Life Lesson #217 -Never accept glowing vials from weird people...

(Especially if most of the people around you can't see them!)

["This, my dear, will fix that ill-tempered boss of yours...Just give him a dose of this and he'll never be the same.."]

/Immediately after the Incident- Godai/

Whadaya want me to say, huh?

Am I sorry I did it?


I don't like that freaking monster and I never have, ok?


So, when I saw the weirdo near Yako, offering her a strange-looking vial that would fix that monster-

I knew what had to be done.


It's a sunny day in Japan.

And no, dear reader, no birds are chirping because this fine day also happens to be REALLY cold.

So here on this fine frigid day with a cold wind blowing quite strong, most intelligent people are on their way home to happily enjoy the modern comfort of the electric heater.

Sadly though, for two quite unlucky individuals, they are not on their way home and are instead stuck outside.

In the cold.

And here is where the trickster-daemon's plans began to unfold...



Godai stomped toward the pedestrian angrily, waving the flyers.

I sighed.

Just another typical day for the slaves of Neuro Nougami.


Neuro had sent us out here to pass out flyers for the Daemon Detective Agency.

He had been rather ...irritated... lately and as usual, we were the ones suffering for it.

(No cases and little information from Mochizuki Information Co. makes Neuro a very grumpy daemon!)

I almost envied Akane at this point. Ah to be inside the warm office..

(but then I'd have to be a dead corpse and I wouldn't be able to eat, so..)

I sighed again, this time counting my blessings that I was still alive and able to eat.

Not that Neuro let me eat as much as I wanted, what with dragging me to crime scenes and poisoning my food, but it was better than being like Akane and not able to eat at all.

I shivered in my thin jacket and then smiled at various pedestrians, teeth chattering, and waved my stack of flyers at them.

They kept walking, refusing to take the flyers.

Yeah, that figures.

I hugged my elbows and began again in my attempts to pass out flyers.

Godai, as usual, was jumping around, screaming curses at people and trying to stuff flyers in their hands.

I couldn't blame him.

The sooner we passed out this huge stack of flyers, the sooner we'd get to go inside!

Where it was warm.

Where my delicious takoyaki was waiting for me, carefully hidden.

Oh, if only I could stuff this huge pile of flyers in a trash can!

But no.

I couldn't.

I had to suffer outside in the cold and pass out these flyers.

Because otherwise Neuro would kill me and I would never eat my delicious food.


I kicked a nearby trash can angrily.

NEURO! I lamented silently. WHY MUST YOU BE SUCH A DAEMON!

"Miss, would you listen to me? I believe I have the solution to your troubles..."

My head snapped up...and then tilted farther and farther back.

A crooked and very very very tall man stood in front of me, his face mostly obscured by a huge black hat and his body wrapped in a huge black cloak.

"Did you hear me the first time, miss?" The crooked man loomed over me and then shrunk suddenly until he was only a few inches from my own height. "I said that I believe I hold the solution to your troubles..."

I backed away slowly. Who was this guy?

"Look, I don't want to buy anything.."

"No, no." The crooked man smiled a terribly friendly smile, the smile brightly shining from beneath his huge hat. "It's all free. You won't have to pay a penny... Now then.. I believe there is quite a daemon troubling you, isn't that right?"

"WHAT? You-!"

"My dear, there's no need to make such a fuss... I've concealed us from -almost- all eyes and ears...human and otherwise."

My eyes grew wide, reaching almost my hairline. This guy had to be kidding, right?

I mean seriously, human and otherwise?

It was almost as if he knew that Neuro was a d-

But that was impossible.

So in this type of event, the best thing to do was, to deny.

Deny. Deny. Deny.

"I d-don't k-know what y-you're talking about, Sir," I smiled nervously, looking away from him and trying to catch the eyes of the people walking around us.

Nothing. Nada. No response at all. It was like I wasn't even here!

Edging away from the crooked man, I began to wave my stack of flyers at them and hopped up and down.

Still no response.

Ok.. This was weird...

The crooked man suddenly appeared in front of me once again and smiled his terribly friendly smile.

"What I said earlier was no lie. Now, if you are willing to listen to me, I believe I have the solution to your troubles.."

"What are you?" I asked suspiciously. Was he a daemon like Neuro?

"I am one that helps those who need it. I have come here today, to help you, Yako."

The weirdo knows my name.


"What are you helping me with?"

"With that boss of yours, of course! He's quite the daemon, isn't he!"

"You know-?"

"Yes.. I know everything...not to mention the answer to your troubles!"

"And what's that?"

"This." The crooked man raised one hand and opened it, revealing a small vial that glowed darkly.

"What is it?"

"A love potion."

"A WHAT?/!"

Frozen with shock, I stared at the weird vial. A love potion?

It sure didn't look like a love potion... Glowing green and red and black...

But how was a thing like that supposed to help?

Not to mention... if it was a love potion... exactly who was Neuro supposed to end up loving?

The crooked man gave me a huge wink, as if he had caught onto what I was thinking.

"Wasn't I obvious about that earlier? No? Hmm... Right.. I forgot to add one more very special ingredient.. Just give me a few moments to take care of that.."

While I gaped, the man grinned at me, and in one quick movement, he uncorked the vial, tugged away some of my hair and dropped it into the vial, quickly re-corking it afterwards.

"Now that that's taken care of.. all you need to do is simply put it in his coffee and then-"

"NEURO DOESN'T DRINK COFFEE!" I shouted. This was ridiculous? Neuro in love with -gulp- me?

"...Silly silly girl. He has become more human, hasn't he? At the rate his conversion's going, he'll most likely need to drink some liquid within the next few days...Liquid after all, is important for humans, right?"

The crooked man steepled his hands together, grinning. "You're a smart girl... No doubt, there'll be some sort of chance for you to slip it in.."

"THAT'S NOT GOING TO HELP! Are you insane? I DON'T WANT Neuro in LOVE with me! This is a bad idea! BAD IDEA!"

"Don't have such negative thoughts, dear. With this, he won't treat you like he does now.. I can practically g-u-a-r-a-n-t-e-e it.." He drew out the word slowly, his shining grin still in place.

"But I-"

"Don't you understand?" He sighed for a moment, his face expressing his sad lament at how very much I was missing the point. "This, my dear, will fix that ill-tempered boss of yours... Just give him a dose of this and he'll never be the same.."

Carefully, he pulled my hands open, placed the vial inside, and then wrapped my hands around it.

His hat tilted for a moment and I caught a glimpse of his eyes, black glittering orbs that glowed- and my breath caught in my throat, my whole body freezing up.

The crooked man bent down to whisper into my ear-

"With this, your life will change...F-O-R-E-V-E-R!"

Then he was gone.

Just like that.

I fell to my knees in shock, still holding the vial.

Some passerby stared at me and a few offered a helping hand.

Well. I guess that meant that I was no longer invisible.


Shaking, I stood up and immediately almost fell over again- crashing right into Godai.

"Huh? Godai? What-?"

"I got rid of the flyers. Let's get back to the office."

"But, my flyers, I didn't-"

"I took care of it."

He began dragging me back towards the office, a determined look on his face.

This day just kept getting weirder and weirder.

Godai didn't normally look like that after performing a menial task for Neuro.

Shaking my head, I sighed and simply let him drag me back.


I should NOT have let him drag me back.

Or at the very least, I should have thrown out that vial when I had the chance.

Well, at least now I know why he was acting so weird...




And the small couch within the Daemon Detective Agency fell onto its side.

"STOP IT! You don't understand-"


And the coffee table also fell victim to the conflict, having been flipped over and used as a barricade.

Things went on like this for a while. Until finally-

"Don't you understand, this is our opportunity to be free of that monster freak!"

Godai stared at me, eyes narrowed, his arms on either side of my head.

I was trapped.

"But, Godai, you don't understand, this vial contains-"

"Poison, right?"

"No! It doesn't have that, it has a-"

"Don't lie. I heard what that weirdo in that huge black hat was telling you! He said that this would fix the monster and that he'd never be the same!"

"You heard that? How?"

"Tch," Godai made an annoyed sound, grimacing. "I have ears, don't I? Now, if you're too chicken to do it, then fine. NOW JUST GIVE IT TO ME SO WE CAN BE RID OF THAT MONSTER!"

"You don't understand, though, it's actually a-"

He placed his hand over my mouth, stifling my words, and then pried my hand open for the small corked container lying inside.

I almost wanted to cry.

But this was all too weird. Godai had heard the conversation between me and the crooked man?

He must have only heard parts of it, if he was so convinced that it was actually a poison.

But on the bright side, Neuro was out of the office right now, and he never drank or ate human food so Godai'd never get the opportunity to slip it in so I was safe...Right?

I took a deep breath and smiled to myself. I was ok. I turned around. And I still was ok. Right up until, I bumped into a blue-suited torso attached to a daemon. That is, the daemon detective Neuro Nougami.

"AHHH!" I screamed.

He stared down at me with obvious contempt.

"Lower your voice, Louse, or I'll use your vocal chords as my floss."

Neuro walked over to his desk and sat down in his chair.

I began to sweat.

But I was ok! I was ok because Neuro was a daemon and didn't eat or drink human food-

But all the same, I kept feeling like I had forgotten something-

Oh no.

Oh oh no.

He was turning human! And if the crooked man was right, Neuro would need to drink something soon..


Godai and I stared at Neuro, waiting.

"Make me coffee."

My jaw dropped.

"You're kidding, right? Please tell me, you're kidding-" I stared at Neuro's blank face, hoping it was a joke.

Shortly soon after, I was hit by a great number of paperweights.

A few minutes later, I managed to stand and then stared with dismay at the scene taking place in the office.

Wahhh! This could not be happening!

I gripped the sides of my face, hoping that this was all some terrible dream.

But it wasn't.

This was reality.

And if I didn't do something -fast- Neuro was going to be in love with me!

It was rather amazing how the sight of Akane diligently set about preparing some coffee for Neuro made me want to cry.

Godai met my eyes once and then turned back to stare at the coffee determinedly.

A tense silence filled the office.

Soon Akane was done with the brewing and poured the coffee carefully into a cup.

As soon as she was done, I grabbed for the cup quickly- but Godai was there first.

"She didn't add cream. You'll probably want that, since her coffee's really black and all," Godai spoke nervously, stepping from foot to foot. "I'll do it."

He turned away, shielding the coffee cup from Neuro's view, uncorked the vial and began to pour.

I couldn't take it anymore.

Sneaking up from behind, I knocked the coffee cup out of Godai's hands.

Godai gave me a dirty look but said nothing as the coffee cup rose into the air.

YES! I silently cheered.

But it was a short-lived victory.

Neuro had managed to catch the cup and somehow some of the coffee still remained.

"For your clumsiness, Louse, you will mop the floors - using your head."

I laughed nervously.

"Hahahahaha, sure thing Neuro! Just let me make you a full cup of coffee first to make up for that one, ok?"

He said nothing, his glowing green eyes watching me carefully.

"Ok then, I'll take that as a yes, Neuro." I walked over to the coffee maker and grabbed a new cup, preparing to pour. I poured some coffee in and sighed in relief.


But as it turned out, I wasn't.

Turning back to Neuro, I smiled and gave him the full cup of coffee when I noticed Godai doing a victory dance.

"You took too long, Louse. So I drank what was left in this one." Neuro waved the now empty cup of coffee at me.


What do I do now?/! Demand he rinse out his mouth? Tell him that there was a potion in it?

Wait- Let's not be hasty here, Yako. Some of the coffee spilled out right? So maybe, there wouldn't be any effect?

I wish.

Moments after waving the empty cup at me, Neuro literally dropped to the floor, his eyes rolling to the back of his head.

Godai cheered and ran out of the office, yelling "I'm free! WOOH!"

I took a step closer to Neuro, slightly worried. Maybe Godai had been right all along, and the love potion was really a poison?

Nope. Because of course, I couldn't be that lucky.

(Not that I wanted Neuro to DIE, but it was kind of better than him being in love with me..because that was just kind of really weird)

"Neuro...are you ok?" I picked up his arm, checking the pulse. (Do daemons even have pulses? Or hearts for that matter?)

Suddenly his eyes righted themselves and then stared at me with a really strange intensity."Yako-chan...Yako-chan..."

I backed away and did what any smart person would do- I ran like crazy all the way home and then up the steps to the hopeful safety of my room.

Because there was no way in Hell, was I going to stick around.

/On The Other Side-Neuro/

Still on the floor, he smiles, remembering the Louse's panicked expression, and laughs.

That went well.


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