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A true trickster shapes the world, for he turns the world on its head, exposes the truth of fools, and reveals that which lies within every heart.- V.N.R.

The trickster daemon, Saraniyu, a tall, crooked, hunched over and disjointed man-like daemon dressed in a long black cloak and huge black hat, laughed as he crouched on top of a building across from the human girl named Yako's dwelling.

Neuro, the ever sadistic puzzle daemon, keeping human female close to him? What a silly idea. He would have never believed it. Rumors, that was all it was.

But... some time ago, his hungers brought him to Japan, and he had seen the puzzle-daemon's odd behavior himself with his very own eyes!

Saraniyu had kept observing them for some months now, intrigued by the puzzle-daemon's odd behavior. And he began to notice that the puzzle-daemon didn't just keep the human girl close to him.

The puzzle-daemon also protected her, (he had protected her, even if he had knocked her to the ground while doing so, from one humans' odd metal thing called a 'gun'), tormented/tortured her (which was an important part of daemon courting rituals), and even touched her constantly! (Odd for someone who claimed to have contempt for humans)

All on a daily basis! How very odd, Saraniyu mused to himself. The puzzle-daemon had always tended to be a solitary figure, even in the daemon world.

For him to voluntarily remain this close to a female, for him to treat her in such a way... Saraniyu smiled mischievously, his mind in a whirl.

The great puzzle-daemon truly had affection for the human female! But it didn't seem like he realized it. And if he didn't realize it... The trickster daemon smiled.

What a ripe opportunity for some turmoil and chaos. Troubled and confused emotions always made for the *best* meals...

Saraniyu stood and smiled, tipping his hat to the wind. He threw his arms out wide to let the wind catch his cloak and carry him away into the night.

He simply just couldn't wait for tomorrow. For then, the fun would begin...

-The Next Day-

The plan... The puzzle-daemon and that girl... He was going to enjoy this. This would be his greatest trick yet!

He let the wind direct him north, his cloak billowing out behind him as he traversed the clear sky high above the noisy and crowded city of skyscrapers.

This world was truly the best of hunting grounds. The Daemon World simply couldn't compare. He cackled wildly as he absorbed the energy oozing from the chaos, the trouble, the disorder, the anarchy, that pervaded every human city.

Humans were disorder. They brewed it themselves, in their very nature. And no matter how they attempted, time and time again, to bring order to themselves, they never truly succeeded.

And that was what made this world so perfect for trickster daemons like himself. He sighed in contentment.

In truth, he didn't really need to stir up chaos and turmoil for the puzzle-daemon to make food for himself (he had more than enough), but... he wanted to, more than anything.

To see the look on Neuro's face when his trick unraveled! HAH! Saraniyu could hardly wait.

He dropped lower into the city as the noisy moving human machines spewed black clouds, honking, and the humans went on with their lives, unaware of him in their midst, for his daemon tools carefully concealed him from view.

There! Inside that human structure was the puzzle-daemon, and near him, the girl. Now to carry out the first part of his plan.

Saraniyu dropped down onto a roof across from the detective office and waited for his chance. He would have to be alone with Neuro, for the first part of his plan to work.

As he watched carefully, the puzzle-daemon ordered the human girl and the human male with piercings to go distribute pieces of paper.

Saraniyu waited for the humans to leave and then dropped into the office, sliding sideways through the panels in the window.

Immediately, the puzzle-daemon's hands grabbed him and threw him into the far wall. Saraniyu laughed. Neuro was so very predictable.

The puzzle-daemon leaned back into his chair, looking bored, and then spoke. "Why are you here, trickster-daemon?"

"That girl..such a very nice girl. But still, a human female? Tell me, have your tastes changed...?" Saraniyu stood up and elongated his body, twisting it around the office, grinning.

"Perhaps I should teach you not to meddle in another daemon's business, hmmm?" Paper weights came flying, one after another, at the trickster-daemon.

Saraniyu avoided them with ease and just grinned even more. This just got better and better. Now he knew for sure. The puzzle-daemon had to be in love with the human.

Because what other reason could Neuro have for acting such a way? Saraniyu jumped up, spun in the air and laughed delightedly.

"Hahaha..That's still not answering my question! But if the human girl means nothing to you, can I have her? I've always wanted a human slav-"

In one swift movement, Neuro catapulted across the room and gripped Saraniyu tightly by his throat, and began to squeeze. Saraniyu started to choke.

Not that he was worried, of course. No matter how much Neuro might like to kill him, he couldn't. Saraniyu was under the direct protection of the Daemon Emperor, after all.

The puzzle-daemon, true to Saraniyu's prediction, soon released him. Saraniyu slid to the carpeted floor of the office, limp. The trickster-daemon stood, and dusted himself off.

Everything was going as planned. Neuro turned and began to walk away. "There's lots of rumors going around, though...rumors of your closeness to her..."

Saraniyu crept closer and closer until he was whispering straight into the puzzle-daemon's ear. "You like her...right?"

"She is my cover. She's only needed so that I do not get discovered. That's all." Neuro retorted back quickly before turning, hitting Saraniyu hard across the head and walking back to his desk.

The puzzle-daemon had responded a little bit too quickly, on his part...especially if that was all to his relationship with the human female.

The trickster-daemon carefully concealed his unfurling grin and sat down on the dingy couch located inside the small office. Oooh what fun this was!

"So... the things you do to her... For example. The tormenting and torturing-"

"For her evolution and for when she needs punishment."

"The protection you give her-"

"Dead, she would be of no use to me."

I see..." Saraniyu wanted to grin so very badly. What he was about to say was something Neuro couldn't refute. "What about the touching, then?"

"That... I... To torture her, naturally I would have to touch her."

"Not necessarily. You touch her much more than what's needed...." Hahahaha! Saraniyu knew he had found something even Neuro couldn't retaliate back to.

"She is my slave. My property. What I do to her is my business."

"...R-i-g-h-t..." Saraniyu drew out the word slowly to show Neuro he didn't believe him at all.

Now to continue his plan, the trickster-daemon would have to steer the conversation in a slightly different direction. He had planted the seeds of doubt though, that was what was important.

"You say that the tormenting and torturing is all for her evolution, right?" Saraniyu changed the topic quickly.

"Yes..." No doubt the puzzle-daemon would be attempting to figure out his trick. But he wouldn't be able to this time! Saraniyu wanted to crow in triumph.

"So.. in your opinion is the human girl evolved? Or at least at a level higher than most other humans?" Neuro's face was blank and bored-looking, but Saraniyu knew that wasn't the case.

"Just where is this leading to?"

"Figure it out, man that devoured all of Hell's mysteries. You should be able to do at least that much. Now answer the question." Saraniyu stood and walked over to Neuro.

"The louse... she is somewhat higher evolved than the average human."

"So... are you confident that your lessons will hold? That she will not devolve?" Saraniyu planted his hands onto the desk in front of Neuro and leaned forward.

He spoke faster as he leaned closer to Neuro. "Can she withstand a common human disease that devolves the mind of any human that contracts it? Tell me that? Can she? Can she?"

Neuro raised an eyebrow and kicked Saraniyu halfway across the room. "She is too young for neurological diseases. Humans don't tend to contract those until later in life-"

The trickster-daemon quickly cut Neuro off. "Not a neurological disease. Not a disease of the mind! A disease of the heart."

With every word, Saraniyu came closer and closer, until he was in his previous position, leaning over Neuro.

"Even if the louse were to have a heart attack, I fail to see-"

"No. No! NO!" The trickster-daemon leaned even more forward and poked at Neuro with one sharp claw with every word. "Love, Neuro."


"Love. Human love. The most dangerously debilitating disease, out of all human diseases! It puts them in a state of constant confusion, and makes small obstacles look insurmountable! It devolves them and turns them all into fools!"

"The louse is not in love." Neuro stood up and turned away to look out the window.

"But when she falls in love-" Saraniyu slid closer, knowing that he had trapped Neuro.

"She will not." The trickster-daemon smirked behind Neuro's back, noticing the puzzle-daemon's claws were clenched tight.

"All humans do, at least at one point in their life. And that human, the louse as you call her, is a human like any other. Gullible. Stupid. Ugl-"

"Shut your lowly unintelligent blabbering mouth! The louse is higher evolved than other humans, she will not-" HAH! Saraniyu wanted to get up and dance with glee.

He had tricked Neuro into saying it!

"Well. You've called her all those things yourself, haven't you? You can't be completely sure..." said Saraniyu insinuatingly.

He wondered for a brief moment whether the puzzle-daemon even realized that his insistence in saying the human girl wouldn't fall in love had more to do with his jealousy than anything else.

"The louse will not devolve." Neuro turned back towards Saraniyu, his arms crossed.

"So, you're saying she won't fall in love?" Saraniyu said in mock disbelief. All according to plan.

Neuro hesitated. "The louse..."

"Then we should test it," proclaimed Saraniyu, as if he had just thought of it. Which he hadn't, of course. This was just all part of his plan.

The trickster-daemon continued, fighting hard to contain his glee. "Let's pretend that you're in love with her and see how she reacts."

"Myself? And the louse?" Neuro laughed. "She would never believe it. And why should I stoop so low, to pretend that I am in love with the louse?"

"We'll set up a believable situation where that gullible girl will believe that you've suddenly fallen in love with her. And of course if you don't want to, I could do it."

Saraniyu slowly began walking circles around Neuro. "Or if you want, I could use a daemon tool to make a human fall in love with he-"

Neuro cut him off suddenly. "I'll do it then. There's no need to bring another human into it."

The trickster-daemon lifted on lofty eyebrow and then shrugged. "All right then. I'll go to the human girl, give her a supposed 'love potion' and-"

"And how would I ingest this supposed love potion? There would be no opportunity to spell me with this supposed love potion since puzzles are my food, just as tricks are yours."

Saraniyu groaned internally for a moment. He hadn't thought of that... Oh dear.. Wait.. OF COURSE!

"You have not visited the Daemon World since your arrival in the Human World, is that correct?"

"Yes. Why does that matter?"

"You've become more h-u-m-a-n!" Saraniyu said with a sing-song tone. "If that girl knows of this, you may use that as your excuse for eating some human food! And that will be the opportunity for her to slip it in!"

"And what if she doesn't slip it in?"

"Then.. In that case, I'll come up with a circumstance where it'll end up in something that you drink, if , as you said earlier, it turns out that she's unwilling to put it in. The only thing you'll have to do is act like you're in love with her."

Everything had gone according to plan! Neuro's instinctive jealousy toward the girl had ensured his trick would work!

Then the puzzle-daemon interrupted his thoughts. "When will we do it?"

"Today," replied Saraniyu, bouncing up and down in excitement. Oh, he just couldn't wait!


"The sooner it's done, the sooner it's over. And the sooner, you'll know how she'll react in such a situation."

"Fine." Saraniyu nodded, acknowledging Neuro's consent to the plan and slid back out sideways through the panels in the window.

Once he was out of Neuro's sight and hearing, once he was high above the city, searching for the human girl, Saraniyu began to laugh.

Oh, Neuro. How very gullible he was. But love makes all people fools! (And daemons, the biggest fools of all)

As he spotted the human girl distributing flyers, he could not help but smirk. Phase two of his great plan! That human girl had no idea just how confusing her life was soon to be.

/On The Other Side-Neuro/

He frowned, leaning back in his chair. What the trickster-daemon had said, had made perfect sense. But why did he get the feeling that he was being tricked?

Saraniyu was a trickster-daemon. Tricks were what he did. Disturbing peace, causing turmoil and confusion...that was what made up his 'meals' just like puzzles made up his own.

But Neuro couldn't see any way for Saraniyu to trick him in the situation they had both agreed to stage. It all seemed straight-forward.

The only thing he could see that Saraniyu might use to trick him with would be drugging the liquid that the louse thought was a 'love potion'.

There was no such thing as a love potion among daemons, of course. What use would a daemon have for something like that?

Oddly enough, he remembered, looking back at his conversation with Saraniyu, that when the trickster-daemon named some of the adjectives he had used toward the louse, himself, he had felt angry, and his inside had felt like they were being twisted and knotted tighter and tighter.

Strange. Saraniyu had only been naming adjectives, he had used himself towards the louse after all.

And that feeling, when Saraniyu had volunteered himself to pretend to be the one in love or to substitute another human, he had felt it then too.

An odd ache, a sudden pain, a feeling of his insides being twisted and knotted. What...was this type of feeling? He couldn't understand it.

Neuro decided to dismiss the feeling away as a symptom of his hunger. (Even though part of him knew that the feeling could not be attributed to hunger, because hunger had never given him that much pai-.)

He stopped that train of thought. The odd feeling he had felt earlier, (and now that he thought about it, he had felt that feeling quite increasingly often lately) was because of hunger.

Hunger. Hunger. Hunger. Hunger. Hunger. Which was the louse's fault! He would have to get the louse to go solve a mystery with him and then torture he-


He couldn't do that.

He had to pretend he was in love with the louse.

How annoying. But he had no way of backing out. And it might be fun. He could consider this 'love potion' scenario as one in which he got to torment the louse.

Neuro turned towards slave number three. "Akane. Do not tell the louse of what happened here. Go along with the scenario that I am in love with her."

Are you sure? typed the braid quickly.

"Yes," replied Neuro.

All right. I won't tell Yako how you've secretly fallen in love with her over the past year.

When Neuro saw what the braid had typed, he became sorely tempted to throw her out the window. Which he most surely would have done, if slave number three wasn't a corpse.

But, he could still make slave number three bend to his will quite easily. Her prime weakness was one he could easily exploit, after all.

"Slave number three. Would you like me to introduce you to a Daemon World variety of lice? They EAT the hair, strand by strand before coating it with a sticky green mucus-"

Immediately, the braid immediately all erased she had typed, typed something new and waved around frantically.

NO! I won't tell! I won't tell her about your plan, ok! I'll do what you want! Just please please don't do that!

Neuro smirked. Slave number three was so easy to manipulate. In any case, the louse and slave number two were soon to arrive.

He had to get things ready. "Make a new cup of coffee, Akane. And don't interfere in anything that might happen while I'm gone."


"Yes. I will be leaving shortly. If they ask where I've gone, tell them I went to get something for the office and will be back soon."

OK. I'll tell them that.

"And if you even hint anything to the louse about my plan or interfere in any way, I'll-'

I won't! I won't! I won't! I won't I won't! Just please don't put any Daemon lice in my hair!

Neuro laughed. Then he walked out the door, down the steps, and out into the street.

"777 tools of the Daemon World! Evil Concealer!" There. Now the louse and slave number three would be unable to see him and everything could start.

He flew up, up to the window on the second floor and waited for everything to start. When the time was right, he'd walk back in, and 'drink' the coffee that held the supposed love potion.

Not that he'd actually drink it, of course. There was always the chance Saraniyu might put something unexpected in the supposed loved potion.

But... with the louse convinced he was in love with her... there were just so many fun things he could do to torment her. Under the guise of his being in love, anyway.

Not that he was in love with the louse.

(What a ridiculous idea!)

He was just going to pretend to be. That was all.