Main: Fem! Canada / Madison.

Pairing: Can x America

OOC: Much.

Other: Sex-skip.

I lay face-down on my bed as I whined softly, tiredly. America, my brother, shook me softly. "Come on, sis! Breakfast is ready! Do I need to drag you out of bed myself?" He threatened teasingly, and I whined again.

"Mmn, Alfred..." I pulled myself up, glaring down at the American beside my bed. I walked out of the room in my pajamas to the kitchen. This had better be good breakfast. .

I sat down at a chair and collapsed my head on the table, and sniffed softly for the smell of maple syrup or eggs, or anything useful to eat. I smelt nothing, not even hamburgers that America usually made for breakfast.

I blinked and tilted my head up to America, his eyes soft on mine, smiling. "America, what about breakfast? I thought you said it was ready." I scowled at him, and he frowned at me.

"I lied. You have to get up earlier, Madi." America responded, pulling me up out of my chair and into his lap. My head lulled to the side, resting on his shoulder. I was smiling. I couldn't stay mad at that sweet face.

"Okay, Hero. Why did you wake me up at eight AM? That should be a sin." My eyes met his and he snaked his arm around my waist, smirking darkly. "Because, your more fun in the morning. You don't care, as long as your promised sleep afterward."

I knew what he was getting at, and I had to admire him for the one time he actually thought about something. Before I could respond, he was already carrying me to his room. The one based after the colors red, white, and blue. His bedsheets were ruffled to one end of his bed, but I knew what they looked liked. Perfect American flags.

"Mmn, America.." I let out a cry of protest as he kissed my neck softly, a sly smirk on his face as he pressed me down to the mattress and lay half on top of me, whispering into my ear, "I love ya, Madi. You know that, but I have to tell you time and time again. I love your smell, your looks, your voice, your everything. Why can't you love me back?.."

I didn't want to admit that I loved my brother more than a sibling. I loved him so much.. No, I wanted, him so much, I could barely take it. But I couldn't let incest rule my life, I gave him the same response as ever, that usually stopped him from what he was doing and made him sigh, then go off to eat hamburgers,

"It's incest, damnit.. You know that. I can't have you, nor can I want you, it's aboot.. incest.. I can't." My Canadian accent ran up as I spoke.

But this time, he didn't sigh. He didn't go off to eat hamburgers. He didn't move except to kiss and nibble my ear basically, like incest was no big deal. He whispered, "You give me the same excuse, and this time, I'm not taking it. I know you love me. It isn't incest, we're just brother and sister on paper, 'member?''

Oh, I did remember, to well. He crawled closer to me, on top of me, and began fiddling with the buttons on my nightgown, and as he pulled it off, I gasped and tried to push him away. But this nation was to strong, holding himself on top of me and kissing every inch of me that was now unclothed, pulling off the rest of my clothes with little cried of protest coming from myself.

America's eyes were widened as he pulled off his own shirt, and allowed me to gaze at him. I couldn't help but stare at his abs, how perfect they were. His muscles on his arms that I'd already seen, but they looked even more fascinating without a shirt to cover the tips..

"Do you still not want to, Madison Williams?" He whispered seductively, moving down to my neck and taking hold of it with his mouth, nibbling, biting, kissing, and licking, all at the same time..

I wanted to tell him yes, that he turned me on like no one else did. But I realized that it would be wrong to say yes, that once again that it was be incest.. "N-No.. G-G.. G-get off of me, A-America.."

He was going to, anyways.. It didn't matter what I did.. So I decided to have to best of it. I caught him off guard and pulled myself from his grasp and pulled his face up to my own, and kissed him passionately, Pulling him closer to me with one arm.

He didn't protest and kissed me back, smirking darkly and running his hands through my blond hair, pulling me closer roughly and removing his lips from mine only to breathe, and whispered, "I don't think that was a /no/ my sweet little Canadian."

Well, I had just kissed the guy. I couldn't say I was against incest now, although I really was. His words made sense now: We /were/ just siblings on paper, we didn't have the same blood. It didn't matter. I loved him, and that's all there was to it.

"It wasn't, Alfred Jones, my awesome little American." I responded slowly, and he pulled me closer to him, and said softly, "I love you, if I haven't told you,"

I thought about what I was about to say before I could say it, moving my lips to his ear and whispering, "Oh my god, America, I love you too, more than you love hamburgers.. Which is to much."

America blinked like he didn't know what to say, and for a moment, he just stared at me, not moving. Then without warning, he licked and kissed my chest and neck, and I let out a soft moan, kissing his shoulders and nibbling the side of his neck, moving up to his ear and nibbling his earlobe softly.

His hands moved to take off his pants, pulling them down his legs with his boxers and throwing them aside, and moving his legs to wrap around mine. I couldn't help but glance down, then back up again as he kissed me, partially blocking my view...

Did you like my failure~? 'Cuz I'm going to write a second chapter. Cuz I'm just that awesome.