Authors' notes: Hello well Fred. And Manor are my OC's and Tx is my friends ,Austin is just in there so *shrugs* Okay there are a lot of Fredericksburg's located in different countries I know there are a bunch in America and 2 in Canada( I hope) and only know of one so far in Germany. The story will be more about the Fritz town in Texas because I can't find much about anywhere else.

Well Guten day. My name is Fredericksburg/Friedrichsburg or Fredrick to those who know me. I am the personification of the town Fredericksburg, some are located in America, others Canada and of course the vaterland Germany. Surely you have heard of me no well let me tell you more about myself.

Gender: Male

Height/build: Shorter then Germany but taller then England leaving it at that. I'm strong like Germany and America and have good muscle mass due to frequent work outs.

Age: 20 (because I spent time with Germany before I started spending time in America)

Color hair/eyes/skin: Blonde with blue eyes with white skin that is tanned

Hobbies: Farming/Ranching, Hunting, Drinking(I guess this can be a hobby), playing with the kids of the town

Likes: Hunting season, October, Sunny days, good exciting books, peaches, and his favorite overcoat

Dislikes: Drunks(all the trouble they can cause), war, not doing anything, hot days, Americas hero complex(sometimes), and not being able to drink

My time in America more specifically Texas

When I first found land in Texas I had cut myself off from anyone who was not "German Made". I loved that time so much, I had everything I ever wanted ,but then a Versager(failure) of a country `America` had dragged me out of my Haus(house). He had dragged me all the way to a local bar where the other personifications like myself hung about. Americas only reason for dragging me out into the open was he wanted to be the `Hero` and save me from my loneliness. After being humiliated only three had enough courage to approach the armed German. Texas, Austin and Manor where the brave souls ,they all tried to strike up a conversation with me but I refused to talk. The night ended and I hadn't said a single word to the others and also being the only one who wasn't a plastered mess seemed to help me out so I got up and left. I had went back to my wonderful seclusion aber(but) about a week later the guy named Austin whom I was forced to listen to since I refused to talk from the week before had come to my house and had gotten drunk. "I don't believe he can hold his liquor as well as he thinks he can". Well like most drunks his personality went out the door scaring the living daylights out of me because he is scarier then Nazi! Germany, I had to threaten him with my hunting riffle pointed to his head to get him to listen to reason which usually doesn't work in situations like these(Bitte(please) don't try this at home little ones). Now every time he's drinks and gets drunk at my Haus he starts calling me "Leader/Boss" then starts trying to convince me to go shoot someone which I refuse to do. Texas on the other hand can hold her liquor but not as well as me still, but she is even scarier then Austin when she does get drunk watch out especially during certain seasons but still is it really bad no matter what. "Where the hell does she find room to hide a hunting rifle and a five barrel revolver in the clothes she wears"? I have an idea that her boyfriend has something to do with that so I'll ask her when she's sober. Manor doesn't get drunk though because he knows his limit and wont drink anything but beer which doesn't have a lot of alcohol in it so Wir danken dir gott(thank you god). Now since they kept on coming over again and again I gave into their presence and started talking to them it was the only way to get them to do other things besides getting drunk and doing something which could potentially led to my town being burnt down. After only a few weeks I had actually started opening up to these people and some others. In the time I had started doing so I found out what I was missing out upon which was a lot and because I opened up my population spiked making me age a few I'd say about maybe a year or two in human years because I gained a few inches. (Towns and cities sizes depend on the populations in them this is how come I'm taller then Texas, Austin and Manor)

"Fredericksburg hurry up and come on we're already late so get off that damn computer and come on!", yelled Manor.

"Hold your horses(quite literally) I'm almost done", Fredericksburg yelled back.

Well that's all for now guten day to all readers. Danke for reading.

*logs off*

I hope you enjoyed this is a intro to all frederick storys so look forward to more of Fredericksburg, Manor, Austin and maybe Texas.