For You I Will

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Summary:Inuyasha wakes up, in a place he cannot recognize, on his human night. As he tries to look for an exit, he runs into someone he never expected to. Now he knows exactly where he is….What will happen between Inuyasha and the person whose home he is in?



"Mate's messages"

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For you I will

- Monica

I will shield your heart from the rain
I will let no harm come your way
Oh these arms will be your shelter
No these arms won't let you down,
If there is a mountain to move
I will move that mountain for you
I'm here for you, I'm here forever
I will be your fortress, tall and strong
I'll keep you safe,
I'll stand beside you, right or wrong

He slowly limped through the hallways, every few seconds looking over his shoulder. Where was he? Not to long ago he awoke and found himself on a futon that could fit him, all his friends and still have a lot of room left, but how did he get here? The last thing he remembered was leaving on his human night as his friends finally found a place to rest and then being found by a youki and almost beaten to death in the rain. Now he was wearing sleep attire and his wounds we're cleaned and patched up.

The whole area was pitch black, the only light being the candles lighten along the walls. It looked like he was in a castle, but since today was his human night, he couldn't see in the dark, he can't hear faraway sounds, he has to wait till they are really close to hear it, and his nose can't pick any smell beyond what a human nose can.

His feet began to give out when he reached what looks like stairs. He had to grab on to the railings as he walked down, but halfway down his feet couldn't take it anymore and he started falling, face first, towards the ground. He closed his eyes as he waited for the impact, but it didn't come, instead he landed against a hard body. "Hanyou," a stern voice said. "S-Sesshomaru?" Inuyasha stuttered as he looked up, his eyes holding a slight bit of fear. "Why am I here?" "I found you in the rain, in a terrible condition." Sesshomaru answered nonchalantly as he picked Inuyasha up bridal style and started walking back up the stairs. "a-and you brought me to your castle and took me to a healer?" "Do you have a problem with that otouto? And you haven't seen a healer….yet" "Yes! I do have a problem with that! First of, you don't like me! You never have! And secondly you hate humans and if you're suddenly blind and that's why you haven't noticed that I'm human tonight! And if I haven't seen a healer, how the fuck did my wounds get clean and bandaged?" "Such profound language you have otouto?"

Sesshomaru positioned Inuyasha so that he could hold him with one hand and open the door that led to the room Inuyasha awoke from. He walked in and to Inuyasha's surprise; he gently placed him on the futon.

"I'll be sending the healer in the morning, goodnight otouto" "Why are you being so nice to me Sesshomaru, I thought you hated me?" he whispered. Sesshomaru started walking to the door, completely ignoring the hanyou's question. He couldn't even answer that question; he had no idea why he helped the hanyou, but for some reason, seeing him soaking wet and shivering, and also covered in blood got to him and he couldn't grasp why.

"Sesshomaru" he was pulled out of his thoughts as he reached the door. He slowly looked over his shoulder. "Although I have no clue why you are suddenly being kind to me," Inuyasha began. "Thank you," Inuyasha whispered as an almost invisible pink shade covered his cheeks, but Sesshomaru caught it.

Sesshomaru turned around and Inuyasha expected to see his normal unemotional expression, but what he saw made his breath hitch. What he saw was a shocked face and behind his usual stern gaze, he held an emotion that Inuyasha couldn't decipher. Sesshomaru nodded his head slightly. Inuyasha turned around on the futon as Sesshomaru headed for the door once again.

"Aniki" Inuyasha whispered, but Sesshomaru still heard him and froze. 'The han- Inuyasha just referred to me as aniki. I have not heard that in so long, and I had not realized how much I've missed it' "Can you…maybe…never mind" "What is it otouto?" Inuyasha sighed and then whispered, "could you stay with me…If you want, I understand if you don't, youmustbeverytired,youprobablyneedyour beautysleep,sonevermind." While Inuyasha blabbered, Sesshomaru seated himself on the chair next to the futon. Inuyasha looked over his shoulder shocked, but didn't say anything. Suddenly the moment of silence was interrupted by a strike of lightning and the sound of thunder.

Inuyasha gasped an ducked under the covers and got himself into fetal position. Sesshomaru was slightly amused by what he saw, but at the same time he was angry.

'I knew I was right when I would tell him he was a disgrace to our family. Who has heard of any demon being afraid of a storm?'

"Otouto am I correct in thinking that you are afraid of storms," Sesshomaru said mockingly. "What! No I'm not afraid!" Inuyasha yelled from under the covers. Sesshomaru pulled back the covers and whispered "then why are you hiding?"

"I'm not hiding! I'm just…uhh…cold! Yeah cold!" Inuyasha said. Sesshomaru felt like laughing,, which he hasn't done or felt like doing for a while. "It seems your trying to convince yourself more then your trying to convince me" Sesshomaru said with humor evident in his voice. "Shut up!" Inuyasha yelled as he tried his best to glare at him.

Another strike of lightning shined outside the window and Inuyasha yelped.

"Okay, I am afraid of a storm, but only on my human nights" Inuyasha confessed. Sesshomaru just stared at him waiting for him to explain. Inuyasha turned away from Sesshomaru, he didn't want to see the disgust in Sesshomaru's eyes when he told him how weak he was.

"I usually spend these nights alone, as far away from the group as I can go. I don't want my friends to see the half-demon they depend on, so weak. There are some nights that it begins to rain and because of this stupid weak body, I get sick so fast, I get a very high fever. I try to find shelter but something always goes wrong and when I'm found by a demon it doesn't get any better. I have to treat myself before the wound gets infected or before I die. There are times I don't think I'll make it through the night. I always start regretting ever leaving my friends but I never stay, no matter how much they beg me too. Last night, I gave up, I was just awaiting death. It's funny, I'm telling you this like you really care. You must be ready to slap me for disgracing our families name with my weakness," Inuyasha laughed a cold, dry laugh.

For once, Sesshomaru had nothing to say. He never imagined Inuyasha went through so many things. He has never even fathomed the fact that Inuyasha can ever be scared because Inuyasha's character as a half-demon never allowed him too.

For some reason, Sesshomaru felt like he had to comfort Inuyasha, so with a sigh, Sesshomaru got off the chair and climbed up on the bed. He grabbed Inuyaha's arm and pulled him towards him. He hugged him into his chest and then positioned himself until he was leaning against the head board. Inuyasha allowed this comfort, at least for tonight.

Inuyasha breathing evened out as Sesshomaru ran, well tried to run, his fingers through Inuyasha's unruly hair. As Inuyasha began to fall victim to slumber, he cuddled against Sesshomaru and hid his head in Sesshomaru's neck.

Sesshomaru slid of the head board and laid on his back, with Inuyasha cuddled beside him and his arm around Inuyasha.

Before he followed Inuyasha, he pulled Inuyasha closer and whispered in his ear, "I promise to finally be the brother father wanted me to be and the one you have been longing for."

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