Summary: What if Merlin had reached out and helped Morgana when she needed it most? Merlin as it should be without all this evil Morgana crap. Armor even though it won't seem like it at first. Some Merlin/Morgana and Arthur/Gwen. I think those couples are really sweet but I love Armor tons more. No incest though, we're completely ignoring all that bogus. You should probably have watched all of season one or two to get this but nothing after that.

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A dark haired youth paced back and forth in his chambers, images and words spilling over in his mind.

You can trust me, Morgana. You know you can.

His brain flashed to an image of a girl, gasping for breathe; staring up at him with betrayed and confused eyes.

I'm scared, Merlin. I don't understand anything any more. I need to know what's happening. Please.

Was it that moment? Was it that short conversation that had sparked this huge chain of events? Was it that moment that had led up to him feeling like he would never breathe properly again?

She would never forgive him.

Gaius will be back soon. He'll be able to help you.

If she ever got the chance.

He won't. I don't want any more remedies. They won't do any good. . . . It's magic, Merlin.

He would never forgive himself.

I'm your friend, you know I wouldn't make this up.

He just hoped Morgause had saved her in time. She must have saved her. Of course she did.

And you believe me? You think it's magic too? Please. I just need someone say it so I don't have to keep feeling like I'm imagining it.

He saw her face again, so shocked and hurt. He felt her warm body struggling against him as he tried to say without words, how sorry he was, how much he wished he could take it back.

I really wish there was something I could say.