The End Maybe

Waking up to a face full of floor wasn't how Austin, Fredericksburg, and Manor wanted their day to start. The three of them thought the day couldn't become any worse, but boy where they wrong. Their lovely trip may just become their worst nightmare.

Their kidnapper had so nicely tied their hands and legs together restricting certain movements which could lead to their escape. Thankfully the one thing that wasn't bound was their mouths letting them communicate in their situation.

"Verdammt, I can't believe we got ourselves in a situation like this."

"Calm down Frederick. Being angry won't help the situation at hand. Getting out of here should be our concern at the moment."

"I agree with Manor…"

The conversation was halted when the door was swung open, revealing a smiling French/Russian with a banquet of roses. Surely those where roses unless the gas they inhaled caused hallucinations also. The reason being the roses seemed to have a metallic glow to them.

"Your awake and alive what a surprise. Well since you're awake that will make things so much more fun for me, I don't know about you though." The man had started giggling which shivers down all three cities backs.

Austin was the one that started fuming over those words. He was about to retort back with some curse words but was smart enough to know any words that he should say would only lead to more enjoyment to this psycho.

Manor was fidgeting around with his ropes trying to see if they where loose enough for him to get free. But being the outdoors man he was he gave up after seeing the knot which held it all stayed calm at the moment thinking of ways Germany and America would handle the situation. Leaving him at a dead end because he knew this would never happen to those two. So all that was left was how he could get himself out to this mess after trying to form a plan a weird movement caught his eye making him lose his train of thought. Adam was pulling a rose out of the bouquet but for what reason? Austin and Manor had caught the movement so now all three where concentrating on Adam. Now the only thing to do was think 'what the heck is this guy planing?' Adam stepped forward with the rose in hand. Everyone held their breath not knowing what he was going to do."Qui que ce soit. Кто будет так.(Who shall be it. Who shall be it.) My little prey that will bit. You will suffice walter." Adam sang as he pulled out a rose and threw the rest on the ground making a sound of metal hit concrete.'Damn it why is he approaching me and why does he have a creepy I'm going to kill/rape you sort of smile?' Manors thoughts circulated around that question. With every step Adam took closer, manor took two back until hitting the back 'Verdammt, What can I do to stop this.' Fredericksburg thought as he started struggling with his rope not wanting his friend to be hurt. Nothing seemed to be working and he didn't have any sharp objects on him to cut the 'I have to have somthin on me to help out.' Austin started feeling around in his back pockets relizing he never hide his weapons there any more, so he started searching in his shoes. Hopefully he put it in the shoes hidden compartment not have left it on his night stand in Austin. 'Yes I got it!' He started sawing at the rope vigorously at his feet until a blood curdling scream filled the cellar."Manor" both Fredericksburg and Austin yelled in looked at what had been done to Manor that would make him scream in pain. Finding that the metal rose had gouged into his thigh. Adam waked back to the banquet he threw on the ground and picked up two more. "Now your movements have been slowed down...(Steps closer) maybe I well slow them down even more. Donc, je peux avoir un peu plus de plaisir avec vous."(So I can have some more fun with you.)Adam held the next rose high and struck down until something heavy crashed into him. Austin had freed his feet in enough time to save Manor from any more damage. Now Austin had to deal with a man who didn't look very pleased with his actions.

"Leave him alone you bastard. Why don't you pick on someone your own size you big lug." Austin seemed to yell out with a sort of malice."Seems Robert wants to be played with also. Well since you asked I shall play."

Adam stood up picking Austin up with one hand by his collar and punched him in the gut. Austin's reaction to the punch was a sharp intake in breathe and spitting into Adams face."Surely you have better means then those measly things you call punches." Fredericksburg couldn't believe what Austin was saying. 'Is he trying to get himself killed or wait he's distracting him' if Fredericksburg wasn't tied up he would have face palmed himself. He scrambled toward direction of Austin's stare and found a knife that had dropped as Austin charged forward to tackle Adam. Frederick started sawing at the rope trying to ignore the noises of fist hitting body. As soon as the last piece of rope came off, Fredericksburg jumped into action. He gripped the knife and charged forward. Adam dropped Austin after hearing footsteps from behind. Turning around only to threatened with a knife to his throat. He had not expected this outcome from these tourist. Shocked out of his mind he didn't hear Fredericksburg's last words to him."Bâtard Goodnight"(Bastard) With his other hand he punched Adam so hard it was a K.O knockout. The man fell to the ground with a hard thud but no one really seemed to care. Fredericksburg looked at Austin who seemed a little banged up but okay."Danke Austin without for that opening you gave me.""No problem but we better give Manor some attention he's the one with the metal rose stuck in his thigh""Thanks for just now noticing me you guys" Manor said in a grumbling voice."No problem man, so I guess we should pull it out then" Austin said while getting up and walking over to manor."You idiot you don't go pulling out a rod in someones leg it maybe stuck in an artery or something. If you pull it out then I could bleed to death before you even can get me to a doctor.(City and towns don't heal as quickly as the countries themselves).

"What the heck are we suppose to do then most doctors don't even know of our existence." Austin said with a snappy tone. "Why don't one of you call Arizona to get here then and bring a freaking doctor""That would be an excellent plan but one problem no one knows her number" Fredericksburg said finally entering the conversation."Call Texas then she'll know it" Austin said patting himself down for his."..."Finding the phone no where on himself he turned to his fellow cities.

"So where'd the bastard put our phones?"

I apologize for my absence I was busy the week before and only now had time to update. Sorry again. Please don't be mad at me Austin is bruised and Manor has a hole in his thigh from the rose. I love both these places and hopefully offend no one during my story. If anyone has realized metal roses do exist but I have no idea if they would be strong enough to do this sort of damage. Also this maybe late but I don't own hetalia which belongs to the awesome creator Hidekazu Himaruya.