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'What, so now you're a dick and deaf?'

Gabriel glared down at Dean. Even as a dog the guy was annoying as hell. His look seemed to be enough to shut him up though, as the mutt shrunk into himself with a surprised whine.


Might have added some grace to that glare. Animals tended to react to it more easily than humans. Gabriel almost grinned at that, but all he could think of was the looks Belial had given his little brother when he was still in Heaven.

"So, you mind telling me how you idiots got my brother stuck with that pervert?"

Seriously. Gabriel might have been upset at Castiel for rebelling for the Winchesters, but hadn't he already done enough for them? After they got him back, Gabriel was taking Castiel with him and away from those cursed boys. Honestly, just being close to them was a safe bet that your life was as good as over.

"He took Dean and Cas by surprise on our last hunt. We didn't know it was him causing all the mess there."

Gabriel huffed, "Of course you didn't." He sighed, rolling his eyes in annoyance, "So what. Since my baby brother decided to tag along with a group of useless meat-sacks, now I get to get him out of your mess? Is that it?"

Dean glared at him, apparently smart enough not to try the growling crap again, and Sam was giving him a funny mix of his puppy look and the bitchface he'd mastered over the years.

"See, I told him. I was right." He narrowed his eyes at them, his smile not really reaching his eyes, something they all seemed to notice.

"…About what?" Sam finally asked.

"That you two buckos would be the death of him."

Silence followed his words, and he studied their faces searching for the guilt he expected to see there. At Dean's glare, he raised an eyebrow.


'Cas is not dead.' Gabriel rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers, a muzzle appearing out of nowhere, sealing Dean's snout shut. At least that would keep him quiet for a bit. If the muzzle had a little bit of grace in it to guarantee a lack of growling and snarling, well…Gabriel didn't have to mention that.

Crowley snickered, earning himself a glare from the dog, and bringing Gabriel's attention to the demon.

"And what exactly are you doing with the Whinersters, Crow-Crow?"

"Protecting my investments."

"Awww, how sweet of you."

"Look," Sam ran a hand through his hair, growing more frustrated by the minute, "Can we just…find Cas before something bad happens to him?"

Gabriel sneered at the younger hunter, "Oh, I can guarantee you something bad's already happened to him, Sam." His eyes glared at all the hunters present in the room, "And after I get him back, I'm taking him with me. Fair warning. He's not staying with you chuckleheads any longer."

"Just help us get him."

The archangel snorted, "Right, like I'm letting you and Lassie mess everything up. I'm going by myself." And before anyone could argue, he snapped his fingers and disappeared.

The room remained in an angry silence—which was only silent thanks to the magical muzzle keeping Dean from barking out curses until there was no tomorrow. Crowley sighed and clapped his hands.

"Well, that's one problem solved," he said, looking at everyone with his ever-present smirk on his lips, "How about a drink?"

Gabriel appeared at the outskirts of a small, abandoned town. It was raining a hell of a lot, and his clothes and hair immediately got wet and stuck to his body.

"Ugh. Great. Lil' bro's gonna owe me so much for this." He mumbled as he carefully searched for the little angel's grace. He found it not far from there. He frowned. Not only was it slowly moving away from the town, but it was so muted that he could barely feel it.

Spreading his wings, Gabriel moved South of the town, his heart clenching in his borrowed chest at the sight he found.

A small black kitten, wet to the bone and shivering, was limping slowly through the mud in his desperate attempt to flee the cursed town. Approaching the tiny creature carefully, so as to not frighten him more than he was, Gabriel crouched beside him.

"Castiel, what did they do to you?" he whispered, his voice quieted by the rain.

Blurry blue eyes blinked up at him, and it was a testament of the angel's weak state that he hadn't even felt him come.

With a care he hadn't shown in centuries, Gabriel took the shivering kitten in his arms, wincing at the quiet mewl that barely reached his ears.


"Shhh…You did good, little brother." He soothed, watching sadly as the kitten closed his eyes and burrowed into the warmth of his grace.

Glaring back at the town, Gabriel dreaded the thought of what his brother had gone through to escape Belial's (and probably Lucifer's) clutches.

"I'll take care of you now."

Spreading his wings, Gabriel was seriously tempted to just fly to his own place and leave the Winchesters hanging with the guilt of their friend's disappearance. Still, he knew his tiny brother would not appreciate that, and he found himself giving in to what he knew would be Castiel's wishes.

Sam had tried and given up to remove Dean's cursed muzzle more than enough times before Gabriel appeared again. He was drenched, but immediately dried himself with barely a thought.

Castiel was nowhere in sight.

With a worried frown, San stood to his feet, and opened his mouth to ask where the angel was, but Dean got to Gabriel first. To Sam's surprise, the muzzle around his snout disappeared, and his brother smelled the archangel with a whine.

Before he could get a word out, Gabriel moved his hands from where he'd been cradling them to his chest, and Sam felt his stomach drop as understanding hit him.

A tiny kitten lied curled up in Gabriel's arms, from the way it was shivering—despite already being dry—Sam could tell it'd been out in the rain, wherever it was that Gabriel had gone to find it. And judging by Dean's reaction, the little kitten was none other than Castiel.

He was almost completely black, save for the white tips of his front paws and a small patch on his chest of the same color.

"Shit." He hissed before walking over to the unusually silent archangel. Just to make sure, he studied the small cat with worry, "Is it really—"

"Castiel. Yes."

Seeming to react to his name, the tiny angel blinked deep blue eyes open and looked blearily up at him.

A quiet mewl left Cas' mouth, and Sam felt his heart tighten at just how completely defenseless the angel was. Another worried whine from Dean directed the dazed kitten's attention to the dog staring up at him. Cas let out another meow in response, and Gabriel surprised Sam by offering the tiny cat to Dean. Without a second thought, Dean took the back of the kitten's neck between his jaws and carefully lifted him off the archangel's hands. With that, the dog walked away towards the stairs, and Sam could only guess he was taking Cas to one of the bedrooms upstairs.

Everyone watched the scene in silence, as soon as Dean and Cas disappeared, Sam looked back at the former Trickster.

"You're okay with that?"

Gabriel's eyes remained on the stairwell as he answered, his voice tinged with a sadness that Sam had never heard from him before, "Castiel's hurt. And I can't heal him." He sighed. "Figured I'd let your brother fuss over him for a bit before I let you take a look at him. I don't think it's anything serious."

Sam nodded, glancing at the stairs again before turning his eyes back to the archangel, "You really can't heal him?" he asked quietly.

"No, Sam, I just decided to let my baby brother suffer some more," he snarked without much bite. Sam had never seen him like this before, "I don't know what that bastard did to him. But his grace is sealed inside him, and whatever spell turned him into a cat repels my grace, so I can't turn him back to normal either. I assume the same will happen with Dean."

The hunter sighed and turned to look at Bobby, whose eyes were still fixed on the old stairwell with a thoughtful expression.

Once again, the silence was broken by Crowley, "Well. One big happy family are we then?" At Sam's halfhearted glare, he sighed, "Alright. I imagine Belial will not be happy about his darling's escape." He glanced at Gabriel, "I'll keep an ear out." They blinked and he was gone.

Sam ran a hand through his hair; he'd go check on Dean and Cas in a bit. He figured the only one who could ask Cas about what happened was his brother, and spending time with the angel would calm Dean down.

Dean climbed carefully on his bed, lying down and gently placing the tiny kitten between his front legs without a word.

'Dean.' Cas sighed quietly, 'Dean, I'm fine.'

'The hell you are,' he growled, 'Now sit still.'

The hunter took his time examining his friend, wrinkling his snout at the smell of blood and unable to stop a quiet whine when the angel flinched under the careful probing of his nose. The kitten must have had some ugly bruises under his black fur.

'What did he do to you?' he asked quietly, new instincts telling him to clean Cas' wounds the only way a dog knows how.



After a quiet pause, the little angel answered honestly, 'He threw me against a wall,' he mewled, flinching at Dean's barely contained snarl.

Forcing his anger down, Dean nudged the scared kitten gently, 'What about the blood?'

Cas shivered, obviously still shaken by what had happened. Throwing stupid human issues aside, Dean gave into his protective canine instincts and licked the side of the kitten's head. Cas closed his eyes at the caring gesture and relaxed almost immediately. Any other time and Dean would have felt awkward about this breach of his no-chick-flick-moments policy. But hell, he was stuck as a freaking dog, might as well let himself act like one for a while. Besides, Cas would probably have some kitten-ish instincts of his own to deal with anyway.

'It wasn't easy to escape.' He finally said, 'I had to run past their Hell Hounds.' Dean's ears lowered back, 'It's…harder to see them with my grace sealed.'

'I'm sorry, Cas.' He apologized with a whine, getting on with cleaning the little kitten's wounds.

Cas closed his eyes as he tried to sit still and let Dean take care of him.

They stayed like that, in a comfortable silence for a while. Dean was lost in his own thoughts of revenge and anger when he noticed a quiet sound vibrating off the kitten's chest.

Unable to contain his awed amusement, Dean paused his cleaning to look down at the tiny angel, 'Cas,' he grinned, 'Are you purring?'

The sound stopped, and sleepy blue eyes blinked up at him. Castiel stared at the amused dog for a moment before answering, 'It feels pleasant.'

Dean couldn't help but laugh, the sound came out as some sort of huff, and he couldn't help but wonder if he'd seen a dog laugh before. Nudging the kitten off balance with his nose, he chuckled as Cas just curled up into a little ball and shook his head before proceeding to clean his wounds. Seconds later Cas was purring like an engine, and Dean was already thinking of jokes he'd be able to tease the angel with once they got back to normal.

Sam waited about half an hour before venturing upstairs to check on his brother and their angel. Rubbing his face as he stood by the door, he sighed and opened it quietly. He couldn't really suppress the awed smile that tugged on his lips at the sight that greeted him.

Dean—his brother, Dean Winchester—was passed out on the bed, a tiny kitten curled up by his head, shielded by one of the dogs front legs.

Damn it, I need a camera.

Sure that any more movement would wake them up, he carefully pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of the dozing pair. Letting out a snort at the amount of blackmail he'd be able to get away with for a while, he put his phone back in his pocket and slowly approached the bed.

Castiel was sleeping peacefully, although the fact that he needed sleep at all was cause for concern as it was. While it didn't look like he had any wounds, there was only so much Dean could do for Cas in this shape. With a small sigh, he slowly reached for the kitten. Who would have thought he'd ever be in a situation like this? Honestly. Only their family.

Before he'd even grazed the tiny angel's fur, a deep growl vibrated from Dean's chest, making Sam snap his hand back with a start. Taking a moment to calm down—his brother had scared the crap out of him—, he looked at the dog.

Dean's eyes were watching him carefully, although Sam wasn't sure if it was completely Dean or his animal instincts taking over. Lifting his hands as a sign of surrender, he took a small step towards the bed. The growling started again, and Sam heaved a sigh.

"Dean, it's just me. It's Sam. I just wanna take a look at Cas, make sure he's okay."

Dean raised his head to look at him suddenly, and Sam just knew it was Dean again. Letting his shoulders relax, he took another step towards the bed, relieved to see that Dean really trusted him this time.

He tentatively reached for the kitten again, and Dean made no move other than direct his eyes to Cas, who was now awake and watching Sam curiously with wide blue eyes, a slight tilt to his head that made Sam smile. It really was Cas.

"Hey, Cas. I know you probably want to sleep, but I'm gonna have to make sure you're alright first. Kay?"

Sam watched as Castiel closed his eyes and curled up to sleep again. Dean huffed and nudged Cas with his snout, pushing him out of the safety of his paws. The kitten tripped over Dean's leg and stood clumsily, looking back to give Dean a very Castiel-like glare.

With a fascinated chuckle, Sam grinned at them both, "It's okay, Cas. I'll let you sleep as soon as I'm done, I promise."

The cat looked at him, as though deliberating whether he was telling the truth. After a moment, Cas seemed satisfied enough, and started walking to the edge of the bed. Sam could tell he was ready to jump down and practically caught him in the air.

"Whoa, easy there, tiger."

Dean, who had been watching with what could only be an amused expression, huffed and yawned widely and stretched before hopping off the bed. He must have said something to tease Cas, because the angel was glaring down at him from Sam's hands, his small tail twitching angrily.

"Alright, take it easy you two. Let's just go downstairs and figure out how we get you back to normal." He carried the kitten downstairs, cradling him as gently as he could, careful not to hurt him in case he had any wounds hidden under his fur. Dean followed him eagerly, his tail wagging slightly, and Sam had to wonder if they were talking as they reached the first floor.

Once he walked into the living room, he immediately noticed the absence of a certain archangel.

"Where'd Gabriel go?" He asked Bobby as he joined him at his desk.

"What do I look like, his secretary?" Bobby grouched, taking his attention off an old book to watch as Sam placed Cas on the desk. The angel sat quietly, looking up at Bobby with his usual intense stare, the tip of his tail the only thing moving. That could mean annoyance as much as amusement as far as Sam could understand.

He'd have to ask Gabriel if there was some way to let them understand what they were saying without having him or Crowley there to translate.

"So he's really gone and gotten himself cat-ified, huh?"

"Yep." Sam sighed, glancing at Dean, who was sitting next to his chair, his attention focused on Bobby and Cas. "You had any luck?" He asked, nodding towards the book.

"You don't think I would've told you if I had?" The old hunter replied, taking off his reading glasses to look at Castiel more closely.

The kitten had apparently lost his patience. As Sam and Bobby watched him, he stood and walked over to the book Bobby had been reading, moving to the old hunter's side of the desk to sit in front of the ancient tome and…as far as they could tell, start reading.

Bobby raised his eyebrows in amusement, "Would you like at that," he let out a chuckle, "Someone's eager to get to work."

Dean huffed, and Sam could almost hear him commenting on Cas being a workaholic. Turning his eyes back to the kitten, he felt the urge to pet him. Cas was just really…cute like this. It was freaking weird to think about, but there was no denying the little cat was adorable. Glancing at Dean, he paused at seeing his brother staring at him with what he could swear was a knowing look. Something like protectiveness in his eyes. Well, damn. If he gave in and scratched Cas' ears, he wouldn't be the only one with blackmail material.

Unable to help himself, he raised an eyebrow, "Down, boy."

Dean let out a quiet growl, letting him know just how funny he found that. Sam raised his hands and laughed apologetically as Dean narrowed his eyes at him and lifted his front paws to look more easily at Cas.

"Uh uh. Paws down, idjit. Desk is old enough as it is." Bobby patted the dog's snout less than delicately, which immediately made Dean drop back down on all fours. With a frustrated groan, he padded away to the sofa and hopped onto it before flopping down on his side, deliberately turning away from them.

Sam chuckled and glanced back at Bobby, looking down to see Cas watching Dean with cat-like amusement, tail moving side to side. The sight made him smile, and he raised an eyebrow when Bobby's finger scratched under the kitten's chin. Before he could tease the old hunter, the sound of purring drove his attention back to Castiel. His tiny eyes were closed, head lifted to allow Bobby to pet him more easily.

"Huh." He chuckled; amused to see how easily Cas had taken to his new feline instincts.

"Well, not that this isn't adorable enough to be puke-worthy, but seriously? I leave you alone for an hour and you're already all over the new pets?" Gabriel's voice was a blend of amusement and annoyance.

Dean barely acknowledged the archangel, but Castiel immediately stood on all fours and padded over to the edge of the desk with a high pitched mewl. Sam was doing his best to keep his hands busy and away from the adorable kitten. Casting a glance at the archangel, Sam blushed and looked away at the knowing look the archangel had fixated on him, clearing his throat. Stupid mind-reading mojo.

Whatever Gabriel had to say to comment on that was stopped by disapproving mewl from Cas.

"Yeah, I know, Cassie-cat, but it's not like I've been sitting on my thumbs either." Sam watched the conversation between the cat and the angel curiously.

After another meow, Gabriel raised his eyebrows, "You know, that's actually a good idea." A pause, "Oh, don't look at me like that! Okay, fine. I may have thought about it before, but come on. It's nothing short of hysterical to see them try to guess what you're saying." Gabriel rolled his eyes and sighed, "Fine, fine, I'm on it."

The archangel snapped his fingers, and Sam looked around to try to find whatever Gabriel had changed.

'Thank you, Gabriel.'

That…was Castiel's voice. Sam's eyes widened and he turned to Bobby to make sure he wasn't hearing things, but the old hunter was also staring at the kitten like he'd taken out a pair of maracas and started to sing.

"Did you—" the younger hunter sputtered, "Can we really—"

'Great, now Gigantor's about to have a nerdgasm. Nice job, Gabe.' Sam gaped at his brother, who was staring at him from his spot on Bobby's old couch.

Gabriel snickered, "Calm down, Sammy. I planned to stuff the dog and cat speech dictionary into your brains eventually. Thank Cassie that I did it before something really embarrassing happened."

Sam just gawked at both animals and at the archangel with an awed expression, Bobby just shook his head and grumbled something about idjit archangel before focusing back on his book.

Gabriel winked at Sam and walked over to the desk, offering a hand to his brother, who stepped onto it like it was totally normal. "You look better, lil' bro." he grinned and moved to the sofa, placing the kitten on top of Dean's head. "Did cuddle-time with Deano work its magic?"

'Bite me.'

"Oh, this is gonna be fun," Gabriel laughed, and Sam got down from his momentary amazement to dread just what kind of pranks the former Trickster with play on Dean while he was stuck as a dog.

Running a hand through his hair and slumping back on his chair, Sam heaved a long breath.

He could only hope none of these involved Dean's fur getting turned pink. That would only make his brother unbearable; which would involve a lot of barking.

A mischievous chuckle brought his attention back to the archangel. The spark in his eyes let Sam know that he's just read his thoughts again.

Damn it.

More action will come in the next chapters