Hi, sorry I haven't updated in a long time! Busy summer! This chapter is gonna be pretty short, cuz it's just an epilogue, and what happened over the years! And a little surprise for Darcy! Here's the last chapter of Mischief and Magic! Enjoy!

EPILOGUE- Five years later

"Loki?" I asked to the empty room. I was on the computer, trying to buy more songs onto my iPod Touch. Yup, I got it as a birthday present from Jane. It was awesome! I got a bunch of apps and I can text from it and-

Sorry, getting off topic.

Anyway, I thought I heard something, so that's why I said Loki. He loved to sneak up on me. Jerk. I smiled at that.

Also, we didn't marry yet. I thought that Loki would try to talk Frigga out of it, but instead we ran away to Midgard. I mean earth. Now I'm speaking like an Asgardian.

I took over Jane's work here, because she was now Queen of Asgard. Odin and Frigga stepped down and lived a quiet life with the people. I went to Thor and Jane's coronation. The people adored Jane.

Fandral and Sif married two years ago, and I was one of the bridesmaids. It was a small wedding, thank God. Thor and Jane's was huge.

Loki was still the trickster I fell in love with. He was wise too, an odd combination. He still gave Thor advice on matters, because Thor never did outgrow his slight immaturity.

"Darcy?" I turned around and saw him. He was leaning against the doorframe, smirking at me.

"What?" I asked suspiciously. "Where were you?"

"Places," he replied. I rolled my eyes.

"What kind of places?" I asked.

"A jewelry store," he said.

"To do what?"

"To buy something."

"You don't have any money," I said. He raised his eyebrow at me.

"You do realize that I have magic, and that I can turn invisible and steal something, right?" asked Loki, amused.

"You stole something from a jewelry store?" I burst out. "What's so important that you need to steal?"

"A ring. And Darcy, you should get used to such behavior, after all, you're my future wife." He grinned at me. Then I realized.

"You're proposing to me?" I practically squeaked. "After five years?"

"Yeah," he said. "Now, I'm too lazy to get down on one knee, so will you marry me Darcy Lewis?"

"Yes. And really, you steal a ring from a jewelry store, yet you can't get down on one knee." He was impossible.

"Pretty much." He slipped the ring onto my finger. It was beautiful. He looked at me with his bright, emerald green eyes. They always seemed to smirk at me lovingly, even if that does seem like an odd thing to say, because smirking usually isn't loving. Never mind about that.

I rolled my eyes again and went back to buying songs. He laughed and when I turned around again, he was gone. He never stuck around here for too long. But I knew that we were probably gonna go back to Asgard to break the news. I wonder if he waited five years to marry me just to annoy and surprise Frigga. Knowing him, that was probably the answer.

He appeared next to me, and I jumped up. I clicked out of iTunes.

"Ready to go?" he asked, holding out a hand.

"Yeah. Oh, and where did you go again?" I asked in mock-accusation.

"Let's just say that you can't have a man watch a ring magically float into the air without calling security," said Loki.

My eyes widened. He laughed.

"Don't worry, I only made him unconscious. I had to wake him up," he said.

I smiled, and I drove the van to the portal leading to where I would break the news to my friends. I took his cold hand once again, and I zoomed through time and space to Asgard with my mischievous and magical Loki.

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