For You I Will

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Summary:Inuyasha wakes up, in a place he cannot recognize, on his human night. As he tries to look for an exit, he runs into someone he never expected to. Now he knows exactly where he is….What will happen between Inuyasha and the person whose home he is in?

Sessh/Inu. Rated M for later chapters.



"Mate's messages"

'Youki Talking'

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For you I will

- Monica

I will cross the ocean for you
I will go and bring you the moon
I will be your hero your strength
Anything you need
I will be the sun in your sky
I will light your way for all time
Promise you,
For you I will


At a blink of an eye, the figures attacked and I ran off to the direction I was heading. I screamed out "MOMMY HELP!" As I ran, all I wished for was some kind of response that let me know that someone had heard me, even if it wasn't Inuyasha. I kept looking over my shoulder although I didn't have to because I could hear them after me.'Why me' was the mantra repeating in my head.

I started getting frightened by anything and everything that moved and started tripping over roots of trees. All of a sudden, it started pouring rain, my nose was now completely useless and it was so hard to see that even making out my own hand was difficult. My heart beat so a fast, how could I escape. I ran into what seemed like a large clearing and believed that maybe luck was on my side now. That was until I continued to run forward and fell on my back in what seemed like a big ditch. I wanted to cry, was I to die this night while looking for the only family I had left?

The rain just fell on my eyes as I looked up at the sky, I felt pain but I couldn't even figure out where it was coming from. Also, I was extremely dizzy. As I laid there, I made out what seemed like eight figures, even though I knew it was only four. "This little fox will make an excellent appetizer to start our late night snack," one said before they all jumped in after me.


I ran off to the direction of the little fox's voice. The fear I was surprisingly feeling was causing my heart to beat against my chest. I couldn't understand why I would be so worried, I barely even know him. I have only ever worried about my little Rin and now Inuyasha. I don't know if it was because of the screams he was giving out, the fact that I could not stand a child being hurt, or the sadness I felt when seeing the pained and worried look that came across Inuyasha's face when he heard about his little one. 'If I remember correctly, the little one was calling Inuyasha mommy. That would mean that Inuyasha is submissive? Why hadn't I noticed that.

I could faintly hear thunder, which caused me to look toward the dark sky. The sky looked darker the usual indicating the upcoming rain. If it starts to rain before he can find the little one, there would be a close to nothing chance of me finding the little one due to the lost of his scent. Apparently, luck was not on my side today because it started to pour, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm a fully developed pure demon, I would have need to look for shelter. I kept running in the same direction once I saw some creatures running away from that direction. That just shows that there is something causing disturbance or that there is a higher level demon. I arrived at a clearing and saw a couple low level toad demons surrounding what looked like a ditch. When they jumped in, I knew that there was something in there and that something may just be the fox demon I was looking for. I heard a yell of "get back" and that's all I need to hear before I attacked.

I raced towards them as fast as I can and jumped in after them. After I pulled out Tenseiga, I started slicing through their bodies right away. The bodies kept falling, blood splattered all around the ditch. Cutting down the last demons body was when I noticed the little fox demon in fetal position, staring at me with wide eyes and covered in blood. I walked towards him and he moved back. "Let us go little one," he just shook his head. "I'm waiting for my mom-er-Inuyasha" I stared at him and then picked him up, throwing him over my shoulder. The little fox started fussing until I told him, "Your mother is staying at my kingdom. He is currently waiting for you." He stopped moving, which I was grateful for, and as we got closer the kingdom, I heard snoring.


I started pacing back and forth, in front of the door, the moment that Sesshomaru left. I has currently been about 20 minutes since then and I just could not calm down. "Inuyasha, please sit. You know Sesshomaru will find him," Akio said. "Akio! It has been 20 minutes and nothing! I'm worried sick, what if he doesn't get there in time." As soon as I said that, I smelled rain and could hear thunder/lightning outside. This caused me to fall to my knees and let my head fall in my hands. "No no, please not rain! He won't find him now," I just started to cry, my youki howling in pain. I felt arms wrap around me and could hear mumbling but not understanding anything. It felt like I was there forever, when it was actually about another 10 minutes, before I heard a maid run by saying something about Sesshomaru arriving.

I looked up as the door opened and gasped when I saw a bloody Sesshomaru holding an even bloodier Shippo. I pushed Akio off me and ran towards Sesshomaru, grabbing Shippo out of his hands. I saw Sesshomaru tense but paid no mind to it as I inspected Shippo. I let out a content sigh when I realized that the blood on him was not his. Without saying anything I got up and walked towards my room. Shippo must have been exhausted because he did not wake up while I bathed him, brushed his hair, and changed him into some of my old baby pj's that I recently found in the back of my closet. I was just so happy that he was safe and under my covers. I had him somewhere were I could make sure nothing happens. I kissed him on the head as I stepped out to look for Sesshomaru.


I felt my heart drop when I walked in and saw Inuyasha's eyes red and swollen from crying. At the same time, I was a little excited to see him be motherly, thankful, and maybe even worried about me. I know I should not have gotten mad when all Inuyasha did was snatch his son out of my hands, made sure he was fine, and left, but it just infuriated me. After all the trouble I went through and I did not even get a thank you. I gave a disappointed sigh and then noticed Akio looking at me. "He is grateful Sesshomaru." I looked at him before I just walked away.

I noticed a maid and pulled her aside. I told her that whatever Inuyasha needed for his son that she must get. I continued given her instructions and as I was going to walk away, Inuyasha walked out of his room. I did not have time to react as Inuyasha ran up to me and jumped on me, wrapping his legs around me as well. He hid his face in my neck and I could feel wetness on my neck. I dismissed the maid when I noticed her glaring at him. I held to his bottom and rubbed his back as we walked towards my room. "Sessh, thank you" he sniffled and wrapped his arms tighter around my neck. "Inuyasha it is fine. I know you would have done the same for my Rin." I tried to pull him off, even though I did not actually want to, but he would not let me. I knew that I need him to get him off soon, one because I needed to see him to calm him down but the second is the most important. With Inuyasha breathing down my neck and on me, and his bottom so close to a certain area, was causing me a reaction that would make this situation awkward and it was causing my youki to get a bit happy. I needed to get him off me. "Inuyasha I'm dirty and tired. Can you please get off." He shifted and it seemed like he was going to ignore me. He slowly pulled his head back and stared at me. I wiped off his tears and then pulled his legs from around me. He pouted a bit and for some reason, all I wanted to do was kiss him.

"You must be a little tense, come I'll give you a massage, and I'm not taking no for an answer. I need to pay you back for helping my son and I." I wanted to say no but I was tense and thought that everything would end up fine. He instructed me to take off my clothes and lay on the bed but I decided it would be better to go into the little spring inside the kingdom and bathe. Once I bathe, we could use on of the massage tables in there. "Ok, when you bathe, send someone to get me." Before he could walk away from me, I grabbed him. "Why don't you just come and bathe with me? It will make it easier." Although I asked, I left no room for discussion as I pulled him towards the indoor springs. We arrived at the steam filled room and I quickly started shedding my clothes. I turned around and saw Inuyasha just standing there with a light pink shade on his cheeks. I smiled as I walked up to him and whispered in his ear, "I could help you out of those clothes." Inuyasha gasped and pushed me away. "I-i don't n-need your help." It was quite fun to tease my brother.

He started to slowly take off his clothes but under my steady gaze, his hands began to shake. He was moving so slow, it feels like he knows he is taunting me, and I could not help but size him. 'Our dear brother has a nice body.'My youki said and I could almost hear the grin he must have been wearing on his face. At one moment I think Inuyasha could not handle any more of my staring and he ran off jumping into the water but he forgot that this just gives me a good view of his backside. 'Did I just ogle my own brother's body? This has been happening a lot lately and for some reason it does not bother me. Could I really be attracted to my own blood?' 'I could tell you the reason why you have been staring but for a price.'I completely blocked my youki out of my mind and went back to my thoughts, only to be taken out of them by a splash of water. "Earth to Sessh! I do not need this bath, you do," Inuyasha said with toothy grin.


Having Sesshomaru stare at me like that made me feel so exposed. I was under his scrutiny and had no idea what was going through his mind, so I did what I thought was right and that was to run into the water. When I turned back, Sesshomaru was staring off into space. I never knew my brother was one to space out. After many failed attempts of calling him, I decided to splash him and finally got what I wanted. He was glaring at me and all I could was smile. He finally glided in and I just stared at that perfect body. "Like what you see otouto?" I just looked the other way blushing.

I saw a basket with different body washes, shampoos, and conditioners, so I saw towards them. "Which one are you going to use Sessh?" "Hand me the ones of the sakura blossom scent." I grabbed all the sakura blossom scent as well as the vanilla scent ones and made my way back to him. As he tried to grab the sakura scented soap out of my hands, I pulled it back while shaking my head. "I like the vanilla, so wear it." For some reason, I wanted my brother to wear my favorite scent. Sesshomaru gave me an weird look and said, "well if I wear the vanilla, you must wear the sakura." It would only be fair if I agreed, so I did. All of a sudden, Sesshomaru gave me an intense stare and pulled me towards him. "What is this?" he asked as he grabbed the rosary beads that Kagome placed on me. 'I completely forgot about that! I have been purposely hiding them from him so that he did not ask questions or cause Kagome any harm because of them. I have to figure a way out of this.' "Ohh you know, a necklace." Sesshomaru just stared at me for a bit before answering, "I know you are lying to me otouto and I know it is futile to ask again, so I'm going to find out myself." We stared at each other until I heard my youki say'You should make our brother feel good.' 'How?' 'By helping him bathe of course! He is tense, the least you could do it Lather him up and massage him while you are it. Then you would not have to massage him later, just kill to birds with one stone.'

I could feel a blush coming because doing that what just be too awkward and the way my youki said lather, made it sound so dirty. I soon found Sesshomaru just staring at me, causing me to blush harder. "Youki bothering you?" he asked and I nodded. "As is mine," he said as he looked to the side, seeming almost uncomfortable. "Um, why don't I give you a massage with the vanilla body wash and stuff..." I said awkwardly. Sesshomaru looked shocked as he nodded. I handed him the body wash so that he can pour some in my hand whenever I needed it and at the same time wash his other parts. I sat on and underwater rock, while pulling him towards me and having him sit between my legs. I could not shake of the blush on my face as he washed him self and I gave him a back massage. Every so often, Sesshomaru would give out a content sigh which just encouraged me to continue.

I broke the silence that fell upon us, it wasn't an awkward one like I expected, by saying "you know that Rin loves you a lot aniki." "As do I Inuyasha, but where is this going." "You have been the only father figure in her life but I know that you don't want her to call you father, so-" Sesshomaru interrupted me, "she is not my heir. I cannot allow her to call me father, it would start rumors." I switched to washing Sesshomaru's hair, while massaging his scalp. I could have sworn I heard him growl in content, sounding almost like purring. "Sesshomaru, sometimes you have to stop worrying about what other people might think. You can't let them run your life or ruin your happiness and no matter how much you negate it, I know you would be happy if Rin called you dad. I mean, I do not like when Shippo calls me mom because I am a guy but I know since I am submissive and my youki and I both think of him as our son, I would not have it any other way. Shippo loves me and I love him just as much and the way we act around each other is our little way of showing it. Maybe you could have her call you dad when it is just us, when you have important guest over, then she could go back to calling you Lord Sesshomaru." I had just finished combing through his hair when I finished talking. "I guess you are right Yasha, you are very wise for your age." I blushed at the nickname and compliment he just gave me and started to push him away from me. When he got far enough, I got on his shoulders and dunked him in the water. I laughed so hard when he came back up glaring and washing the conditioner out of his face. "What was that about brother?" he snarled but I could see it was not wholeheartedly. "Well I had to get the conditioner out of your hair somehow," I answered smiling. "You could have just used the bucket like you were doing so before," he was slowly getting closer. I backed up but still smiling, "now where is the fun in that." Sesshomaru attacked after saying "i'll show you fun." He grabbed me by my side and I winced due to the bruise. After he apologized, he would not let me go because he said he was not letting me out until he washed and combed my hair. I started squirming because I knew just how tangled my hair is and how much it was going to hurt to get it untangled. After what felt like hours of excruciating pain and after I finished bathing, he finally finished and my hair showed it silky self once again. I was about to grab the bucket to rinse out my hair, when suddenly, I was dunked. I came out sputtering and I could hear a lite laugh behind me. I turned around and smiled, "although you are a jerk, you have a nice laugh." I blushed because I just realized what I said and because Sesshomaru sent me a smirk, a very sexy smirk by the way.

'Ok! Something must be really wrong with me!' 'Yeah and that is that you are attracted to your brother and slowly falling for him.' 'I am not! And even if I was, you have no proof.' 'Must I bring up these last few days?' 'No!' I came out of my musings when I felt a breath on my face. I looked up and saw Sesshomaru, his face was very close to mine. 'When did he get so close?' I blushed when I realized that I had no place to go because my back was pressed against the side of the spring and Sesshomaru had both arms beside me. We stared at each other and slowly our face drew closer. "You are so beautiful," I heard him whisper before we closed the distance between us. At first, it was a lite peck and we both pulled back but by the look on our faces, that was not enough. We continued giving each other small peck but when we were going to lean in for another one, a longer one, we heard a voice say, "is this considered a tickle fight too?" Sesshomaru let out a growl as we both turned around and saw Akio with a knowing smile, covering Shippo's eyes.


"Yay! I knew you two were attracted to each other!" Sesshomaru just glared, "Akio, you are lucky that you are a close friend of mine or I would of destroyed you." Akio just cracked up, before Shippo spoke up. "Mommy," Inuyasha growled. "Look here you little brat! Stop calling me that!" Inuyasha grabbed a towel and wrapped his lower body. He failed to notice Sesshomaru staring at him, following the small water droplets that sledded down his body. He walked up to Shippo and smacked him on the head. That was all he had to do and Shippo ran towards him crying. Inuyasha lowered to Shippo's level, "hey, what is wrong." Inuyasha said softly while slowly petting his hair. "I missed you mommy!" Shippo cried louder and Inuyasha looked both at Sesshomaru and Akio, neither knowing what to do. "It seems that you are not only crying about missing Inuyasha, little one. Why are you crying?" Sesshomaru asked him as he crouched down to his level. All Shippo did was point at the rosary around my neck, which caused me to tense. Sesshomaru looked between us with a raised eyebrow. "Is that Beads of Subjugation?" Akio asked and I gasped as Shippo nodded. "Kagome put those on him. She said that it was to prevent his youki to be unleashed but lately she is using it to hurt him for no reason! She said that when mommy comes back she is going to hurt him and said that I was useless and a brat, so I ran away to find you and I ended up getting chased and my shoulder hurts." Inuyasha flinched when Shippo said that Kagome was going to hurt him. "It's ok Shippo. See I'm ok" Inuyasha kissed him on the head and hugged him. Sesshomaru just sat there angry about what the hold the miko has on her brother and what she said to the little one. After Inuyasha got Shippo to calm down and fall asleep again and after Akio said that tomorrow he would be going to town for new herbs to make something for Shippo's pain, he said goodbye to Akio and blushed when saying goodbye to Sesshomaru, whom just smirked. He could hear a "manly" squeal from Akio and could hear him congratulating Sesshomaru. Inuyasha put Shippo on his bed and then went to put on his pj's. He laid in bed and smiled as he touched his lips. He then went and smelt his hair, 'I smell like Sesshomaru' he thought smiling. He slowly shook his head and closed his eyes trying to fall asleep, but failing under very late in the night.


After finally escaping Akio, I went into my study. My youki had not stopped talking about how nice it felt to kiss Inuyasha. I will not lie, I loved how it felt and the feeling I received from doing it. Again, I had felt the electric shock and my youki told me to read a book about mates. I turns out that the electric shock was to let the alpha know that the person he is experiencing the shock from is to be his mate. The beta, will have restless nights thinking about his alpha, will love their alpha's scent and sometimes will doubt their relationship. To say that I was shocked was an understatement, I was also extremely happy. If I would ever to get a mate, I knew Inuyasha was to be a great one. I kept on reading and found out that sometimes the alpha could feel something and the beta would not have any restless nights and vice versa, causing a one sided relationship. I also found out that before and sometimes after the couple mates, the alpha gets easily jealous, while the beta worries over little things. 'I need to find a way to see if Inuyasha has been having restless nights, but how?' 'You could watch him while he sleeps.' I decided that listening to my youki would be completely wrong and would only get me in trouble, so I tuned him out. 'I do not know how I am to do this but I plan on making sure Inuyasha ends up being mine.' I smiled as I continued reading.

*Back with the group*

After successfully blackmailing Miroku and Sango into accompanying her to Koga's kingdom, saying that she could get hurt on the way, they have arrived. They were currently waiting for Koga to come and talk to them. Kagome was currently very angry, while Miroku and Sango were worried about both Shippo and Inuyasha. Koga came up to them and immediately regretted it when seeing Kagome's face. "What can I do for you? And where is the Mutt and his son?" Koga said sending Kagome a fake smile. "Oh my god! Not you too! Shippo is not Inuyasha's son and the reason why we are here is because we want you to help us find those idiots." Kagome yelled. What she failed to notice that Koga was glaring at her. He actually did not like her anymore, he thought she was rude and selfish. After she showed her true self, Inuyasha and him actually became friends and he hated to see how she treated Inuyasha after all he does. Koga was about to refuse but decided that he instead could take her to a completely different direction then where Inuyasha was.


I awoke to the sound of loud upbeat music playing in my room. I opened my eyes and saw Shippo smiling at me and doing a goofy dance. I laughed and then grabbed him, forcing him to bathe with me in my private bathroom. Throughout the whole bath, I had to explain to Shippo how I arrived here, why I was hurt, and why Sesshomaru and I were no longer fighting. After I helped Shippo change into a black everyday kimono with red waves on the bottom and on the sleeves and put his hair into a bun, I started moving my hips to the beat. Shippo sat on the bed laughing I went from dancing good to dancing like a fool.


Suddenly the door opened and Sesshomaru walked in. He leaned against the door frame, with a smirk on his face and raised eyebrow, watching Inuyasha dance to the beat. Apparently, Inuyasha had not heard the door and just kept dancing. Sesshomaru made sure to signal to me to keep quiet and not say anything about him being here. When Inuyasha went back to dancing like a fool, doing the cabbage patch move and the sprinkler that Kagome showed us, I could not help but crack up as Sesshomaru was trying so hard not to laugh. Inuyasha slowly took of his towel, not caring that I would see and I could see Sesshomaru lick his lips. 'So Sesshomaru likes my mommy? That would make him my dad! Hahahaha!' Inuyasha had started to put on his hakama, he heard a whistle "wow dance and a show" Inuyasha turned around, his face completely red and I just started laughing so hard, holding my side. Inuyasha yelled, "how long have you been standing there?!" Sesshomaru seemed to smile and said, "long enough." Inuyasha glared at him and then turned and glared at me for not telling me. I quickly ran out of the room to avoid his wrath.


After Shippo left, Inuyasha avoided his gaze, which saddened Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru assumed that the reason why he did not want to look at him was because he did not like what occurred yesterday. The real reason for Inuyasha to look away was because he was embarrassed about what Sesshomaru just saw and because he started to feel bad because Sesshomaru had complimented him yesterday and he had not said anything back. Inuyasha applied the cream on his side and began to get change into a purple everyday kimono with white birds and different colored flowers and pulled his hair into high ponytail, all the while completely ignoring Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru just sighed and said he would see him downstairs in the dinning room for breakfast. Inuyasha slowly followed and it was a silent breakfast, other than the kids talking to each other. The only thing Sesshomaru said was that Rin was allowed to call him father when there was no important guests and the only thing Inuyasha said was telling Shippo to eat all his vegetables. Throughout the meal, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru would steal glances at each other and quickly looking away when the other caught them staring. After breakfast, Shippo pulled Sesshomaru aside and actually dared to hug him, while thanking him for saving him. Sesshomaru smiled and then sent Rin to her lesson, making Shippo go too. Sesshomaru then told Inuyasha to follow for his lessons. On the way to his study, Sesshomaru told Inuyasha that he has taught Shippo well and all Inuyasha did was nod without looking at him, causing Sesshomaru to grind his teeth. 'I feel so stupid. How could I not compliment him back after he said I was beautiful? At the same time, why am I making such a big deal over something so small.' Inuyasha thought. When they arrived at the study, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru sat away from each other and the lesson started and finished with barely any talking. Towards the end, Jaken came in with another puppy and right when he was going to talk, Inuyasha yelled, "you are beautiful too!" while blushing. Jaken glared at Inuyasha for interrupting and for openly flirting with his lord. He believed the lord was going to be grossed out and kick the vermin out but he was shocked to see Sesshomaru smile and caress Inuyasha's cheek. "Is this why you have not been talking to me today?" Inuyasha nodded. Sesshomaru leaned in and kissed Inuyasha, much to Jaken's dislike, on the forehead, "I did not get upset over something so small." "I know it was small but I do not know why it bothered me so much." Sesshomaru's eyes widened and then he smiled at Inuyasha. Sesshomaru then took the dog from Jaken and sent him out. "I got this dog for you," Sesshomaru smiled while showing the black husky with silver-like eyes. Inuyasha smiled and thanked Sesshomaru, while taking the dog. Suddenly, he looked at Sesshomaru and asked, "would you be upset if I gave him to Shippo instead." Sesshomaru said it was fine and Inuyasha smiled, "come let's go give it to him, so he could know it was you and thank you." "Sadly I cannot Yasha. I have a lot of paperwork to do. He could always thank me later. We should go for a walk later, just you and I." Inuyasha pouted at first and then smiled/blushed. 'Did he just ask me out?' He nodded and leaned over, kissing Sesshomaru on the cheek, "thank you."


I do not know what is going on but I do not like it. The master was getting to close to the vermin and that was not a good thing. I was walking down the hallway towards my room when I heard a passing maid complaining about cleaning after the hanyou and how she hated that he was stealing our masters attention. I smiled when an idea came into my head and pulled the maid aside to begin my plan.


I could not stop smiling since I left the room. I was currently walking down the hallway towards the stairs, with the new puppy in tow. I feel so giddy every time I talk to Sesshomaru. I arrived to the stairs and was about to pick up the puppy, when I felt like I was pushed. Suddenly, I was falling constantly banging my head, twisting my almost healed leg, basically hitting myself everywhere even the places that I was hurt in before. I finally landed on my back on the floor and groaned in pain. I was seeing stars and everything looked blurry. I could barely see the puppy freaking out at the top of the stairs. I could hear Shippo and Rin scream my name and call for Sesshomaru.


I heard something but paid no mind to it, thinking that someone had dropped something, but then I heard a pain groaned that I was too familiar with and I shot out of my seat. When I heard my name being called desperately by Rin and Shippo, I felt cold and my heart drop. I ran out, not carrying how I looked. When I reached the stairs, I saw the puppy barking at the stop and Inuyasha at the bottom barely conscious. I ran down, while skipping stairs and kneeled down next to Inuyasha and the kids. "Yasha! What happened." He looked over at me, but it looked like he was not even there. "I-i f-ell" he tried to speak but he sounded like he was gasping for breath. "He is lying! We saw someone push him, but you could not see who." Rin and Shippo yelled. I saw red and my youki was going crazy. 'Someone hurt our mate! Find him and kill! Kill them!'My youki yelled. 'They are going to be sorry they hurt MY Inuyasha.

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