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Christmas was over three months ago, but the Coco Cabana Coffee Shop was still decorated with Christmas lights, ornaments and miniature snowmen. If anyone should ask, the response would be that they never want to let Christmas end for the children that played in the Kid Corner. The truth was that Kendall was far too lazy and tired to take down the decorations. Christmas was spent at James' mansion with an unexpected visit from Mr. & Mrs. Diamond. It wasn't that Kendall was slightly annoyed at their presence, he was more annoyed that they kept picking Julian up and turning him like they were the baby inspectors. Jules resembled James very clearly. He had his hair, his nose, his eyebrows (needless to say, the Jennifers were quite pleased). And what did Julian have from Kendall? His lips, his facial structure and his ears. Neither of them could really tell whose eyes Julian had, once the child opened his eyes a bit more it looked like a strange combination of both but were most likely hazel. Julian was a mirror image of James, there was nothing to scrutinize.

And when they weren't inspecting Julian, they were pelting Kendall with left-handed compliments as they exchanged presents and at the dinner table where they tried to enjoy the Christmas dinner. Always how Kendall would be so grateful to have James as his husband, how Julian was going to be raised as a wonderful addition to the Diamond family, how they are expecting another grandchild from Kendall that will hopefully be named Charles. What was he? A baby machine? He just tried to smile pleasantly, Julian didn't need to see his father cursing out his grandparents. But at least Kendall knew they were trying to get along, and James did reconcile with them a bit. But they just needed some more time, maybe later on in the future.

But now, the season was over, the new year already hear and James' life in Hollywood was lukewarm. People were quieting down about the whole James Diamond drama, moving on with their lives. Sure, James was viewed a whole lot differently in Hollywood (Kendall didn't see the usual people that James used to hang around with the brunette now), but he was a father and he was going to provide for his family. Plus, James was pregnant and even though he wasn't as hormonally driven as Kendall was, James didn't take any crap from no one and anyone caught looking at any of the three in a way less than pleasant had to face his wrath. The fans of James seemed to be the most supportive (the girls hoping that soon when they were older and with little girls of their own that their offspring might have a chance with Julian and enter the Diamond family tree that way. . .little weirdos), and James' popularity didn't falter. Kendall got the occasional death threat from the 1% of the fanbase that was insane, but what could they do? James was his, they needed to get over it.

. . .Did he just say that? James was his?

Kendall was obviously tired, he rested his head on his arms and let out a tired yawn. He knew how his mother must have felt when she raised him and Katie, simply tired all the time but not complaining. After all, he did get to see that adorable toothless smile almost every day and he wouldn't trade that feeling for anything in the world. Kendall let out another yawn at the sound of the door ringing open and he stood up, ready to serve the newest customer until he saw that it was James and Sebastian, the butler holding the little baby carrier that held Kendall's son. The blond smiled, walking over as Sebastian settled the carrier on one of the clean tables.

"What's with the visit? I was going to pick Julian up right after work," Kendall replied, leaning in to unbuckle his child and take him into his arms. Jules squirmed a bit but nuzzled into Kendall's chest and smelled the familiar scent of his father. Sebastian smiled as Kendall stroked his son's hair.

"Master Diamond has something he would like to ask you," Sebastian said with a smile and Kendall turned to the blushing brunette that was standing beside him. Kendall gave Julian a little bounce.

"Well, what do you want to ask?" Kendall asked and Julian let out a little whimper and Kendall sighed, moving to the carrier to get a pacifier. His fingers dug though the blankets but then brushed against something that piqued his interests. The fingers wrapped around the item and he removed it from the confines of the carrier, eyes slightly widening when he saw that it was a ring box. The blond turned, Julian's hand waving at his pacifier not being in his father's hand and Kendall stared at James. ". . .What is this?"

"Allow me," James said softly, taking the ring box out of Kendall's hands and slowly getting down on one knee. Kendall grasped tightly on the baby in his arms as he watched James with wide eyes. "Kendall Knight, I love you. I love you so much and I want you back in my arms," James said softly and Kendall stared with widen eyes. James. . .James wanted to marry him? Out of his own free will? Without anyone to say yes or no for him? It sounded good to be true and Kendall felt his heart racing. Yes, he admits that he still loved James. Yes, he would very much like to raise his left hand and gladly say he was married. But. . .but. . .

"I know you're afraid, Kendall," James spoke up and Kendall shuddered a breath, "afraid that I might leave but I won't. Do you see that child right there?" James asked, looking over at Julian sucking on the brown apron strap on Kendall's shoulder, "I love him and I love you too much to even think about leaving you both again. I don't want you to ever be afraid of what's going to happen to us in the future, I know that we're going to be happy and we're going to have a happy life. . .I wouldn't even think that I would be here right now proposing to you. I thought now I would be without two children, still bitter about Jett and trying to make him jealous. But look at me now, a father and so much in love with the man in front of me. And all I'm asking is to take your hand and proudly call you my fiance, no 'fake' entering my mind. . .will you marry me, Kendall?"

Kendall could feel the eyes of everyone in the coffee shop watching the two of them, watching for his reaction. How long have they been doing this? How long has Kendall wanted to kiss James again, to tell the brunette that he loved him and cared for him so much? How long did he desired to say that he was engaged, he was going to be married, he was going to spend the rest of his life with someone? He wanted to, he really wanted too. Julian nuzzled in his chest again, maybe hearing the comforting rhythm of Kendall's heart. Kendall loved James, he loved Julian. He wanted to be with them for the rest of his life, whether they were in Hollywood with everyone watching them or in a town in the middle of nowhere. Why not? He's been with James for a year and been through both good times and bad. And all the fears about his future alone didn't seem so scary anymore.

Because James wanted to go through it with him.

And make sure that Kendall was never afraid again.

". . .Yes. . ." Kendall said softly and there was a breakout of clapping and whistles. Julian's head whirled around at the noise, confused and face turning into a slight scowl at the scare but Kendall bounced the infant and soothed him. Julian stopped fussing, the three month old's eyes looking wide and still quite confused. Oh, there wasn't any confusion about the situation going on at the moment. Kendall was going to marry James. Kendall was going to be James' fiance, he was going to be James' husband. They'll live under one roof, they'll call each other 'Darling', 'Honey', 'Sweetheart', any little petname some newlyweds would give each other.

Mr. Kendall Diamond. . .has a nice ring to it.

James continued to smile at the blushing blond fiance as the cheering died down.

"Um. . .Kendall?"

"Yes, James?"

". . .I can't get back up."

Logan poured the box of cereal into the blue bowl, the colorful Fruit Loops clanking as the bowl was filled. He never ate this kind of cereal before, he would eat something more dignified and more mature. But now, with Carlos in his life, things did get a little bit less mature and a little bit more fun. Plus, Logan was in a good mood, the last nights activities with the Latino the only thing that was brightening his mind and making him begin to slowly smile like an idiot.

Logan Mitchell got laid.

Sure, him and Carlos had been dating for maybe four months, known the Latino for almost nine and Carlos was a really cute guy. And he had been planning on proposing to Carlos, James and Kendall's engagement kind of opening the door to the idea of marriage to Logan. He could settle down now, start a family and of course Carlos is just dying for a baby, so why not? Though, Logan didn't expect to sleep with Carlos so soon, the two of them toasting to their friend's love and getting a little bit intoxicated. Intoxicated enough for Logan to drag Carlos back to his townhouse for a night of sex and a morning of cuddling. He decided to make some breakfast, the Latino still sleeping and he glanced at the clock. It was almost noon, he couldn't still be sleeping and he frowned.

Logan walked over to the bedroom, giving it a gentle knock so to not startle his lover before gently pressing open the door and stepping inside the room that still smelled sweet of alcohol and Carlos' scent. The bed was empty and Logan raised an eyebrow, looking around the room and eyes falling on the closed bathroom door. He walked over, placing an ear to the wood to listen in and heard some soft sighs.

"Carlos?" Logan called out and there was some noise.

"Y-Yeah, Logie?" Carlos' voice stuttered out.

"Are you alright?"

"I-I'm fine! Don't worry about me!"

Logan frowned, hand jiggling the knob and pushing the door open to find Carlos quickly yanking back up his pants and hiding something behind his back.

". . .What are you doing?"

"Nothing! I'm not trying to see if I'm pregnant!" Carlos spilled and Logan's eyes widened. Carlos brought a test with him? Then again, Carlos also initiated the drinking last night too, was this all a ruse to get impregnated with a baby? Carlos was starting to squirm, seeing the ex-manager rub his eyes in slight irateness.

"First off, it's too soon to check if you're pregnant. Second, we used a condom."

"But. . .did you use the one I gave you?"

"I wasn't that drunk, Carlos. So I threw away your tampered condom and used one of my own," Logan said sternly and Carlos gulped, looking up at the man between his black eyelashes and trying his best to give off his soft puppy dog pout. No, Logan wasn't going to fall for that again. Absolutely not. He wasn't! He wouldn't! He. . .

Oh Carlos just looks so cute when he was trying to be all deceptive. . .

Snap out of it, Logan!

"Carlos, I know you want a baby, but I want to do this right."

"What do you mean?"

"Like get married first and then have children. . .I don't even think we should look into supporting a child right now. Maybe something smaller. . .like. . ."

"A puppy!" Carlos chirped and Logan bit his lip. He wasn't really a dog person, more of the cat person. Cats were quiet, took care of themselves and didn't chew up any of his special shoes.

"I was thinking more along the lines of. . .a pet rock."

"Logie! That's not fun! Either we have a puppy or we get right back into bed to work on a baby!" Carlos said with a stern expression and Logan gave a perverted wink.

"I wouldn't mind a recap of last night," Logan said in a slow and sexy growl that made Carlos shiver at his tone.

"No condom this time."

"Carlos, I want to marry you before we have children."

"Then let's get a puppy!" Carlos said eagerly and Logan groaned. Fine, if a puppy was going to tie Carlos' relatively small attention span away from babies long enough for Logan to purchase some engagement rings, then so be it.

That dog better not chew up his shoes.




"I don't think so."



"Jonathan is nice though."

"Well. . ."


"Definitely a no."

"Well can you come up with any names for a boy?" James said, exhausted and Kendall looked over from bouncing Julian in his lap.


"Stop it with the demon spawn stuff," James grumbled, placing a protective hand over his rather large stomach. Yes, it was a boy. It was a baby boy. James didn't want to have any surprises in the delivery room, might as well try to find out the baby's gender. Plus, James' wouldn't be wasting money buying things for the baby that was the wrong gender. Though, there was just one little problem.

What if the child was like Jett? It was a boy.

James let his hand run in slow circles, his son kicking at his touch. No, he couldn't let his son be like Jett, he was going to raise his child to love. He was going to raise his son to value people and to be kind. He was going to raise his son like an angel. . .hmm. . .

"Angel," James said and Kendall glanced over at the brunette again.


"I'll name him Angel."

". . .Your son?"

"I known guys named Angel, why not? It's a nice name, don't you think? Angel. . .Angel Jonathan Diamond. . .I like it."

'Yeah, Angel. Because the little boy was conceived under such angelic circumstances' Kendall thought and gave a subtle roll of his bottle green eyes, deciding to take interest in his own son's brown locks of hair.

". . .You know, Lucifer was an angel-"


"So you're getting married, then?"


"Am I going to be the best man?" Dak asked with a little smile and James nodded.

"Of course you are. Why wouldn't you be?"

"Well, you know. . .the deal that I will steal Kendall away if you hurt him again."

"And I told you that will never happen," James said smartly, shaking a stuffed toy in front of Julian. The baby boy's eyes flew over to the doll before focusing back on Kendall's beanie that he was gripping and sticking in his mouth. Drat, looks like James won't ever get rid of that ugly thing, now two people are infatuated with it. Dak smiled at the child.

"He's really cute."

"I know."

". . .Kendall's looking really cute now, too."



"You see this doll?"

". . .Yeah?"

"Don't make me suffocate you with it," James said darkly and Dak laughed, giving a playful nudge to James' shoulder.

"Just checking."

Time flew by. It all seemed like a blur to Kendall, really, with his life with James slowly being rebuilt. Kendall moved back into the mansion with Julian, Carlos of course upset that the presence of children were going to leave him but knowing that he will have all the time to visit Kendall, Julian and James whenever he wasn't trying to find a more higher paying job than working at the diner down the street from the coffee shop. Kendall was able to kiss James a little bit more passionately without the innocent eyes of his son watching the two of them. Kendall slept in the same bed with James, feeling the brunette drape hands all over his body that was snapping back into shape before he had Julian, James only hoping his body would do the same. But it still didn't matter if they were in the mansion or in the tiny flat, Kendall still needed to get used to not walking around the mansion in the dead of night to check on Julian, though James would often accompany him and the two fathers would usually end up sleeping in the nursery in the bed of stuffed animals. And with all of that, plus planning a wedding put Kendall's mind at such clutter and filled to the brim, that the blond really wasn't keeping track of the calendar.

So James waking him up at 4 in the morning saying that he was feeling something going on with the baby and it was time really caught him off guard. Oh well, James probably felt the same way when he was caught off guard by Julian's birth.

Kendall didn't figure anyone would get his messages that James was having the baby, who would be awake at this hour anyways? And Julian was particularly grumpy about his sleeping schedule being interrupted by the unexpected arrival, the now 6 month old baby crying a bit as Kendall strapped him into the car seat with James holding his stomach and cursing loudly whether or not Julian could hear him. Kendall drove down the streets as fast as he could, James sweating beside him and groaning in pain. Kendall knew what James was going through, only when Kendall was about ready to have Julian, he was more so yelling at Logan to drive and Carlos to stop grabbing his stomach like he was going to squeeze the baby out.

A nurse offered to watch Julian while Kendall went with James into the emergency room, Julian more upset about being handed off to a complete stranger and James wanting to protest about someone else taking care of his child but the child that was currently trying to get out changed his protests to screams of pain. Julian would be alright for maybe an hour or so, hopefully someone that they knew would be there to take him off of the nurse's hands.

Right now, they needed this baby out. This baby that had stirred up so much trouble in the past and getting ready to enter the world. James was nervous, Kendall was nervous. Kendall wasn't for sure why he was nervous, it wasn't like it was his child or anything like that. But he was, nervous about the baby's condition and his fiance's. James was squeezing onto his hand tight as he ran along side him, the brunette being wheeled inside the emergency room.

"Kendall," James grunted out and Kendall looked down, seeing James' face looking so vulnerable. "I love you, Kendall. This child won't ever change how I always felt about you. I love you so much."

". . .I love you too, James. You're going to be alright," Kendall said softly.

And James smiled.

"Hmm. . .he was. . .kind of cute. . .that's good. . ." Kendall mumbled and James just grunted in response, too tired to comment from the Cesarian. Julian was in the lobby in Carlos' sleepy arms, the Latino rushing over with Logan as soon as he got the message, and the clock read 6:47 in the morning. He was tired, Julian was tired, Kendall was tired, James was exhausted.

And the newest baby probably was too.

Kendall pushed a couple of strands away from James' forehead.

"Congrats, we're fathers of two boys. . .if we have another kid, it better be a girl."

"You can carry it, I'm not going through this again," James mumbled and Kendall rolled his eyes. James handled the pregnancy better than Kendall handled his own, James' body must be made for it. He may have suffered some morning sickness, but they subsided quicker than Kendall's did. He didn't have that many mood swings, his cravings were mild. How ironic that he didn't want to carry any more, but Kendall still liked the feeling of having a little life inside of him. Torture, maybe not.

It really was all worth it when you hold that baby.

Kendall yawned, holding James' hand and kissing it softly and James sighed. The door opened and in walked Carlos and Logan, the ex-manager holding Julian who was sobbing loudly and Carlos crying right behind him, distraught that he couldn't get Jules to stop and he must be destined to be a bad daddy when he get's pregnant with his own children. Logan looked at the two, eyes tired and bloodshot.

"Please help~" Logan groaned and Kendall got up, taking his crying son out of Logan's hands and bouncing him. Julian's sobs continued to go and James leaned forward a bit, hands out to hold his first baby and Kendall passed the sobbing boy over.

"Stop it, sweetheart. You're making your godfather upset," James said quietly, raising a finger for Julian to grab onto and squeeze and Julian whimpered a bit before sniffling and looking at his father with wide eyes. Yep, those eyes looked like James'. No mistake about it and James smiled, "You have a little brother coming very soon and you need to be on your best behavior."

"What's he like? Was he okay? . . .Did he look like. . .you know who?" Carlos asked quietly.

". . .He was kind of cute. . .I guess. . ." Kendall mumbled. No child would be cuter than Jules, maybe another baby from Kendall and James but until that happened, the brunette child was the cutest baby. And since the baby that was currently being measured, gussied up and checked out was actually kind of cute, the baby didn't look anything like Jett.

Cause Jett was an ugly little-

Kendall's thoughts were interrupted with the door opening again, a nurse wheeling in a cart with a baby wrapped up tightly and looking around between the three faces.

"Does the father wish to see his new son?" she asked with a sweet smile and an awkward silence filled the room. Jett didn't know about the baby's birth, Jett was somewhere else in Europe on an Italian supermodel or some crap, blah. Kendall didn't believe the story, Jett just ran away from James trying to tack on child support and frankly, Kendall was glad that bastard was gone and out of their lives. So Kendall walked forward, arms held out and the nurse smiled, gently picking up the bundle and gently handing the boy to the blond.

The boy that now needed Kendall as his father.

The Diamond's must have some damn strong genetics because when Kendall looked down at the tiny face, he swore that he was holding Julian, just 6 months younger. Deep brown hair, little nose and small lips that he remembered the boy's father would always upturn into a cocky and cruel smirk. But the lips were soft and looking sweet as ever, innocent. The little eyelids opened, Kendall spotting the dark brown eyes that also belonged to Jett and he gulped, expecting the baby to cry or fuss. But they just stared at him and Kendall stared right back, not crying in the slightest. Kendall blinked, the baby blinked. They probably stared at each other for a good five minutes, Kendall getting nervous and awkward from the soft stare.

". . .You're very quiet. . ." Kendall murmured.

"He's fine. He cries like any baby would and is very healthy. He's such a little angel, isn't he?" the nurse commented and the baby continued to stare at Kendall. Guess Angel would be a proper name for him. . .he couldn't take the gaze anymore. He passed the bundle onto Logan and turned to stare at the floor. Even in the arms of someone else the boy didn't cried, in fact, yawning and almost falling back asleep. Logan smiled a bit.

"He is quiet. . .and kind of cute. . .looks more like James than. . .yeah. . ." Logan murmured, falling under the gaze of the baby he was holding. James let out a little cough and everyone turned, James looking at them with an eyebrow raised.

"Can I hold him?" James said with a small smile, Kendall nodding and taking the sleeping baby out of his occupied arms and Logan replacing it with the newborn. James adjusted the snow white cap on the baby and looked approvingly at the face and gently tapped the button nose. "He is quiet. . .and cute. . .hello, Angel."

The baby closed his eyes and yawned and James smiled. Yes, Angel. He's going to raise him like one. Him and his half-brother Julian. Kendall crouched over to see the baby's sleeping face with Julian still slumbering in his arms.

"Well if you ask me-" Kendall started and Angel's eyes opened at his voice, looking at the blond with that same innocent stare and Kendall blushed. Man that stare was uncomfortable, it was making Kendall's chest flutter in slight nerves. . .and happiness perhaps? Angel yawned again, wrinkling his nose and eyes fluttering back closed, little bit too tired to stay awake to see everyone watching him. Kendall felt Julian stir in his grasp, the eldest child looking down at the newborn with wide eyes. James smiled, tilting Angel a bit forward.

"Say hi to your little brother, Jules," James said quietly and Julian stared.

Then the baby raised his hand and brought it smack down on Angel's forehead, innocent smile on his lips and unaware of his action.

Needless to say, the newborn wasn't quiet any more.



"Someone's crying."

"What time is it?"

". . .3."

"Morning or afternoon?"

"Does it really matter?"

James shrugged sleepily, it really didn't. The child was going cry until someone attended to him, just a matter of who was the one that was crying. Julian only cried when he wanted Kendall or James to hold him, or when he figured everyone else should be awake just like him. Angel cried. . .well, all the time. That little angelic attitude lasted for maybe two weeks before Kendall and James found out Angel was colicky, and Kendall was only doing his best to soothe the infant for so long. Angel may be cute and quiet during the day but he was a nightmare when the nighttime rolled around. James sighed, getting out of the bed and walking down the stairs to the nursery where the two boys were supposed to be sleeping. Angel was the one that was crying, as James figured, Julian sitting up in his crib and looking at the crying two month old with sleepy expression. James picked up the crying baby, holding him close and making a shushing sound while raising a finger for Angel to suck on. The child squirmed a bit, lips wrapping around the digit and the cries growing silent.

"Why aren't you trying to sleep like your brother was?" James groggily asked the child, not expecting an answer and Angel looked up at him, tear filled chocolate eyes looking apologetic and James sighed, gently kissing the top of the brown hair. He walked over to the rocking chair, settling down and rocking back and forth.

"Angel again?" he heard Kendall's voice ask and he looked up to see the shirtless blond standing in the doorway, arms crossed and looking at the two brunettes with a smile. Julian raised his hands, little whine coming from his lips and Kendall sighed, walking over to cradle his son in his arms and Julian nuzzled into Kendall's bare chest, the scent of his father flowing into his nose and comforting him. He went to sit by James slowly rocking Angel, the blond almost falling into the teddy bears that Kendall just couldn't get rid of. Every time one toy left, another bigger one replaced it. Kendall yawned and James smiled.

"Sorry, sweetie. I think he's calming down now," James said softly and smiled sleepily at Kendall, "Can you talk to him a little bit? He likes you a little bit more," James mumbled and Kendall sighed, the two fathers switching babies and Angel residing in Kendall's arms. The brunette infant stared at Kendall with those wide eyes and Kendall always wondered what was going on in his head when he did that. Did he know that Kendall wasn't his father? Did he wonder who Kendall really was in his life? Did he wonder who his father really was? No, Kendall couldn't think like that, Angel needed a father. And Kendall was here, wasn't he? Kendall was feeding and comforting and genuinely giving the baby as much love as he would his own son.

Maybe Angel was giving him a gaze of love. Maybe, just maybe.

"It's alright, AJ. I'm right here," Kendall whispered and the child nuzzled into his chest, the steady sound of Kendall's heart flowing into his ears.

"AJ?" he heard James question.

"Yeah. That's his nickname. Angel Jonathan, AJ. Makes sense. . ."

"Aww, that's so cute. You're bonding."

"James. . ."

"Sorry, sorry. . .this is nice."

"Yeah, it is. . ."

"I love you, Kendall."

"I love you too, James."

"More than whatever happens to me in Hollywood."

"I know, I know. . ." Kendall said softly with a little smile. James shyly bit his lip and Kendall continued to smile at him, Julian looking between his two fathers and not sure of what is happening between the two of them while Angel emitted little whimpers from his lips. But this was it, Kendall was going to marry James in a couple of months. Kendall was going to continue in his new life with the man by his side as his husband. And all the fears that he had seemed so distant and far away. Because now, he had someone right by his side and two little ones that depended on him to be strong for them. Now, he had a family that he loved and they loved him right back.

The future didn't seem so scary anymore, he was with his fiance and two of the children he was going to love and nurture.

He was right where he belonged.

The End

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