My language arts class recently finished the novel Touching Spirit Bear, and as we were reading it, we had to write a letter from Cole to Peter about Cole 'showing his true feelings and thoughts' after Cole suggests that Peter comes to the island. I got a good score on mine, so I thought I'd write it down and put it on this site. So, I hope you enjoy the letter.

Dear Peter,

I know you probably don't care, but I'm sorry for beating you up. I've been angry and violent half my life. It was all I knew.

Maybe I should explain. Start at the beginning of this mess, or before the beginning, or whenever you want to call it. You see, when my dad was a kid, his parents were abusive. Maybe they were drunks, or maybe they were just mean. Either way, they would beat my dad, and implant this false idea that abuse was the only way to get your kid to cooperate. My mother told me he never wanted to hit me, that he didn't want to be like his parents. Eventually, though, everything kind of got to him, I guess, and he started drinking and hitting me. He taught me that violence was the answer to everything.
Like father like son, eh? Except I'm not going to be like my father. At least, not anymore. I'm going to change, and for the better. I've been sent to an island off the coast of Alaska to learn how to heal. I'm making progress, and I feel way better than when I was angry at the world. Maybe the island would help you heal, too. You could come here, and I would show you a few little tricks I use to relax and clear my mind. I really think it would help Would you think about it? Please? I really want to help you, Peter, I swear.

Best wishes,

Cole Matthews

This looks way longer on paper -.-


If you have anything to say about it, or have any tips to improve it, feel free to tell me.
…Guess that's it. See you later.