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Summary: It's been a few months since Sora returned home and he has been getting along well with his brothers. One day though his uncles come to take him away with permission from their father finding Saix and Marluxia unsuitable to care for him. While living with his uncles he is reunited with his twin brother.


It had been a few months since Sora returned home and his life was wonderful. He had grown much closer to his brothers, including Saix. He had also become a permanent employee of Marluxia's flower shop and enjoyed working there.

His school life had also improved greatly during the last few months. The Morning Glory Fan Club had grown and while their admiration of him was a bit tiresome he had made some new friends. Xion and he were hanging out more since she came over to the house more often since she and Ventus became closer.

As for his relationship with Riku it was going real well. Riku and he spent almost every minute they had free together, well until Sora's curfew at ten. Riku and his relationship had become more intense since he returned. They had French kissed once but still hadn't gone past kissing, mainly because they couldn't be left alone at Sora's house without his brothers interfering.

Sora was currently watering all of the plants in the green house since it was his day off from work and Marluxia was working. As he finished with the last plant he turned off the water and headed back into the house. After taking his shoes off on the patio he walked up to his room for a needed shower.

As he finished his shower he headed downstairs for a quick dinner since he'd be eating alone. Saix had a business dinner, and Marluxia was meeting Larxene for a formal dinner. Zack and Aerith were having dinner with her parents and Cloud was out with Leon. Terra and Aqua were double dating along with Ventus and Xion. Demyx had a gig and Zexion was treating him to dinner and Roxas was out with Axel and Axel's little brother Lea.

As he finished eating his two sandwiches he heard the doorbell ring. Looking at the time and seeing it was 7:30 he thought it was strange to be having guests. He got up and put his dishes away before making his way to the door. He looked through the peephole and saw that two men stood outside.

He answered the door a crack and looked outside nervously up at the two men. The two men looked back at Sora intensely as they notice the door open. Both of the men gave Sora the creeps as he looked them over.

The first man looked old and was bald with a curled silver goatee and yellow eyes, which scared Sora. He wore a tan shirt that reached to mid thigh and black pants underneath a black and grey coat. To complete his outfit he wore white gloves and black boots.

The second man looked a bit younger then the first and had blonde hair tied back into a tight ponytail accentuated by an extending feather. He had light blue eyes with some violet in them and had red make-up around his eyes. His face was covered with white make-up giving his appearance a creepier outlook. He wore an outfit composed of primarily red and yellow fabrics, a mismatched jumble of stripes and polka-dots and also wore a red and white striped ruffle around his neck and a red cloak with a yellow and red inner-lining. He wore pants with a red leg and a blue leg and a white boot and a black boot. To Sora he looked like an outlandish jester.

"You must be Sora." The blonde haired man said in a creepy voice that seemed to be an attempt at sugar-coating what he said.

"Umm…yes?" Sora asked nervously.

"I'm Xehanort and this is my brother Kefka." The bald man introduced.

"Nice to meet you…" Sora said as he shifted uncomfortably under the bald man's gaze.

"We're your uncles my dear boy." Kefka stated with a smile which made Sora feel uncomfortable.

"My uncles?" Sora asked timidly.

"Yes." Xehanort answered.

"You two…are my uncles?" Sora asked again in disbelief.

"Yes now will you let us in?" Kefka asked with an annoyed tone.

"Umm…right…sorry…" Sora mumbled as he opened the door more for the two men.

Sora stepped back as the two men entered and Kefka closed the door. The two men took off their boots and turned to Sora who stood in front of them nervously. Sora jolted slightly when Xehanort walked towards him and stared down at him coolly.

"Well?" Xehanort asked expectantly.

"Excuse me?" Sora asked confused.

"Show us to the sitting room and give us some refreshments." Xehanort stated.

"Oh…right…sorry…" Sora muttered.

He began lead them to the living room as quickly as possible and when they were seated went to the kitchen to get refreshments. He made some coffee for Xehanort and tea for Kefka as he got himself a glass of soda. Once everything was prepared he carried it out to his uncles on a tray and then sat down in a free chair in front of the couch they both sat on.

"So what brings you here?" Sora asked.

"Well we have a proposition for you." Xehanort started.

"Yes a very good one…at least one better than this mess heap can give you." Kefka cackled.

"Hey it's very nice here! Also I think that I have very good opportunities living here!" Sora argued.

"You won't take that tone with us Sora." Xehanort warned as he glared at Sora.

"Sorry…but it's true." Sora stated.

"What can these fools give you?" Kefka asked.

"I have people my own age to hang around with, people who care for me, I have a nice paying job, and I have everything I could ever want." Sora answered.

"Sora, be reasonable and just listen to our proposition." Xehanort suggested though Sora knew it was a demand.

"What is it?" Sora asked.

"We want you to come live with us." Xehanort said seriously.

Sora just stared at his uncles in shock before looking down at his glass as he tried to think of a polite rejection to give. Just as he was about to respond the front door opened and closed and he heard the faint voices of his brothers walk in. He looked up to the doorway of the room as Marluxia appeared in it but whatever greeting Marluxia was going to give was cut short when he noticed the two with Sora.

"Hey Marluxia did you find him?" Terra asked as the others came into the room.

They all froze as they saw Sora and the two men in the room in shock and various other looks. Ventus and Roxas had looks of anger, and worry. Demyx looked shocked and there was a bit of disbelief while Terra looked angry beyond words. Cloud just stared at his uncles hard as his face remained expressionless and Zack also glared at his uncles as he normal happy personality disappeared. Marluxia just stood there shocked, worried, and a bit of anger as Saix walked up. When Saix saw the two men his face remained expressionless but his eyes gave away the fury he was feeling as he walked over to stand next to his little brother.

"Uncle Xehanort, Uncle Kefka." He greeted as he rested a hand on Sora's shoulder.

"Hello Saix and everyone." Xehanort said curtly.

"We were just having a nice conversation with Sora before you all interrupted." Kefka added.

"Our apologizes for returning to our house to spend time with our brother." Terra replied as he sat in one of the other chairs.

"You will not speak to your elders that way." Xehanort said curtly.

"Not like you deserve any of our respect." Zack muttered.

"See what we mean Sora? Saix and Marluxia can't even teach their brothers proper respect or manners." Xehanort stated.

"What are you doing here?" Roxas demanded.

"You will not use that tone. Also I believe it is none of your business what we are doing here since it concerns only Sora." Xehanort said curtly.

"I believe it does involve us since it is our house." Cloud stated.

"That is quiet enough of your whining children. We can enlighten the children with our reason for being here after all it will get this done a lot sooner." Kefka stated.

"Fine we are here to ask if Sora would like to come live with us." Xehanort said.

"What!" The brothers minus Cloud, Marluxia and Saix exclaimed.

"I believe Sora was about to answer before we were interrupted." Kefka added.

"Well Sora?" Xehanort urged.

The brothers all looked at Sora as he looked down at his lap. He looked back up at his uncles and gave a small smile as he shifted slightly.

"It's a nice offer Uncle but I have to refuse the offer." Sora answered finally.

"Will you tell us why?" Xehanort asked.

"As I said before I have everything I could want right here. I've grown to love this place and I'd hate to leave." Sora replied.

"Well Sora we respect your decision." Xehanort said as he and Kefka stood.

"But it's really not your decision to stay here or go with us." Kefka added.

"What do you mean?" Sora asked confused.

"Exactly the way it sounded. We already have custody over you; in fact we've had it for a few weeks now." Kefka cackled.

"What? But you asked how I felt!" Sora cried outraged and confused.

"You really think we'd allow you to stay here? We just figured we'd ask even though you will be moving in with us no matter what." Xehanort stated.

"You can't do that!" Saix roared.

The other brothers just watched their uncles in shock as Marluxia grabbed Sora and pulled him away from their uncles. Their uncles only stared at Saix coolly as he glared at them.

"Saix we can, we have already talked to your father about it." Xehanort stated.

"I have custody of Sora!" Saix argued.

"You are not his legal guardian. He might live with you but your father is his legal guardian." Kefka stated.

"Look I am the one who raised my brothers. Father had nothing to do with them and he has had nothing to do with Sora." Saix growled.

"We had your father's lawyer and our lawyers discuss Sora's custody and seeing as your father didn't really fight for Sora." Kefka cackled.

"We were able to gain full custody because we showed that we could care for Sora." Xehanort stated.

"Father should have showed how well I am caring for him." Saix stated.

"He did. But of course we already showed that you had been raising your other brothers since you were young. You spend so much on the other's education that they had to get jobs to help pay for everything as it was even with your high paying job." Xehanort stated.

"Look I can take care of my brother's just fine!" Saix argued.

"You have to help Zack and Cloud with college, pay for school fees for the other four. Then there is helping Marluxia with his store. Finally helping with your own business expenses." Xehanort stated.

"You're not taking him from this house!" Saix growled.

"Then you'll have to take this fight to court and I assure you that you will not win this fight." Xehanort growled back.

"Yes don't be a fool and just admit defeat." Kefka cackled.

"If you take him from this house forcefully then I will take this to court." Saix stated.

"Fine. Sora we expect you ready to go tomorrow by the time we return. You must live with us while your brother takes this to court." Xehanort stated.

"But…" Sora began.

"No buts, you will be moving in with us tomorrow and you will not argue." Xehanort stated.

"I…" Sora tried but he stopped and let his head fall.

"Good then we will see you tomorrow." Xehanort said curtly before he and Kefka left.

The brothers all stood there in silence as the front door closed behind their uncles. Sora was the first to act as he moved to leave the room with his head down.

"Sora?" Ventus asked worriedly.

"I have to go pack…" Sora said and the brothers heard his voice shake as he tried to not cry.

"Sora…" Zack began.

Sora ran out of the room and up the stairs as Ventus, Roxas, Terra, and Demyx followed after him yelling his name. Cloud and Zack remained in the room and looked at their eldest brothers in worry. Marluxia looked ready to fall apart and Saix looked emotionless but they could see in his eyes his anger and distress.

Sora slammed his door shut and locked it before he lay down on his bed and letting the tears fall. He heard his brothers pounding on his door as he cried his eyes out into his bed. He couldn't believe that after what happened months ago he was being taken from his brother's by force.

He could only hope that his brothers would win the case and that he could live with them again. He only knew his uncles for a short time but he already hated them. They were trying to tear their family apart again just like they did when Sora was a baby. He wouldn't forgive them for this even if they were doing it for his so called benefit.

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