearily as he was tossed carelessly on a desk, letting out a weak and confused mewl as he took on his surroundings, slowly trying to stand up. Looking down at his tiny paws, memories of his and Dean's encounter with Belial came flooding back to his mind, and he looked around with renewed alarm before trying to take flight.

To his horror, nothing happened. Castiel closed his eyes and felt for his grace, unable to summon it long enough to accomplish anything. It had been tightly sealed within him. With nothing left to do, he looked for a door and tried to jump off the desk, only to be caught by a quick hand. He was pulled up by the back of his neck to face a familiar set of leering eyes.

"My little fledging," Belial chuckled, "How the past centuries have changed you. I've bee hearing all about you lately." He was poked on the nose, "Someone's been a naughty little angel."

Castiel glared at the demon, which, judging from the amusement in his eyes, wasn't all that threatening at all.

'What do you want, Belial?' he hissed.

To his dismay, Belial just laughed, "Poor kitten. You can't expect me to feel threatened by your little mewls." His grin went back to that perverted leer that made Castiel's fur stand on end, "Although I must admit this look suits you better than I'd ever imagined." He pulled Castiel closer, orange eyes examining Castiel's blue ones.

Acting on instinct, the small kitten scratched the demon's eye with an angry hiss.

Belial pulled away with an angry grunt. "You little—" Castiel didn't hear more as he was mercilessly thrown against the nearest wall. Everything became blurred as he fell limply on the floor with a light thud.

The demon's voice seemed to come from everywhere as Castiel tried to make sense of his surroundings again. "It seems you still have a bit of grace in you, Castiel. I was careless." He could hear Belial walking closer to him, but then a door opened somewhere to his right, and Castiel tried his hardest to push himself to his paws and limp towards his last chance of an escape.

Before he could make it outside or Belial managed a curse of anger, a cool hand lifted him up with disturbing care. Castiel blinked his blue eyes up at the stranger, his vision still blurred. An amused hum reached his ears, and it was then that he recognized the polluted grace holding him.

"And how did you get here, Castiel?" Lucifer asked calmly. A hand petted his head and sore back, and in Castiel couldn't help the quiet purr that escaped his tiny chest. "I'd heard you'd ran into our brother and the Winchesters, Belial. I just didn't know you'd decided to take in the little one for yourself."

"I turned Michael's vessel into a mutt, it seemed appropriate at the time." Belial answered. Not really giving an answer at all. "It should keep him out of our hair for as long as you need. The spell won't fade unless I will it to."

Lucifer hummed, still keeping his eyes on the little creature in his hands, an amused glint in his eyes as Castiel started falling asleep despite himself, giving in to the devil's careful touch. "Or unless you're killed."

"That won't happen."

"See that it doesn't." Lucifer turned around to leave, and Belial must have done something, because suddenly he glanced over his shoulder to look at the demon, an eyebrow raised in enquiry. "What's the matter, Belial? I didn't know your want for Castiel lasted until now."

"You know what my intentions towards the fledging have always been." That caused a spike of fear to travel up Castiel's spine, and he stirred uneasily in the devil's hands, feeling his legs tense with the urge to flee.

"It's distracting you."

"I'm leaving him in this shape until you take over the Earth, Lucifer."

With another hum, Lucifer glanced down at the tiny creature, "Yes, you will. Unless I can convince our brother to join or cause." Castiel stiffened.

'Lucifer—' he mewled.

"Hush, little brother. There will be time to discuss that. In the meantime, Belial, see that you finish your assignments. I will keep our brother company for a bit."

Belial sounded angry, "Luc—"

"I will return him shortly, Belial." His voice lowered to a colder tone that made Castiel shiver with fear, "I need to make sure his presence here is not distracting you from your duties."

Gabriel was about to play the prank of the century on a preacher that had been tricking his flock with his hypocrisy when he felt the tug on his grace. It didn't take much to figure out who was calling him, and he rolled his eyes as he was dragged away from what could have been his latest masterpiece to Bobby Singer's boring house.

"Okay. This is starting to get ridiculous. Do you want me to kill you for real this time?" He groaned as soon as he appeared in the middle of the old living room.

When instead of Dean's usual snarky response he got an angry growl, he chanced a look around and found the eldest Winchester's soul in the body of a pissed off looking German Shepherd.

He couldn't help it.

He laughed.

"Oh, this is just too good." He wiped a tear from his eyes, more than satisfied to see Sam's patented bitchface directed at him, "Alright, I'll bite. What did you two muttonheads do now?"

"Cas is missing." Sam replied instead.

Gabriel's chortling stopped mid-breath, and he turned golden eyes to look straight into Sam's hazel ones.

"What's that got to do with me?" He asked cautiously, a spark of worry igniting in his stomach despite himself, "Cassie's a big boy. He can take care of himself."

It was only then that he noticed the charred smell of burned feathers. Crowley was standing farther back, his eyes unusually serious despite the curl of his lips. "Belial has him."

Gabriel dropped all pretense of his Trickster persona and let worry flow through him.