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Finally! Something Interesting Happened at a World Meeting!

Being a relatively minor nation, I, Estonia, rarely ever get to speak at World Meetings. I usually spend them doing one of these three things:

1. Doodling random stuff (mostly math equations).

2. Starring at Ukraine's chest.

3. Hiding in the washroom, so that no one can see the massive nosebleed I got from starring at Ukraine's chest.

Before you can accuse me of being unproductive, I would like to say that nothing ever happens at these things anyways. Most of the time, it results in America suggesting something ridiculous, like patching up the hole in the ozone layer using French fries. England always says what everyone (well, almost everyone) is thinking, which is, "That's ridiculous"… then America replies, "But I'm the hero! Everything I do works!" Then, there is a collective face-palming heard around the room, which America blissfully ignores, but he still suggests some other ridiculous idea anyways, and the cycle repeats itself.

But for once, four interesting things happened today's World Meeting.

1. Austria showed up late, appearing incredibly disheveled, because he got lost on the way there, and got attacked by a polar bear.

2. Some random other nation entered the room right after Austria, because he had to stop his pet polar bear from attacking Austria. I really have no idea who this guy with the pet polar is… he looks a lot like America. Maybe he's another small nation like me?

3. Hungary saw my doodle that I did of Norway. I swear, that guy is so easy to draw because he never moves, or even blinks during these meetings. It's really scary. Anyways, I hadn't drawn a shirt on him yet, but Hungary thought I had intentionally drawn it that way, and she said:

"Wow, that's such an amazing picture of Norway! And wow! He's shirtless! You know… you're really good at drawing guys! Do you want to draw a webcomic with me? It's about all the countries! Well, mostly the male ones…"

I guess she didn't notice that most of my doodles were of math theorems and whatnot (Euler's identity, Fermat's last theorem etc.) or girls (Ukraine, Liechtenstein, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Angola etc. )

I told her that I have my blog, as well as a lot of school work and stuff (well, it's summer vacation right now, but when I get back to school…). Of course, Hungary, being the persistent woman she is, continued to pester me, and I said "Oh, I'll think about it," which I think most people know means "no", but I have this feeling that she doesn't.

And the most interesting,

4. I saw a really cute girl who looks a lot like Shara Lin, that amazing Taiwanese woman who can play three musical instruments simultaneously (I found out about her on memebase XD). When there's the next world meeting rolls around, I'm not going to be starring at Ukraine as much anymore, that's all I can say.

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SleepyCat1323: Hey, dude! Check out this cool video! [Link]

*****EpicStonia: Oh, please. I know it's a rickroll.

*****SleepyCat1323: It's not! Just click it!

*****Epic Stonia: I clicked it. I did not need to see Nyan Cat for the twenty-seventh time, thank you very much.

#1ShinattyFan: I don't really know which girl you're referring to, but I hope you get to know her better : ). Also, Taiwan is part of China, so you technically should've written "Chinese", not "Taiwanese".

*****EpicStonia: Thanks! I see you're very specific about geography LOL.

KingOfNorthernEurope: Norway shirtless… I want to see that XD.

*****EpicStonia: I drew a shirt on him, sorry. I forgot what his clothes looked like, so I just gave him a Charlie Sheen t-shirt (complete with the phrase, "winning").

*****KingOfNorthernEurope: I still want to see that!

*****EpicStonia: …I was joking. But I did draw a shirt on him.

*****KingOfNorthernEurope: : (

RedRibbons: How do magnets work?

*****EpicStonia: This isn't MormonChat. Stop trolling me.

*****RedRibbons: No, really. I don't know how magnets work, and you seem like a smart guy, so I'm guessing you would know.

*****EpicStonia: Use Wikipedia or Yahoo!Answers. They're smarter guys than me :D.

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