Bleach, A Hanako Story

The orange sun peeped through Squat 10's Central building. The girl had been kneeling there for a whole night. People are coming out from their rooms after a long night of sleep. Many who walked passed her whispered to their friends "What is she doing here?" "Hey isn't she Captain Hitsugaya's pet?" "Keep your mouth shut the Captain might hear you." No matter what she heard or who she heard it from she did not move. Her legs are starting to numb but she kept still. Many had walked passed her and many commented but she kept silent.

Her head was kept low as she looked at the ground. Her ears listen for the sound of nature to pass the time. It was not long before everyone had gone back into their room. The night had come and the only thing that accompanied her was her sword. The sword that could never leave her. Her Zanpakuto. She had been kneeling for nearly a full day when the familiar flow of energy from another person touched her. That person walked towards her in a steady pace.

"Stand up Hanako." The voice of her Captain spoke as he stood beside her.

"No, Captain Hitsugaya. My punishment for letting my Zanpakuto go out of control is to kneel outside the Squat's Central for two days right? I had already accepted that punishment and this is only the first day." She told him in a straight but calm voice.

Captain Hitsugaya moved his eyes to look at her. She had black hair that reached her hips and her head was hung low. Her eyelids were closed and they covered a pair of solid black eyes. "If you wish." Hitsugaya sighed before walking away.

"Why did you stop Fuyuka from going out of control?" She asked as her eyes lifted to look at her Captain's back view.

Captain Hitsugaya stopped walking as he answered "Fuyuka is a strong Zanpakuto. If she goes out of control it would be dangerous."

"Is that the real reason?" She asked almost immediately. Her curious voice was stong and harsh. There was a moment of silent between the two.

"Yes" He answered before continuing to walk away.

"A person who loses her Zanpakuto will also lose her soul." She spoke in a soft voice so that only he can hear. "Hitsugaya Toushiro, I thought it had meant something." She closed her eyes and the liquid flowed down her cheeks.