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For Listen's Love Triangle Challenge on HPFC with the triangle Rose/Teddy/Lucy and the prompts redemption, choices, and glass :)

stars don't sparkle on purpose
you know that, don't you?

here's the thing, darling
this is all just a cycle
it's victoireteddylily
a l l o v e r a g a i n

only this time, it's not
victoire (angel shimmer)
lily (snap, crackle, pop)

instead, it's – it's – it's
lucy (fairytale dreamer)
versus ...
(a rose with thorns that
b l e e d)

what is it, exactly, about this boy?
this boy with rainbow hair
and eyes that reflect sunshine?
what is it about him
that attracts girls like honey does bees?

he's got the enviable choices
perfection versus adoration
not once, but twice, now
dreams versus wishes

and we all know who'll win

perhaps it's because she's
l u c ydream for me, teddy
searching for redemption
amidst the demons of r e a l i t y

in another world, another time
she could have been a
q u e e n
(of a far-away world,
a land for dreamers)

but in this world, in this time
she's the royal princess
in airy silk and glittering jewels
able (allowed) to c h a r m him

and you, sweetheart, well
this isn't the right world
you don't really belong
do you?

chasing after a man
(when you're just a
who's too wrapped up
in d r e a m e r s that
dance on glass

golden eyes, sunshine bright
linger on soft blond curls
and diamond-blue eyes
on dreams and fairytales

not a glance is meant for you
he's teddy, and he has
so | much | better
than pretty little rosie

when lucy laughs, he smiles
she's a lighter, softer victoire
(and he'd always preferred blondes
over fire-rebel-blaze redheads)

lily tries to w a r n you
he's not worth it
he doesn't deserve you
let him be happy with lucy

in your heart of hearts
you can understand it
because you're rose
and she's lucy

and only one of you was meant for this

darling, you can watch&wait&pine
hopeless, helpless, miserable
or you can open your heart,
your mind, your eyes, your soul

realize that there's more
there's a world out there
waiting for you to come
and take it by storm

someday, you'll find your
P r i n c e C h a r m i n g
(maybe not soon
maybe not in this world

someday, you'll be happy
someday, you won't need him
someday, you'll be able to
s p a r k l e
like all the stars in the heavens

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