Bouncing down the stairs, Roger Rabbit chuckled and took one final leap off the last step onto the shoulder's of his red headed wife. Wrapping his arms around her neck, he clung to her, pulling her down from behind.

"R-Roger!" Jessica said, choking slightly as she was dragged further down, causing her back to arch, "L-Let go!"

Still laughing, Roger let her go and watched as she sprung forward and started sprinting away, her red heels clicking with each step, her giggles becoming fainter. "Oh, I'll get you Jessie!" He called out, hopping after her.

"Just try it bunny!" She laughed back, dashing into the living room. Pausing, she bent down slightly, leaning against the sofa as she tried to catch her breath, still smiling to herself.

Listening closely, there were no footsteps approaching, no sound of Roger's goofy giggles or strange sounds. Straightening up, she brushed herself down and looked around, "Roger?" She called out. Instantly, she regretted it as she was swept off of her feet and over the back of the sofa, onto to cushioned seat beneath. Gasping, her eyes widened to reveal her emerald green eyes in a state of pure shock.

"Gotcha! Roger beamed, sitting on her stomach as she lay on her back.

Smiling warmly, she reached up and stroked his ears, pulling them down around his face, "Okay, you win."

"Oh boy! Can we play again, I like this game, it's fun and I'm good at it and you're really fun to chase and-" He was cut off as Jessica suddenly tugged his ears, yanking him down so that their faces were only centimetres apart.

"Well honey bunny, I was thinking, that maybe, you could get your prize for catching me." She said in a sultry tone, pouting as he stared down at her.

"O-Oh." Roger stammered, his eyes bulging. "W-Well, I-I-I-I like t-that idea t-t-t-oo."

Flashing her pearly white teeth, Jessica leaned into one of Roger's ears and lowered her voice to a whisper, "What do you want sweetie?"

A slam caused the two to break apart, both blushing as they smiled at each other. The realisation hit the pair that the slam was the front door only hit them when Eddie Valiant sauntered into the room, a concerned look on his face. "Roger." He said nervously, "I uh, I need to talk to you."

Roger and Jessica were still sat on the sofa, Roger still perched on Jessica's stomach. "ice timing Eddie." Jessica said flatly.

"W-What is it Eddie?" Roger said, standing up, his feet resting on either side of Jessica's waist.

"Someone's sent me a note." Eddie muttered, walking over to the sofa, glancing at the disappointed red head lay down. "It, it uh doesn't look too good Roger,quite worrying actually."

Sitting up, Jessica glared at Eddie, "What do you mean?" She asked, trying to hide the fear in her voice. Since the whole fiasco with Judge Doom she'd been very protective of Roger, and he was all the more protective of her.

Sighing, Eddie reached into his pocket and pulled out a battered looking piece of paper, written on in red ink. Taking it from him, Jessica sat up properly and read the note, Roger poking his head over her shoulder.

I'd keep an eye on that lovely little bunny rabbit if I were you.

"I-Is that a-a-all there is?" Roger stuttered, biting his nails.

"Yeah." Eddie sighed, scratching the back of his head, "Roger someone's after you."

Jessica rose to her feet, still holing the note as she bit her bottom lip, "What do we do?" She asked.

"Yeah E-Eddie." Roger added.

Taking the note back off Jessica, he turned to Roger, "Well, I'm going to find out who sent this, then I'm going to find out what they want with you Roger."