"Entry for the Naughty or Nice Holiday Contest"

Summary: 18 year old Bella has always been at the top of her class even graduating early from high school and getting accepted to Dartmouth on a full scholarship. She enjoyed two years of great grades and loved college. For the first time during her junior year she starts to struggle not in one class but two. She makes a plan to go and confront the two professors who just happen to be cousin and share an office even though they are in separate departments. What she did not know was that they have been scheming to get what they want the innocent Miss Swan.

Pairing: Jasper/Bella/Carlisle

Category: Naughty

Word Count: 11,365

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, but I would love to. Also if you have a problem with age differences or poly's in anyway please don't read this story as it contains both. Bella is 18 and a legal adult at the time she confronts her professors.

A/N: I know it was wrong of me to pull all my stories because of some stupid pm's saying my stuff was shit. I was already in a bad place in my mind with stuff that is happening in RL. I will slowly be replacing all my stories up and will finish all those that aren't complete. I know I most likely lost some followers by doing what I did. I don't care. I don't care if anyone thinks of my stuff is shit. I am who I am and that is not going to change. If you don't like my style of writing go find someone that you enjoy reading. As for error's nobody is perfect not even the best editor out there will catch all the errors. We all know Twilight Saga was riddled with errors yet we all read and loved it or else we would not be writing Fan Fic's based off the characters that SM created. Please read the A/N at the bottom please.

I am Isabella Swan. I prefer people to call me Bella. I am too smart for my own good at times. I graduated from high school early with a full scholarship to Dartmouth. I loved college life. I love everything about it even my dorm room. My roommate is cool she leaves me be, to study as she knows my age is not that of the typical college girl. I maintained my straight A's throughout my freshman and sophomore years. I do not know what has gone wrong this year. School has progressively gone downhill since I turned eighteen.

I am not sure if it's me or just that my classes have gotten that much harder. For the first time since I started college, I feel like I don't belong. I have two classes that if I don't act fast I will fail them and lose my scholarship; I have to come up with a plan of action.

Looking at my mid-term grade in History and Organic Chemistry I am currently on track to get C's. I, Isabella Swan, who has never gotten less than an A in her entire academic life, was getting two C's! I would have to drop out and go back home defeated.

I have heard from other students that you can trade sex for grades, but is that something I was ready to do? Shit, I don't know anything about sex.

I have never even been kissed. Finals started in two weeks I have to do something now to insure my grades would be what I needed to stay here.

I spent a few days googleing everything I could think of that I might need to learn about sex. The one plus factor to all this was that both the professors are hot. From what I have heard from other girls neither is married, and that they are cousins.

I almost backed out of my plan upon hearing that many girls have tried and have failed when it comes to these two particular professors. What says my advancements won't be turned down like the others? I am just a plain Jane, nothing special about me except my smarts, normally.

I sat back to think why it's these two classes, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I spend more time in class looking at my professors than I have at my books. Both are tall, at least six one maybe six two, blond hair, blue eyes that a girl could get lost in. You can also tell that both work out as their muscles are nicely toned.

So, this is their entire fault in the first place that I can't keep my grades up. I was going to set these guys straight. That if they were not such sex god's, girls could concentrate on their studies and not on them. I know I can't be the only girl, which is getting a lower mark because they can't seem to keep my eyes off them.

The more I sat there and thought about it. I realized my eyes did like to travel up and down their bodies wondering what could be discovered beneath their clothes. I may not have ever dated or even been kissed, but I am not blind or stupid I know a sex god when I see one.

I went shopping and got a sexy schoolgirl outfit along with some lace bras with matching lace boy shorts. I don't think I could go with a thong it just seems wrong. I made an appointment, for Friday right before finals started on Monday. My appointment was for five pm, which turns out to be Professor Whitlock's last appointment of the night.

My last class is at three so it gave me plenty of time to go back to my dorm shower, shave and get myself ready. My lace bra and boy shorts are classic white; my shirt is also white with a pink plaid tie that matches the shirt. I also had bought some knee high silk stockings with a pink bow on the outside edge of each. I was going for the typical schoolgirl look, so I put my long chestnut colored hair up in low pigtails with the hair hanging over my shoulders.

Before leaving the room, I put on my Mary Jane's. As I excited my room, I heard hoots and hollers. This boosted my confidence. I was going to go in there, put them in their place, and maybe even give my first BJ. I can't tell you how many video's, I watched just trying to learn how to. I even found myself practicing on a cucumber, learning how to relax my gag reflexes.

I carried my leather messenger bag with all the paper work I would need if this was a normal visit. I walked in the building and down the hall towards their office. I was shocked that no one else was milling around. It was too quiet for this time of day and year. This made me happy as we would not be caught and ruin their career's or mine. I knocked on the door waiting for someone to tell me to enter.

I swear when he spoke my name, I got wet. The way he said, "Come in Miss Swan."

I quickly opened the door making sure it locked behind me. I looked ahead and yes I had been correct in my assumption that they both would be here. I walked over to Professor Whitlock's desk stood before it and awaited for him to tell me to sit down.

"Miss Swan you may have a seat," he said point to the chair sitting directly in front of his desk.

I sat down crossing my legs in an exaggerated manner.

"What can I do for you this evening Miss Swan?" Professor Whitlock asked raising his eyebrows up.

I could tell he was checking me out right along with Professor Cullen.

"I am here to talk about my grade in your class."

"You, know your final grade depends on how you do on your exam next week." He stated matter factually.

"I know that, but I need to ensure I get the right grade and explain why I seem to have troubles in your class," I said uncrossing and re-crossing my legs the other way.

I noticed this motion affected them both.

"Why do you think you are having troubles in my class?" he asked shifting in his seat.

"The way I see it may be different than you see it." I told him twirling one pigtail before adding, "You see I find the class has a distraction that just won't let me concentrate."

"What kind of distraction and how can I fix that distraction," He asked while smirking at me then looking towards his cousin.

"Oh, you can't fix the distraction as the distraction is you," I answered back shifting my legs once again slowly.

"How is it that I am a distraction?" He asked.

"Just look at yourself in the mirror you are a walking talking sex god," I told him starting to get frustrated.

"Miss Swan, if you found me a distraction why not drop the class?" He asked.

"I can't this class is a required class for my degree. I will do anything to ensure I get at least a B, so I can continue in school not losing my scholarship," I told him giving him information I had not planned on him knowing.

"Anything! Miss Swan?" He asked raising his eyebrow once again.

"Yes, anything," I said as I slowly licked my lips.

"Miss Swan, you do know, school policy on fraternization," He stated shifting in his chair once again.

"I am well, aware of that, but my scholarship and my future is at stake, and who will find out if we don't tell," I said turning to look at Professor Cullen for the first time.

"Miss Swan, do you realize what you are saying not only to me, but to Professor Cullen as he has been in this room the whole time," he said

"Professor's I assure I know what I am saying, what I am applying, and God, yes I know the trouble we can all get in if it's ever found out, but shit look at you two, both of you are walking talking sex gods, and it makes it real, hard for a girl to concentrate on her studies. I need both of you because I am having troubles in both of your classes," I blurted out on the verge of losing my control.

I watched as they both looked from one to the other and then back at me. It was like they were having a silent conversion. God, I hope I just did not make a fool of myself in front of not one but two professors. Just looking at them and being in this room alone with them has me wet between my legs. They are the only men, which have ever caused me to get wet.

I want them to teach me and let me show them what I learned, while watching videos and practicing with a cucumber. When I saw Professor Whitlock stand, I could see the bulge in his Dockers. I could not help but lick my lips once again knowing that I did, affect him, and I hope that I had one on Professor Cullen.

Jasper's POV

I could not believe my luck when Ms Swan called to make an appointment to see me. When I told Carlisle that I was meeting with her about her grade Friday night, he said that he wanted to be there as he finds Ms Swan a delicious piece of eye candy.

I told him I had to agree on that. I had been watching her from a far, for a way to long. I wanted to see if her skin is as soft as it looks. I can't tell you how many nights I have dreamed about being buried deep inside her as I cum. I was not shocked when Carlisle admitted the same thing.

To get ready for our little meeting, I pulled her file up on the computer, I found out that she was at the top of her class and the only two classes she seems to be having troubles in are mine and Carlisle. What is different about our classes for her?

For months, I have been listening to what fellow students have to say about Ms Swan. From everything, I know she is innocent and there is no way that she is coming to my office to offer up her services. I have yet to take any that has been offered to me wanting to keep a clean record. I loved teaching History and I could not see myself doing anything else, and if I got caught bending one of my students over my desk or getting a blowjob from one of them, I would lose my job.

Ms Swan may just be the one student I have met in the two years that I have been a professor, which could change all that. There is something about her that just draws me to her. While looking at her file, I found out that, she was eighteen, and that she started when she was sixteen. I read through the requirements of her scholarship, and she has to maintain a B average.

I could see myself changing her grade on her final if she was willing to let me taste her. The dreams that she stars in or the most erotic I have ever had. Since she has been in my class it's been a nightly thing to dream of her and every single morning, I have to take myself in hand just to deal with the huge problems she causes.

Since the day, I told Carlisle that Ms Swan, was coming to talk about her grade with me, we have been talking about all the things we would love to do to her. The only problem either of us sees in this is that, she is known to be pure, would she really go to the sex route, or does she just want a tutoring session to help get the grade, she needs to maintain that scholarship.

When she walked into our office, Carlisle was sitting on the couch, which sits between our two desks under the window. I saw him shift in his seat as she walked up to my desk. She was dressed in what I would refer to as a role-play outfit. She made that outfit look better than I had ever seen before. The sheer white top left nothing to the imagination as you could see her lacy bra. The skirt was way too short and verily covered her rear. Those stocking made you want to look at her legs, those legs that went on for miles.

It took seconds for me to become hard, the time it took her to walk from the door to the front of my desks. When she took her seat and crossed her legs, all I wanted to do was be between those legs. I could now see that she had on white laced boy shorts on. I was throbbing to get out.

As we talked, I could not believe my luck, she was offering me sex of some sort to ensure she got the grade; she needed to keep her scholarship. Oh, the things I want to teach her. Would she be submissive, would she let me worship her body?

When she said that we were sex Gods and too much of a distraction for her to concentrate on her work, I just about came in my Dockers. She was the distraction, the one I looked forward to seeing three days a week.

I took a moment to look at Carlisle to see what he was thinking, and I could see the bulge in his own Dockers. We have always been close and don't need to use words for most of our conversations, as our eyes and body movements are all that we needed.

We have never shared a woman in our life, before, but this could be a first, and I was so willing if he was. I stood to walk around to the front of my desk to gage just how serious Miss Swan is about this. When she licked her lips, I knew that she is serious.

I also knew that there was no way I was going to take a known virgin here in my office. We would need to go to our house. Carlisle and I share a sizable house each of us having a floor of our own, and then we share the main floor along with the playroom as we are both Dom's, but neither of us currently has a sub.

As I stood in front of my desk, I contemplated the next move for a second, before asking my question.

"Bella, would you be opposed to moving this to our place," I said hoping she understood what I was asking.

"I… I don't drive," she stammered out.

This could be a potential problem as there is no way either of us could drive her there, without someone seeing us and that could be the end to all of this. This being something that we, both wanted, and it seems that she wants it also.

"Bella takes the bus to the mall, and I will pick you up on the south side." Carlisle said speaking for the first time.

This close to Christmas and finals few students hung out at the mall and if Carlisle just pulled up, and she was to enter his car without anyone seeing no one would know the difference. It was a brilliant plan. Why had I not thought of it?

"So, what kind of car am I looking for," she asked full of the confidence she had revealed when she first walked into my office.

"I drive a Black Mercedes. You won't miss it. I promise," he said with a smirk on his face.

"Ok I know the next bus leaves," she paused and looked at the clock above the door, "in fifteen minutes, and it takes it another fifteen to get there, so I guess I will see you in thirty minutes," she said standing picking up her messenger bag and walking to the door.

As soon as the door was shut, I looked at Carlisle.

"What the fuck just happened?" I asked him not fully understanding what had just taken place. Part of me wanted to believe I was just dreaming the other part, the part that was throbbing told me this was not a dream.

"I think, Cousin. We get to teach the woman of our dreams what it feels like to be worshiped. She thinks we are sex God's. She is mistaken, as it's her that is the sex Goddess, Aphrodite herself," Carlisle said to me as he stood and gather his stuff up to leave.

"I guess I will see you two at home within the next hour," I said gathering up my stuff.

"Yes, I think we should use the down stair's guest room, and pick up some sort of takeout on your way home. We all will need to eat before we start, or we might just run out of energy before we are ready," he said smirking at me again.

After closing up the office and locking the door, we both made our way to our cars; not talking about what was going to happen or at least what we hope was going to happen. I called ahead and picked up Italian food for dinner, as pasta was a good source of carbohydrates, which is what we would all be needed to keep up our energy levels tonight.

As I picked up the food and headed towards the house, I thought about how life has been, since I first laid eyes on Ms Swan. It was just a few weeks before this school year started; she was in the bookstore buying her books for the semester. All it took was one look at her, and I craved her like I have never craved a woman it was that night that I dismissed my sub of two years saying I was stepping away from that lifestyle for a while to find myself.

I guess you can say I needed to discover, why this young woman who at the time I did not even know her name could affect me like that. I know it was at the end of September when Carlisle dismissed his sub, whom he had, had for almost five years. I know some of the people in our circle had thought that Carlisle and Esme would have gotten married since they always seemed to be more than just Dom and Sub.

I think I was the only person, which saw that, it was never going to happen no matter how much Esme wanted it. Carlisle, like me, was looking for that perfect woman, which could be more than just a sub. It was not until I started researching Ms Swan, that I learned that he also was one of her professors, and that he also had a desire to be that different kind of professor to her.

I pulled into my spot in the garage and carried the food into the dining room, went to the kitchen and got plates along with glasses, which I filled, with water. I did not want any alcohol to affect my judgment or actions tonight and knowing Carlisle like I do. He would fill the same way.

I heard the garage door open and his car pulls in our night was just going to start, and I hoped it was all I have dreamed it would be.

Carlisle's POV

The whole drive to the mall I could not get the image of Ms Swan out of my head. I was still so hard when I pulled up to the doors on the south side of the mall. I only had to sit there for a few moments when she appeared, opened the front door, and got in.

I watched as she slid into the seat her skirt that was already way to short rose up in the back, and I could see her lacy boy shorts. Oh, how I so wanted to reach across and touch her. This was a dream come true, one that came to light just after the first time she stepped into my class room.

Never had I had a student affect me the way she does. I even dismissed my sub of almost five years because I was picturing Ms Swan instead of Esme, and it was not fair to her. I knew she would not have any problems finding a new Dom as she was beautiful in her own right, but she still did not hold a candle to Ms Swan. She was a Goddess.

"So, Ms Swan what do you want from tonight?" I asked wanted to hear her sweet voice once again.

"I think you know what I want?" she said licking her lips.

"I want to hear in words what you want to happen tonight," I said.

"I… I don't know," she stammered out now looking charmingly shy.

"You, can't have it both ways Ms Swan either you are the vixen or shy, which is the real you," I asked already knowing the answer.

She just sat there looking out the window; she looked like she was almost in tears. I never meant to hurt her or upset her, however. I knew I needed to fix this before Jasper hung me by my balls, and he would if I messed this up.

"Ms Swan, It's alright for you to be yourself, we both assumed you are pure, and we both were a little shocked when you said you would do anything," I told her in a calm voice hoping this will bring her back to where we needed her mind for the night.

"Professor Cullen, I don't know what I am doing! All I know is that I dream of you, two, and I need to make sure my scholarship is intact so, I guess I am here because I need you two to want me," she said so softly.

"First off, please call me Carlisle and can we call you Isabella, second we will be worshiping you and teaching you the pleasures that you deserve," I told her quietly.

"I want to be taught how to please both of you. I will submit to your teachings," she said turning to look at me with a smile that told me she was still scared.

Shit! Did she say the word submit, just hearing that come from her mouth made me nearly come right there in the car? I could picture, her tied to the cross, running one of my flogger across her glorious body, making her scream out my name as I plunged in her, pushing her over the edge, as I would have her body on the edge before I took her.

We rode the last few moments in silence; I pulled into the garage, parked, and I escorted Miss Swan to the dining room. Jasper greeted us as we entered the room.

"Carlisle, Ms Swan, I hope Italian is alright with both of you?" he asked as he sat down three glasses filled with water.

"Yes, that's fine with me Professor Whitlock," Isabella said taking the seat Jasper held out for her.

"Ms Swan, please call me Jasper," he replied back.

"Then I insist that you call me Isabella or Bella it's your choice," she replied back.

"Isabella it is," Jasper said smiling as he started to dish up the food.

"Isabella, can you tell us how much experience you have?" I asked wanting to have an idea of where we would have to start.

"None," she said looking down at her plate.

"When you say none, what do you mean by none," I asked, having a hard time believing that she doesn't have any what so ever.

Still looking at her plate, she answered me, "All I know is from watching videos on my computer and practicing giving a blow job with a cucumber." Blushing redder than I think I have ever seen a female blush.

She really sounded like she was ashamed to admit this, but was being honest with us at the same time.

I got up from my seat, walked over to her chair kneeled and lifted her chin, "Isabella. You have nothing to be ashamed of. It just took me by surprise when you said none. I did not mean to embarrass you in any way. How has a beauty like you never caught the eye of any man before?" I asked still not understanding why no one has ever claimed her in the past.

"I'm too smart. Guys run from me, not towards me," she said trying to look away.

"So, when you say none, you also mean you never been kissed," Jasper said from behind me

"Yes, that's what I mean. I know nothing," she said once again trying to look away from me.

"Oh, Isabella, you don't know how much it pleases me to hear that we get to teach you all the pleasures you deserve to know about," I said, placing a chaste kiss on her lips.

I have never felt such soft lips before, and images of them wrapped around my hard cock popped into my head. I released her chin and quickly took my seat. I wanted to get dinner eaten so we could teach her everything. When I mean everything, I will teach her how glorious it is for her to submit her body, soul and mind to us.

We finished dinner, while doing, small talk. Just simple questions let us all get to know each other better. Isabella being the first in her family to go to college was her parents pride and joy. I could see why and not just because she was smart and at one of the top colleges in the nation, but because of her pure beauty and kind and giving soul.

After dinner, we retired to the living room to try and get her to relax a little bit more before we took her to the spare bedroom, where we will teach her all about pleasure.

We all sat on the couch. Isabella sat between us as we continued our small talk getting to know each other. Her eyes went wide with shock when she found out that neither of us had girlfriends. With each of us explaining that, we have both been waiting for that special someone to come into our lives.

Oh, how I wanted to tell her that she was that special someone.

As she started to show signs of relaxing, we would both gently touch her. I so wanted to kiss her again, placing my hand under her chin. I turned her head and gently kissed her. I did not want to scare her, so I took it slow. I felt electricity flowing between us something that I had never felt before, and it spurred me on, needing to feel my tongue dominate her mouth.

I slowly licked her lips with the tip of my tongue, causing her to moan and open her mouth just enough so I could capture it and deepen this kiss. She soon had her hands around my head and pulled me closer to her. I reached around her lifting her onto my lap. Holding her close like this had me harder than I was before.

When I broke the kiss, so we could catch, our breaths, I then leaned my head on her forehead.

"Isabella, do you have any clue what you are doing to me?" I said while still trying to catch my breath.

When Jasper reached to bring her to his lap, I felt a great loss, but at the same time, I felt great joy in knowing he was sharing in this Goddess before us. As I watched them kiss, I caressed her back and placed kisses along the back of her neck. When Jasper pulled back, I knew it was time to take this to the bedroom, so I stood and held out my hand to assist Isabella to stand.

Once in the bedroom, we started to, slowly undressed, her. She was even more beautiful than I imagined. She truly is the Goddess Aphrodite reincarnated just for us. I stripped down to my boxers as Jasper laid her on the bed kissing and caressing her body, worshiping it the way it should be.

When I joined them, I took over worshiping her body while Jasper striped down, we slowly kissed every inch of her avoiding her perfect pussy for this time around. I was in heaven with just the taste of her skin. As I capture one of her breasts and Jasper the other, I heard her moan in such a way that it made me throb all that much more for her. I slowly caressed my way down to her folds and ran one finger across it. Finding her so wet I dipped between them and found her nub, rubbing it first lightly than putting a touch more pressure on it her body started to shake and quiver as she had her first orgasm.

I brought my finger up to my mouth, so I could taste her. She did not disappoint. I needed to have her cum in my mouth, so I positioned myself between her legs.

"Isabella, I do not want you to cum until I say you can, can you do this for me?" I asked wanting to see if she could submit.

As I ran my tongue across her folds, she bucked her hips up into my face needing more friction. I thought she tasted divinely off my fingers. However, oh, how much better it was straight on my tongue. I ran my tongue up and down her a few times stopping to tease her sweet nub ever few passes before dipping it into her sweet hole.

When I inserted one of my fingers I could feel how tight she is, and I could also feel that she was so close. I wanted to see just how well she listened to my instructions. I pulled back so I could get a look at her face, and to see what Jasper was doing. I found him whispering into her ear. Giving her instructions as well as compliments on how beautiful and how good she was.

He winked at me letting me know that he approved of my method of finding out. How submissive is she? I went back to my licking and sucking as well as inserting a second finger inside her. I could hear her gasping needing her release, not wanting to push her to far this first time I pulled back and said "Now,", and she came just as I placed my tongue on her sweet nub one last time.

I drank ever ounce she gave me, then kissed my way up, her body telling her just how well she had done and that good girls get rewards. As I kissed her allowing her to taste herself on my lips and tongue, I heard Jasper pull open the drawer and pull out a condom, ripping the package and rolling it one.

"Isabella, he will take this as slow as you need it, there will be some pain. However, the pleasure you soon will feel, will out, way the pain," I told her as I kissed down her jawbone to the earlobe.

I sucked on her earlobe and caressed one of her breasts as Jasper positioned himself to enter her for the first time. I hoped with what I was doing it would help minimize the pain she would feel. When she let out a slight whimper, I knew he had pushed through her barrier.

"Fuck, she is so tight," Jasper, cursed out.

I knew when he had started moving, as I heard him moaning in pleasure, which was soon followed by her moans.

"I'm so fucking close Isabella you better come for me, now," he cried out as she let lose a cry of pure pleasure coming on, command for the second time tonight.

I watched as Jasper, came just a stroke or two behind hers. I have seen him come many times in the playroom, and I have never seen one this intense. We may have never shared a woman before but we both enjoy watching each other play with our subs.

I got up, went to the bathroom, and ran a hot bath putting some lavender bath oil in it to help relax her. I set out three towels one for each of us as Jasper carried her into the bathroom. I climbed in first, Jasper handing her off to me. I cradled her to my chest praising her for being such a good kitten. Jasper climbed in and we both gently washed her.

I knew it would not be for a few more hours that she would be ready for me to feel her around my cock, as she needed rest. We both helped her dry off than Jasper once again picked her up and carried her back to the bed. I crawled in and we both held her, and soon she was asleep.

We talked about how we both wanted her not just as a sub, but more if she was willing. I never thought I would feel this way about a woman, but this young Aphrodite, had me tied up in knots. After letting her sleep for a few hours, I woke her, so I could feel her around my hard cock.

Jasper handed me a condom, and I rolled it on. Jasper did the same thing I had while he entered her.

"Shit! Fuck! I have never felt anything so tight, wet or warm in my life," I said as I slowly moved in and out of her. This was not a fuck. This was making love to the woman who has already stolen my heart and soul.

She came on my command, again. Oh, what a wonderful sub she will make for us. I cleaned her up and we all fell asleep this time. I woke the next morning with her still wrapped in my arms. I could feel Jasper's arms still around her also. So, I knew he was still here with us, and I could tell by his breathing he was awake.

"Jasper, I don't think I can let her go ever," I told him being truthful.

"I know what you mean, if she is willing I want her forever," he answered back.

I guess neither of us had realized that she had woken up until she spoke.

"You both want me forever." She said with tears flowing down her face.

"Oh, kitten we do. However, only if you want it also," I said wiping away the tears.

When she said "Yes" I knew I had just gotten the best Christmas present ever. I knew that we would have to be very careful so not to be found out. We spent the morning talking about how this was going to work. Isabella said she knew her classes for the next semester, and she did not have either of us as professors, which would help our situation, but it doesn't solve the immediate problem that could get us all into trouble.

We spent the afternoon helping her study for her finals, knowing just how bright she was both Jasper, and I thought for sure she could pass with the type of grade; she needed to keep her scholarship if she just pushed aside the distraction. Helping her study showed us that she indeed knew the martial, but got distracted easily each time she looked at either of us.

Saturday night was once again us worshiping her body. Before she fell asleep, she let it slip that she was staying in her dorm room for the enter break as she did not have the money to fly home. It was then quickly decided that she would come, and stay with us, since the semester would be over, and we would no longer be her professors, and we could slowly introduce her into being our sub.

Sunday morning we spent a good part of it adoring her body and talking about the future, then the afternoon was filled with more studying, before I dropped her back off at the mall so, she could go back to her dorm.

Jasper and I knew that the next week was going to be the hardest we had to live through, as we all had to act like nothing is going on. I knew just how hard it was going to be, by how hard it was to let her exit the car so, she could catch her bus back to her dorm.

Bella's POV

I was having troubles understanding the connection that I felt to both. I wanted and needed them both. When either of them touched me, it felt like electricity was flowing between us. When I had done my research, I had come across a lot of information of Dominates and Submissive, and I knew that I was a Submissive right off. I even found a little quiz and sure enough, it said I had what it took to be a Submissive.

That first night when Jasper told me I could not come until he told me, I knew that he was a Dom it was the look in his eyes, the tone of his voice. So, exciting and commanding. Not only was I being taught about the pleasures of the body by two sex Gods, but at least one of them was a Dom. Does he have a playroom? Will I get to go in this playroom at sometime in the future?

Sunday night was the worst night of my life after two blissful filled ones with them. I could not get either of them out of my head and I almost over slept and was late to my first exam. I had no problem finishing my exam even being late. I also knew without a doubt that I aced it as it was my English Literature class, and I could take that exam without ever being in that class and still pass it. I had one more exam that day and then my history the next.

My second exam went just as well as the first one did, and I went back to my dorm to study for the next day's exam, which was one that I was worried about as I study, I could not stop thinking about how they both made me feel., Shit I was getting wet. It was well after midnight when I finished up my studying knowing full well if by chance I did not make the grade that he would ensure that it was marketed correctly so I would not lose my scholarship.

I walked into class sat down in my usual seat and could not help, but lick my lips when he turned to address the class.

"Class as my TA Mr. Barns passes out your exam. I want to remind each of you that there is no talking to the person next to you and not looking at your notes. I will be stepping out of the room while the exam is going on his eyes connected with mine, and I knew he was saying this for my benefit. Mr. Barns will collect your exams as you finish up. I wish you all the best of luck, and it has been a pleasure to have you in my class," he said as he handed the exams to Mr. Barns.

I found it much easier to deal with the exam with him out of the room. It took me the whole class period to finish my exam as I doubled checked each answer, making sure that I was satisfied with them. I turned in my exam feeling good about it.

I found myself walking down the path in front of their office, and as I walked past their window, I could not help, but look to see if either of them was there. I licked my lips and then blushed when I saw Jasper sitting at his desk. I quicken my pace needing to put some distance between the two of us before I did something stupid.

I found myself in the library and took out my books for my last two exams, which would happen, the following day one of them being Organic Chemistry. God I hope he does the same as Jasper. It was so much easier on me. I spent the next few hours going over my notes that he had prepaid for me. Thinking about him and how thoughtful it was for him to help me that way just caused me to get wet.

How was I going to last until I could be in their arms again? I shook my head to clear it and divided back in my books. I skipped dinner to give me more time to study. I so wanted to do well on my own as each of them had such faith in me.

Once again, I over slept, but this time made it to class just as the final bell rang. I took my seat and waiting until the exams were pasted out, I finished early, turned in my exam and walked out the door and over to my next exam, the one I was still scared about, not know if Carlisle would do the same as Jasper by stepping out and letting his TA handle the exams or not. I sat down on the cold stone floor and read through my notes one final time before class started.

As if Carlisle heard my silent prayers, he also left the classroom. I took my time reading each question once before going back to answer them. When the TA Miss Cole called time, I still had one question left unanswered. How much was that going to affect my grade?

I ran back to my dorm almost in tears because I had a feeling I did not do, as well as I should have on the test. I had let him down, and I know if I was his sub and disappointed him, he would punish me. Is that something I would welcome or shy away from?

I spent the next two days crying. What would my parents say if they ever found out that I traded sex for grades? I knew grades did not come out until the following Wednesday afternoon, and it would not be until, then that I would know my fate. I felt ashamed of my actions, and I even contemplated about not meeting up with Carlisle on Saturday at the mall like planned. My contemplating made me cry all that much harder. At one point, my roommate asked me if there was anything she could do, never seeing me act like this before.

I woke up Saturday morning went to the dining hall and grabbed some breakfast before going and packing my bag to take with me. I was not taking much since it was only for two weeks, and I would not be leaving their house as far as I knew. I caught my bus and headed to the south side of the mall, as soon as I was off the bus.

The whole drive back to the house Jasper and I kissed and caressed each other. I saw Carlisle look at us a time or two in the review mirror. I knew from the look in his eyes that he desired to hold me close also. I was right and as soon as the garage door was closed, and I had climbed out of the car. I was in his arms getting the same kisses and caresses as I had from Jasper.

"Isabella, this last week was torturing. Please, let us show you just how much you were missed," Jasper said, as he placed his hands on my hips from behind.

"For me also," I said once Carlisle released my lips from his.

I was soon swept up in Carlisle's arms as he carried me to a bedroom I hadn't expected, but to a room on the second floor. This must be one of the guy's rooms as I glanced around as he laid me in the center of the bed.

Within seconds of me being placed on the bed, my clothes were off quickly, as were theirs.

So far, this has always been about me, but at some point, I want to make this about them. We spend the next several hours making love. We all showered together, dressed, and went to grab some dinner.

We ordered pizza, watched a movie, and talked. We still had a lot to learn about one another. Yes, we all wanted to see where this could lead, but at the same time we were all scared that something would happen, and it would end.

"Guys, I have never been in a relationship before. However, I can say that I don't ever want to let either of you go. I feel so connected to the both of you. I don't know if you feel it, but I know each time either of you, touch me, it's like electricity if flowing between us. I don't ever want to lose that feeling as its makes me feel so warm and safe," I told them looking from one to the other as I spoke.

"So you feel it also." Jasper said smiling at me.

"This has to mean that we three are supposed to be together. I for one don't want to ever lose you either my kitten," Carlisle said right before pulling me onto his lap.

"Where do we go from here?" I asked hiding my face in Carlisle's chest as I blushed because of the thoughts going through my mind.

"What has my kitten blushing," Carlisle said lifting my face, so he could see my eyes.

"Umm, this is still so new to me," I stammered out still blushing.

"Isabella, your blush says more than its new, what are you thinking," Jasper said as he ran his hand down my back, causing me to shiver with delight.

"Isabella, this will only work if we are all open and honest with each other," Carlisle added before I could open my mouth.

I moved to get up off his lap knowing there was no way I could say what I was thinking while sitting on his lap.

"You, my kitten, are going nowhere," he said gripping my hips and holding me in place.

"I don't… know how… to say… it," I stammered out.

"Isabella," Jasper said, causing me to look at him, "just say what you're thinking."

I could tell by his tone it was not a request, but an order, giving me just one more clue into their world. The one that I hope I could be a part of.

"I know from some of your actions , andIwaswonderingifyouhadsubs,because Idon'tthinkIcanshare. ?" I said everything so fast I was not sure how much of it, they could understand.

"Isabella, you need to talk slower if you want us to understand," Jasper said using that tone again.

I took a deep breath to steady myself and then spoke again.

"I know from some of your actions, words along with the tone of your voice that the two of you are doms, and I was wondering if you had subs, because I don't think I can share. I want to be that sub if you two are willing to train me." I said, making sure not to make eye contact with either of my guys.

"What does my kitten know about dominates and submissive's?" Carlisle asked his eyes full of curiosity.

"Just that what I have read, while doing researching on the internet. I took a quiz, and it said I was a submissive. So I read more up on it, and I want to learn more. I know that it's the submissive that truly holds all the power in a playroom," I told them.

"To answer your questions, yes we are both Dom's, but neither of us has had a submissive, for several months as it seems a certain young student was such a distraction to us that we both dismissed our subs." Jasper said winking at me.

Did he just wink at me? Did they really think I was a distraction to them? Shit what have I gotten myself into? Oh, yeah, I have gotten myself hooked on two sex Gods and want to be their submissive.

We spent the rest of the night talking about the possibility of training me to be their submissive. With me having no prior knowledge of the world of sex before them, they would be willing to take it slow. We would go over the contract in the next few days and discuss each item so to determine if it would be on my soft list or hard limit list.

Just talking about this got me all excited and nervous at the same time. They both assured me that yes they wanted me in their playroom. However, they also wanted to keep our relationship outside the playroom. That was when it hit me; we were on the verge of becoming a polyamory family.

I knew with every fiber in my body that I wanted and needed both, and I did not care what anyone would say. It was not wrong to love two sex God's at the same time. I knew if anyone, mainly my mother said it was wrong and immoral I would fight with her, and if she could not accept me and the men I loved, I would gladly not have her in my life any more.

My parents were both, big into religion, and I was brought up to believe that love was only between one man and one woman, and anything else was sin in the eyes of God. Well then how do you explain the same electricity flow from both men?

I don't remember falling asleep, but I did wake up to two sets of arms wrapped around me the next morning and me struggling to get out from them as I needed the restroom now.

"Kitten, where do you think you are going?" Carlisle asked as I climbed over him.

"That bathroom my bladder feels like it's going to explode," I said as he released me to continue my quest.

Jasper's POV

I could not believe my ears when Isabella said she knew we were Dom's. I made my heart flutter with pure joy when she said she could not share. I know that I could not share her with anyone other than Carlisle. Like she said that electricity that seems to flow between us, is something I have never felt before, and I am sure it means that the three of us are supposed to be together forever.

As we talked and she told us what she had read on the internet and how the test she took said she was a submissive. I almost wanted to pick her up and run down to the playroom when she said that she understands that it's the submissive that holds the real power in the playroom and that is so true. With safe words, they control every aspect of that room.

I knew that with every second we spent together the more I grew to love this Goddess, which has been giving to us. I could honestly say I was falling in love with Isabella. I also could tell, by the way, Carlisle looked and touched her. He was also. When she fell asleep in the middle of our talk, I picked her up and carried her back upstairs to Carlisle's room.

We held her and talked for a little bit longer before we decided it was time to get some sleep. We were going to ask Isabella to move into our house. We would give her, her own room, the guest room that we shared that first weekend. We also discussed how we would go about training her to be our sub and that on weekends when we played that we would be sleep in one of the rooms that he had set aside for our subs she could choose, whichever one she wanted, and we would even let her decorate it to her likings.

There was still so much more to discuss over the next few days before Christmas. We would have to let her know we always go home for Christmas, and that she was coming with us as there was no way we would ever let her spend a day without us ever again. This past week had been hell. When she had walked past the window of our office, I almost ran out of the room to grab her, if Carlisle had not been there and stopped me; I might have ruined my career as well as her college education.

I was woken up, by the feeling of her moving out of my arms I was just about to say something when Carlisle asked where she was going. I guess we should have expected her to need to use the bathroom first thing in the morning. When she returned, she once again climbed over Carlisle, who stopped her pulled her down onto his chest, and just held her tight, for a few seconds before rolling onto his side placing her between once again.

"Kitten, what would you like for breakfast?" he asked her before placing a kiss on her soft lips.

"Guy's last weekend you cooked for me the whole weekend, I think it's my turn to cook for you," she said returning his kiss then rolling flat on her back and reached for me.

I could so get used to this waking up with Isabella and having her soft lips on mine first thing in the morning. This time she climbed over me and headed towards the door to go to the kitchen, as she opened the door she looked over her shoulder at us.

We both just pulled on our jeans from last night and quickly joined her in the kitchen she had the coffee brewing and was cutting up vegetables, when we walked in.

"I hope you two like omelets as that what you're getting, maybe tomorrow I will make a breakfast quiche." She said not looking up from her work.

I don't remember the last time I had an omelet this good. She had said she knew how to cook. I was willing to let her do all the cooking from this day forwards if she wanted to. Carlisle and I cleaned up the kitchen thinking it was fair way to handle the chores.

When we finished, we found Isabella on the couch in the living room, in what looked like, deep thought.

"Kitten, what are you thinking about?" Carlisle asked.

"How can I be in love with two Greek Gods, and it happened this fast," she said blushing as she realized what she just said.

"Darlin' I know I feel the same way. This is all so overwhelming, but it feels so right," I told her sitting down next to her and pulling her on my lap.

"It does feel so right," she answered back.

"Kitten, I think we all feel the same," Carlisle said taking a seat next to us.

We talked about our feelings for a little while, before I brought up the fact that we always go to my parent's house from Christmas as Carlisle's parents passed a few years ago. She said she wouldn't mind as long she did not have to hide her feelings; we both assured her that our family would not judge us.

Carlisle's POV

Isabella has taken over the kitchen, and she just amazed us with the way she could cook. I don't think I will ever find a reason to go out to dinner ever again. I think every single meal she cooked for us was restaurant quality.

Jasper had printed up our list of limits and a blank one that Isabella could write on as we discussed each item. She said there was no way she was into what most people refer to as sadism, and we all agreed on that, but she was open to try and learn about bondage and suspension, as well as the use of flogger, paddles, whips and canes as long as the moment. She is uncomfortable she could safe word us.

We told her if she would like, we could use the three-tier method that way we would know that we needed to back off in order for her not to safe word us. Neither of us had ever had a sub safe word, us, and we did not want to happen now that we found someone not only as a sub, but as the love of our lives. We both were pleased when she said that would be best until she got comfortable.

The plan was in place that we would spend Christmas Eve and morning with the family and after lunch, we would retire home and in the playroom for our first test session. It was only going to be thirty minutes long with each of us having her for fifteen minutes.

We drove Jasper's Tahoe to his parent's home early Christmas Eve. I got to sit in the back for once and make out with our Bella as she now insists on us calling her. She said that would be easier for her if we called her Bella outside the playroom and Isabella inside the playroom and we all agreed upon that.

We pulled up to the house noticing both my brothers were already here. The family knew we were bringing someone special, but they did not know just how special she is to us. I could feel Bella tense up a bit, as we neared the front door.

"Kitten, they will love you," I said softly into her ear.

Jasper opened the door and motioned for us to enter before him. As soon as the door was shut, Aunt Charlotte was there.

"Jasper, Carlisle, who is this beautiful young lady," she said as she hugged her son.

"Mom, I would like you to meet our Bella, Bella this is my mother, Charlotte." Jasper said beaming with pride.

"When you say our Bella, are you saying you two are sharing this young lady?" Aunt Charlotte asked causing Bella to stiffen once again into my side.

"Yes, Mom," was all Jasper, said before wrapping his arm around Bella also.

"Well then she must be very special indeed to capture both your hearts," mom said smiling at the three of us, which helped Bella to relax.

We followed mom into the living room both of us still having one arm wrapped protectively around Bella's waist.

We introduced each of the family members, and they all came, hugged Bella, and welcomed her into the family. The only one that seemed cold and put off by Bella was Rosalie, which we had already told her that she would be the hardest sell.

Uncle Peter took to her right away, and by the time we retired for the night was asking when he would get to spend some time with his newest daughter. Hearing him ask that made Bella's smile. Edward and his partner Garrett also seemed taken by Bella and they both were referring to her as love by the end of our stay.

Christmas went just as expected the family not knowing much about Bella gave her gift cards. Dinner was served at noon like always with Bella and Rose helping her out in the kitchen. As soon as we all got done eating, we excused ourselves so we could go home and give Bella her gift in private.

Bella's POV

Rosalie was just how the boys described her, a cold bitter lady only a few years older than me. I did my best to avoid her, but we both offered to help Charlotte get dinner on the table by noon. The three of us seemed to work well together and soon fell into easy chatter.

The guys did not tell me that Edward was gay and that his partner would be there. I have never known anyone that was gay before, and it felt weird at first seeing them be so open and affectionate toward one another. I talked with both, and soon found that I liked them both.

The visit was better than I thought it would be, and I dreaded the day I had to tell my parents. I have not discussed my parents at all with the guys, and I knew I would have to do it soon. It was not right for me to lead them into the lion's den without them having prior knowledge.

The closer we got to the house the more excited I got. The plan was when we got home I was to go straight to the playroom and be in my ready position when the guys got there. They were giving me ten minutes to get ready. It was also going to be all about sensations.

As soon as Jasper pulled into the garage, I had my door open and running toward the playroom, which they had shown me shortly before we left. I stripped and folded my clothes neatly and placed them on the table by the door. I picked up my pillow and placed it in the middle of the floor centered on the door, kneeled making sure I was sitting on my feet with my legs opened and my arms behind my head.

My head was slightly bowed so I could not see their faces as they entered the room all I could see was their feet, which were bare. I could also see that they had changed into jeans. I stayed as quiet as I could, waiting for my instructions that I knew would soon follow.

"Isabella, you may stand, and walk over to the bed, climb in centering yourself on the pillow that is there," Master Jasper said.

I quickly did, as I was told not wanting to disappoint my Masters.

"Isabella, now place our hands above your head," he was giving me only one instruction at a time.

As soon as I had placed my hands above my head, Master Carlisle bound my hands together with what felt like a silk scarf.

"Isabella, as we discussed this would be about sensations and the best way to experience it is while you are blindfolded, so Master Carlisle is going to slip it on you," Master Jasper explained.

I knew we talked about this but when the blindfold was in place I could feel myself start to lose control. I guess my Masters saw this also.

"Isabella, what color are you?" Master Jasper asked.

"Yellow," I said without any hesitation.

"Explain to me why you are Yellow and how to get you back to Green," he said next.

"I can't see so; part of my brain says I am unsafe, while part of my brain says my Masters would never harm me." I said only answering the first part not sure how to answer the second part.

"Isabella, you only answered one part of my question," he said, sounding concern.

"I am unsure of how to answer the second half," I said in all honesty.

"Isabella, listen to me. You are safe, Master Carlisle is still right beside your head, and I am to your right. What color are you?" he asked in a calming tone.

I took a moment to answer, and I knew I was green. I trusted them with my life, as well as my body.

"Green Master."

"Good girl," he said, running his hand down to the center of my body.

I was not sure what I felt next, but it was soft, but yet had a little bite to it as hit just above my breast. A few seconds later, I felt it above the other breast, then down below each of them. I was shocked that I could feel the wetness building between my legs and a moan escape my mouth.

"My good girl is enjoying this, Isabella. What color are we?"

"Green Master."

With the next strike, I knew he had changed what he was using the bite was a little bit harder, but yet still caused my body to crave more. I could feel my muscles in my stomach tightening and knew I was close. After a few more strikes, he switched it again. My moans were getting louder as I grew closer to my release, and I knew I could not have my release until he gave me the permission. I wanted him to tell me now but that was not happening, just yet.

I felt Master Carlisle move off the bed, and a few moments later the bed shifted again, and I knew that my masters had switched places.

"Kitten, are we still Green?" Master Carlisle asked.

"Yes, Master."

This time instead of striking my upper body, it was my lower body, going up one leg and down the next. Never hitting where I needed it the most, when I did not think I could hold out any longer I felt the bed shift and Master Carlisle crawl between my legs.

"Kitten, I know you are close. I can see it in how you hold your body, and you still can't come until I say so. I am going to fuck you, right now, like we have never fucked you before.

Shit, what was he going to do to me?

He entered me in one swift motion. I had to really concentrate in order not to cum right then. His movements were fast and hard, and I knew I would not last much longer. I was scared I would fail my Masters by coming before I was commanded to.

"Fuck, Kitten, you feel so good I want you to cum with me now," Master Carlisle said, and I came harder than I ever had before. I felt him pulsate inside me as he released.

He pulled out, and went to lie down beside me as; Master Jasper uncovered my eyes, and untied my wrists.

I thought we were through, but Master Jasper moved down between my legs lifting them up onto his shoulders, and just like Master Carlisle the plows into to me. I was still so sensitive, from coming just a few moments before that it did not take long to get that feeling building again.

I could not help the scream that came out of my mouth as I tried to hold off from coming before my Master told me to.

"Darlin', you may come when you're ready as I am so close," Master Jasper said.

Just a few more strokes and I was coming just as hard as I had moments before, and once again I could feel my Master spilling his seed inside me. He pulled out and lies on the other side of me.

"Merry Christmas Isabella," both my Masters say at the same time.

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