Chapter Eight



Turns out the cot was broken. As soon as I lay down on it the cot split into two pieces.

So there were two choices. I either share a bed with Stefano or Thia.

I picked the obvious choice.


I woke up with her arm draped across by chest. She had a soft smile on her face. She turned over on her stomach.

I tried the best I can to avoid waking her up as I struggled onto my feet.

I slowly walked towards the door.

What I saw next was not called for.

Right by the kitchen counter stood Paul and Pia. They were completely tolerable with each other. They shared smiles and laughs. Just like a normal couple would.

I stood behind the staircase railings. They didn't seem to notice me.

Then Paul made an involuntary movement.

He kissed Pia.

For some reason she kissed back. I backed away slowly to my room.

Still not believing what I saw as I turned the doorknob slowly. I was greeted by a smiling Thia.

"Hey..." She started. I cut off her words by inconsiderately covering her mouth with my hand. I backed her into the room.

"Shhh..." I kept saying. I pushed her back onto the black leather couch. "Shhh..."

I waited for a few more seconds before letting her go from my grip hold.

She stared at me. "What was that for?" She positioned herself so she could take a good look at my face.

I gave her a long look. "Paul and Pia just kissed."

Her eyes widened. "What? When? Where? How?" She stood scrambling for the door.

I pulled her back. "They didn't think anyone would see."

She looked at me with a hard expression. "So you want me to lie about not knowing what happened between them?"

"I wouldn't call it as lying. Just a cover up." I sighed.

She nodded her head. There were a few more seconds of awkward silence. "So, can we go downstairs for breakfast now?" She asked grinning.

"Sure why not?"

She made a quick grab for her laptop. I had a bad feeling about it. "Why'd you bring that?"

She gave me a sheepish look. "Gloria!"

I rolled my eyes at the thought. "I told you. I don't need Gloria."

"You haven't even seen her yet Scotty." She reasoned.


She gave me one of her looks that made me melt. "Please just try it." She gently touched my arm.

I paused. I didn't want Gloria no matter how she looked. I would always have one person on my mind.

Thia smiled. "How bout it?" She asked.

"Fine." I gave in. She took my hand.

"Now we could have breakfast."


We met Paul and Pia by the kitchen counter. As soon as they saw us they immediately backed away from each other. Paul pretended to cook as Pia peered into the fridge.

"Good morning you two." Paul said as he started to make an omelet.

Pia's head emerged from the fridge. "We run out of eggs Paul." She had a bored look on her face though Scotty and I knew better.

"Well I'll go and get some." Scotty offered.

Paul gave him a quick glance. "No one's stopping you."

Scotty grabbed his coat and headed out. He looked at me then jabbed a finger towards their direction."See you later guys."

He locked the door behind him leaving me, Paul and Pia to bathe in awkward silence.

"So…" I said. "What's going on people?"

Paul looked wary. His cheeks started to flush red.

Pia kept her eyes away from any contact.

At the exact same time Lauren and John bounced down the stairs noisily. They were laughing like a pair of crazed hyenas.

John gave me a look. I ignored it. Lauren seemed oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend was a lying cheating jerk.

John smiled at me with his light blue eyes. I scoffed at the thought.

"Good morning Thia." John had said. He trailed an unwanted hand across my arm.

I jerked my hand away.

"Remember our promise?" He said. He blew into my ear.

I saw Stefano beside the T.V. He was giving several looks to John.

He was the only one who seemed to notice.

Lauren looked at her boyfriend kindly. She had missed the whole thing.

"I'm happy you're getting along very well with my best friend." Lauren said to John. She gave him a long hug. John winked at me.

I rolled my eyes.

I walked over to Stefano.

"Hey." He had said. "I really hate that guy."

"I do too." I looked at John, irritated. I turned to Stefano who was staring at me.

"What is it?" I asked. He looked away. His cheeks were bright red.

"Anyway," He started. "I know how to get John back for what he did."

I looked at him with wide eyes. "Really?" I asked excited.

I gave him a tight squeeze. I saw his face turn bright red again as I let go.

Stefano suddenly gave Paul a stern look. 'Now.' He mouthed.

Paul got up from the stool he was sitting upon. "Hey John, Lauren. There's something I want to show you upstairs."

John looked suspicious but the couple followed him anyway.

Stefano made sure they were out of earshot before saying: "Guys group meeting."

We all crowded into a group.

He immediately told them about how John's dirty deeds. It was all very embarrassing.

"That jerk." Casey spoke out. "That son of a gun."

Everyone shook their heads in disbelief.

"Paul already knows the plan. He's just stalling the two upstairs." He looked around and counted each and every one of us.

"Where's Scotty?" He asked.

"He went to get the eggs." Was my reply.

He nodded. "Okay. Here's the plan."

He showed us the idea of it all. To be quite honest. It wasn't so bad. The only question was. Will it work?

He rubbed his hands together. "Now all we need is an attractive young teenage girl."

I took a bite out of my toast as everyone turned their heads to my direction.

"Me?" I raised an eyebrow.


I didn't expect my morning to be given the task of fetching eggs. But I did anyway.

I was making my way to the counter to pay for them.

The cashier was making fun of American Idol.

I felt my face burn.

"That show's so stupid." He started to say. "And that Scotty guy sounds so stupid. Like an old hillbilly. Yee haw!"

The guy he was talking to chuckled.

I sulked to the counter. The cashier immediately stopped. "Well hello there. Isn't it Scotty McCreery?"

My anger got the best of me. "You know you shouldn't make fun of other people if you don't want it to happen to you."

He looked at me then scoffed. "What are you? A prophet?" He laughed. "And we're not making fun of everybody. Just you. And you look like you can't anywhere with that Thia girl. I bet my cow'll do better in snagging a date with her than you can."

The others laughed.

I slammed my fist onto the counter. "Don't say that about her."

He stood. Revealing his true height. He was about six and a half feet tall. He was much taller than I expected.

"You want to fight?" He said showing his very sharp teeth. "Cause we can fight." He jumped over the counter and landed right in front of me. He had large biceps. Leaving me looking like a wimp.

I pushed my money to him. "I don't want any trouble." I said.

He smacked my hand away. "What you going to do about it Scotty McPrissy?"

I had it over my head with rage. I swung my fist but missed his face.

He advanced towards me and punched.

Everything went black.


I waited in the garden. I waited for the one guy I hated the most.

I waited for the one and only John McCrowe.

He waltzed down the steps. "You called?"

I was wearing a fluffy white dress. It was short but innocent. I felt myself shaking in my boots.

"Look I need you to tell Lauren what you did." I told him. He slowly removed his sunglasses.

"What?" He looked at me with disbelief. "No way."

I rolled my eyes angrily. "Look, she really likes you and all you do run around and chase skirts."

He shook his head. "She will never find out." His face was inches with mine.

We locked eyes.

I kissed him.

I felt my head spin as I let go.

I saw him smile. "You are a bad, bad girl." He said.

"I'm not the only one."

He looked surprised. "What are you talking about?"

A huge group of girls emerged from behind him. We had contacted every single girl he cheated on. Turns out there's a lot of them.

I pushed him into the mob. "Happy? Here's your dream to be surrounded by a group of girls."

The crowd screamed and shouted at John. The riot turned crazier as John fell to the ground.

I walked away into the green bush where Stefano was hidden with a video camera.

"I got it." He said. He was smiling. He was obviously proud if himself. I was too.

I smiled as I walked into the mansion.

Scotty was inside. His back was face to me.

"Hey." I stated. "We got John on video."

"That's great." He said though he didn't turn towards me.

"Hey Scotty? You okay?" I grabbed his shoulder.

"I'm fine" He said.

I whirled him around.

I was surprised with what I saw. On his face was a huge black spot right on his eye.

"What happened?" I asked him. "Who did this to you?"

He took my hand. "It's fine."

I stared at him. No it's not.