Goodbye! (And a Q&A)

So guys, for my last post, here are all my answers, to all your questions! :D

Q1: Have you had any weird dreams lately?

A1: Yes… the other night, I had this dream that my house was being taken over by mochis, and that their father was an evil lettuce. I also recently had a nightmare that I was just a character in a lame anime aimed at hyperactive teenage fangirls, and that all the nations were ridiculously bishonen. Unfortunately for me, I was just an extra with two lines T^T.

Q2: What are your favourite animes?

A2: Hmmm… I don't watch that many… but I'd say (in this order) Bakuman, Code Geass, and Pokemon.

Q3: Estonia, do any other nations have blogs like yours?

A3: Most of them do. What they use their blogs for, however, varies. Some nations only use their blogs to discuss important issues in their country, while others use it to share their day-to-day adventures. Of course, some nations have two different blogs for both purposes.

Q4: How do you feel about the Ireland x male!Taiwan pairing?

A4: Denmark, I need to borrow your axe… oh wait… it see it says male Taiwan. Well, if there was a male!Taiwan, then he could go out with whoever he likes, as long as he doesn't dare touch female Taiwan. Don't worry, Ireland, I know you're a nice person. I was just kidding about coming after you with an axe. Mostly because Denmark would never let me touch his XD.

Q5: Which one of Hungary's manga ideas would you most want to draw out?

A5: Well, she has this one idea that's a comedy about the lives of the various nations. It sounds interesting and funny. And I want to make sure it doesn't end up like that awful dream I had.

Q6: How do you feel about the current situation in Syria?

A6: I feel that this isn't the right time for me to comment on such issues.

Q7: How do you feel about the current situation in Egypt?

A7: I feel that this isn't the right time for me to comment on such issues.

Q8: How do you feel about the current situation in Libya?

A8: I feel that this isn't the right time for me to comment on such issues. And to whoever sent me these questions, you seriously could've just asked me how I felt about the Arab Spring and left it at that =_=.

Q9: Do u liek yaoi r yuri?

A9: I hold the same belief on that as I do on the current situation in Syria. Also, please learn to spell properly.

Q10: Do you like Kerli?

A10: I suppose you're asking me this since she's a pop singer from my country. She's okay, but I prefer the works of Rudolf Tobias and Evald Aav.

Q11: How do magnets work?

A11: You just can't explain that - Bill O'Reilly

Q12: Trinidad/Tobago said that she/he lost her/his toe ring, and I found it. Can you return it for me?

A12: Why don't you just return it yourself? And I always thought there was only one personification for "Trinidad and Tobago". Are you trolling me, or am I just oblivious? T^T.

Q13: What's your favourite colour?

A13: Blue, specifically sky blue. I also like black and white, but they're shades, not colours.

Q14: Are you ever jealous of your brothers?

A14: For starters, we're not biological brothers. I supposedly the luckiest of them all, and I think I have the nicest house and car XD. But a lot of girls think that they're cuter than me. And I believe that Lithuania and Latvia are both braver than me… and Lithuania's a way better fighter than I am.

Q15: Coke or Pepsi?

A15: They're both too mainstream! I like ramune! Just kidding. Umm… pepsi, I guess.

Q16: Tea or coffee?

A16: Coffee. It helps me stay up when I'm tired and need to finish something on my computer or do homework.

Q17: Is there any country (besides Taiwan) that you find hot?

A17: Once I visited Brazil, and I must say, his country is much warmer than mine. A lot of the places in South America, Africa, and the South-Pacific are quite hot, actually.

Q18: Why do you like Asian girls so much? (Shara Lin, Taiwan etc.)

A18: Well, I don't really have a preference for Asian girls, but there aren't very many female nations in Europe (human-nation relationships rarely end well D: ) .

Q19: The Netherlands is a really nice guy! Why did you make him seem like such a creeper?

A19: Have you been reading this blog carefully? A few months ago, I mentioned how he rescued North Italy's cat from a tree. I also once said that I liked his scarf… I wish I had one like that XD.

Q20: What ever came of the Seychelles-Iceland-Hong Kong kerfuffle?

A20: None of the parties have yet to comment. Norway, however, is quite upset with his brother for "trying to 'get around' so much", or so I heard.

Q21: Is Lithuania okay? I mean, he went to Belarus' house…

A21: He's alive and well! Belarus only gave him a black eye, but then she felt bad afterwards, when she realized that he's less obnoxious than America. So the invited him over to have dinner with her and Russia. I find that quite nice of her! :)

Q22: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck is a wood chuck could chuck wood?

A22: More than you :P.

Q23: How many languages can you speak?

A23: English, Estonian, Russian, Swedish, Finnish and Mandarin. Most nations can speak at least four languages. India can speak twenty-nine, believe it or not!

Q24: You once told me that you can speak Mandarin. Why did you learn how to speak it if not very many people in your country do?

A24: A lot of nations learn how to speak languages for fun, just like "normal" people. America does that a lot, even though almost all of his population speaks fluent English or Spanish, for example.

Q25: Why don't you wear contact lenses?

A25: I don't know how to put them in OTL.

Q26: Are you going to miss writing this blog?

A26: Of course I will! I really didn't expect it to end so soon, but I guess many things in life are unexpected, aren't they?

Well, I'm gonna miss you guys, but since the comic I'm writing with Hungary is going to be online, I you'll probably be able to follow me (and her) there! :D

Anyways, thanks for supporting me the whole way through! I appreciate all your comments, regardless of how sincere or troll-ish they were. I suppose all good things must come to an end, but all ends are new beginnings. Oh man, that sounds cliché.

Farewell for now,


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SniperofDarkness: I'm gonna miss you!

***** EpicStonia: But we're still neighbours… I can still see you basically every day.

***** SniperofDarkness: I thought you would appreciate the fact that I said I would miss you T^T.

***** EpicStonia: I do. It just doesn't really make sense XD.

KingOfNorthernEurope: Puppies-are-cute just made a blog! [link]

***** EpicStonia: It's very cute, but the sugariness is killing me. And why does his profile say that he's a fifteen year-old girl?

***** KingOfNorthernEurope: He will always be a mystery to me. But that's what makes him so adorable!

***** EpicStonia: Adorable?

***** Puppies-are-cute: Someone finds me adorable? *tears of happiness*

***** EpicStonia: That person is Denmark.

***** Puppies-are-cute: Never mind, no tears of happiness.

***** Purple-Ribbon: I find your blog really cute, and I'm sure you're probably a cute person IRL!

***** Puppies-are-cute: Thank you, dear! (hug)

***** Purple-Ribbon: (hugs back).

***** EpicStonia: (reads above comments) Switzerland, where are you when you're needed most?

Ninja-maid: I'm really excited to work with you! I'm glad you like my idea!

***** EpicStonia: I'm more excited to work with you than I thought I would be!

***** Ninja-maid: Not sure if I should be angry or pleased.

Nihon-san: Hungary's manga ideas sound quite… interesting. I wish you the best of luck.

***** EpicStonia: Thank you!

Amazing-Korea: Have you ever watched "You're Beautiful"?

***** EpicStonia: How is that related to anything?

***** Mr. Puffin: Oh, I have! With you. Before you, ahem, misheard what I said.

***** Red-Ribbons: (Searches it up on Wikipedia) I want to watch it!

PirateKing: Never mind, I decided that I'll let you keep your blog open, Estonia. After looking at what I wrote about France on mine… I decided that *maybe* I was being a bit of a hypocrite. I said maybe. MAYBE. But you can keep your blog open.

***** EpicStonia: You tell me this now? D: But it's okay, I want to try something new.

***** PirateKing: If you say so. :)

(A/N: Wow! I'm finally finished this! Thanks to all my readers, reviewers, and people who added this to their faves and alerts! A special thank you also goes to my beta-reader, Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin, who I couldn't have written a fic this fabulously cracky without. If anyone else wants to write a blog story like this, be my guest. I would love to read it! I was reading the "Ask Estonia Tumblr" as I was writing this, and I think it gave me some inspiration XD. Also, SWEDEN, WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU? Umm… sorry, got a little bit dramatic there. I'll just end it with these words: I hope I made you laugh. In the good way. You know, the way Hetalia probably makes you laugh ;D.)