title: Living Legends
author: dragon_gal
warnings: mythical creatures, post EW... can't think of anything else I should mention
parings: 3x4, eventually 1x2

Living Legends

Duo drifted in and out of sleep, under the influence of painkillers. During his few lucid moments, he knew that the dimly lit room he was in was the bolt hole Heero had found after freeing him from his Oz prison on death row. He knew he was lucky to feel disembodied by medicines, his body was banged up rather badly.

During his many less than lucid moments, he thought Heero was an angel with multicoloured wings. The dim light in the dark room, which strangely comforted him, came from Angel Heero. He also thought he saw worry, concern and caring feelings clearly etched on the face of the expressionless, antisocial Japanese teen - directed at him no less! These things told the drugged teenaged terrorist his mind was being affected. Which also explained Heero's gentle touch as he tended him.

Duo was drifting back to sleep as Angel Heero approached with a resolved, but caring expression. Duo fought vainly to keep his eyes open to behold the beautiful sight. His eyes closed and he felt Heero place his index and middle finger against his neck. He felt pain well up under Heero's fingers.

The painkillers must be wearing off, Duo thought distantly as sleep claimed him.