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Chapter 3

Faith P.O.V

I was tense for the whole car journey. I knew that Gibbs, Ziva and Tony meant me no harm, but I was still tense around them. Tony tried to get me to talk by talking about school. Considering the glances shared between Gibbs and Ziva, that was surprising.

"So, what's your favourite subject?" he asked. "In school I mean."

"Well, I like Transfiguration." I said, tentatively.

"Ahh, Minnie. I remember her from my first year, when my parents still believed that they could get me to do magic, stern as hell. Still didn't stop Sirius and James messing around though."

"They your friends?" I asked.

"Were." Tony sighed. "One's dead, the other's in prison. But I lost contact with all of them about a whole year before the incident kicked off."

"My father's name was James." I said.

"Yeah? Mothers name Lilly?"

"How'd you guess?"

"I think my friend James, and your father, are one in the same."


"They were good people, your parent's I mean. I'm sorry that you didn't get to know them better."

"Yeah, well, I guess when an evil megalomaniac wants you dead, you don't stand a chance."

"You did though. I mean, the killing curse rebounded off you."

"Sheer dumb luck, as Professor McGonagall would say." I sighed. "Professor Dumbledore said it was because mum sacrificed herself for me. It allowed blood wards to be put around the Dursleys house. He can't get to me within the wards."

"Who's this 'he'?" Gibbs asked from behind the steering wheel.

"Voldemort. Dark bastard if ever there was one." Tony said.

I looked at him incredulously. "I would have thought you'd have been afraid."

"Of what? A name? And anyway, he's gone. That curse rebounded off you, and hit him. Hasn't been seen since."

"He has. Just before the end of the school year. Turns out, he was attached to the back of the head of the defence against the dark arts teacher." Gibbs almost swerved in shock at that.

"How in the world could someone be attached to the back of someone else's head?" He asked.

"Voldemort was ripped from his body. His spirit latched onto animals, but then Quirrell came by, and he allowed Voldemort to possess him." I shrugged. This was easier to talk about. "He's still out there, he may not have a body, but he's there. Waiting. He'll be back. I know it."

"Jeez." Tony said. "You'll be at the top of his hit list."

I snorted. "Like I didn't already know that one. Just because I 'defeated' him when I was one. I can't even remember it. There's just this green light."

Just then, Gibbs pulled up to the N.C.I.S building. The car went through the security checks, and he pulled into a space. I got out of the car with the three agents, and followed them into the building, ignoring the pain in my body that came of what happened. I was lead to a desk, and given a visitor's pass, after being signed in. Ziva once again had her arm round my shoulders, in a comforting gesture, which I leant into. It was the first gesture that I'd ever received that was even remotely motherly that I could remember.

The three agents lead me to an elevator, which went down, to a corridor that lead to what looked like a morgue that I'd seen on one of Dudley's T.V. shows. There was an older man there, closing one of the metal doors on the wall. He turned as we entered, and smiled. "Ah, Jethro! This is the live patient you told me to prepare for?" he asked, with a smile.

"Yes Ducky, this is Faith. We found her a few doors down from the marine, being… attacked, by her Uncle."

"By attacked do you mean…?"

Gibbs nodded.

"Right, well, come and take a seat on the table for me, my dear, and we'll have a look at you."

I stole a nervous look at the three agents who'd taken me out of the room, and they nodded at me encouragingly. I walked over to the table, and sat on the table. I was tense as Ducky went through his examination of me, and took bloods, but it didn't seem to faze him. He probably expected it. In the end, he prescribed me some painkillers, the pill, and advised me to talk to people about what happened, and anything else. He was just about done, when the door opened, and a young man in scrubs and glasses came in.

"Ah, Mister Palmer, can I ask you to take some blood samples from Faith here to Abby, please." It wasn't a request.

"Sure, Dr. Mallard." He said. He took the blood samples, smiled at me, and left.

"Well, so far, other than the obvious, you seem to be in good health." Ducky said.

I nodded, and jumped down from the table. "Thank you." I said quietly.

"It's no problem my dear. If you feel off, just come and see me."

I nodded, and then walked back to Gibbs, Ziva and Tony.

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