It's been five, almost six, years since I had moved back in with my family. After the incident with my uncles my family was finally able to settle down peacefully. Though a lot happened after that and I wish that I could detail the events that happened in my life afterwards in greater detail then I am able to.

First off shortly after my family got back together my brother, our father, and I traveled to Destiny Islands to visit my mother's grave. After that life returned to normal with a few surprises in store of course.

Marluxia and Larxene married that summer as soon as school got out. They had a small wedding, only inviting family and very close friends. The whole church was decorated in flowers that Marluxia had grown himself. After the reception that night they had immediately left for a two month long honeymoon. From what I learned they had traveled all the way to Winhill, which is a nice small town in the country of Galbadian. While staying there they both got jobs at some local towns, coincidentally Larxene got a job at the pub owned by Leon's mother.

Raine, Leon's mother, convinced the two of them to take over both the pub and the flower shop she had owned in the town. Since she was moving to her husband's new job, Marluxia had happily accepted and they decided a few months after returning home to officially move there. Father and most of us were really upset about him moving but at the same time happy.

A year after their marriage they had a daughter, who took a lot after Marluxia in looks and named her Lumaria. At the moment Larxene is pregnant with their second child, though they have yet to find out the gender and don't plan to till the baby is born.

Saix is currently stepping up in father's company, having taken the spot that Xehanort once was in. The company is running much smoother now that father and Saix are working together to unite the two halves of the company. Saix eventually moved out of the mansion and into a penthouse apartment with Xemnas. It felt strange with the rest of us not having our eldest brothers living in the house anymore. Last I heard of the two they were discussing ways to have children.

Zack graduated from college with a degree in mechanics, though he was quite athletic. He began to work for a gym instructing students in self-defense. Shortly after graduating he proposed to Aerith. They are planning the wedding to be at the church that she volunteers at in the fall. Aerith took over Marluxia's flower shop when he moved to Winhill.

Cloud just recently graduated from the university and he moved to Traverse Town to get started on his delivery service business. Leon had moved with him and was currently working in the hotel in the area. When Cloud's business was slow he'd help Cid who owned the accessory shop in town. Cloud also bought his own motorcycle for his deliveries, which father greatly disapproved of.

Terra is in his final year of college and he had transferred to the university in the Land of Departure along with Aqua. He is currently studying business and thinking of starting one in the town. Aqua on the other hand is studying education and plans to become a teacher once she graduates.

Demyx switched to the World that Never Was University along with Zexion. He is currently studying the different aspects of music and intends to start his own band in the future. Zexion is studying literature and plans to become a translator for books.

Ventus is studying anthropology and the world as well as meeting the requirements to switch to Terra's university. After he started college he officially asked Xion out and the two have been dating ever since. Xion started at the Twilight Town University a year after Ventus and is studying world literature, though she plans to also study photography in the future.

Roxas also attends Twilight Town University but is pretty much just meandering about in his studies. He hasn't completely decided what he wants to do yet and is dabbling in bits of everything. As for Axel and him they share a dorm room, much to Roxas' annoyance at times. Axel is studying the science of fires and training to be a firefighter.

Vanitas moved to Destiny Islands to attend university as soon as he graduated high school. Currently he is studying business in hopes of taking over the other part of father's company when he graduates. It was no surprise that he dragged Hope into going to Destiny Islands University once the younger boy graduates from his last year of high school. Hope is apparently planning to study science and take over the research academy that his mom's father started.

My father now only has himself in the house since I moved out to the university. Shortly after everything had calmed father openly announced to us all his relationship with Sephiroth, not that everyone didn't figure it out before hand. Sephiroth moved in with us during my third year of high school and they 'married' though it wasn't official. As a result of this turn of events father lost all contact with his family, not that he really cared.

Lightning eventually moved away from New Bodhum to the city of Lucius in the country of Caelum. Apparently she joined the defense agency they have there and ended up meeting a man named Noctis who she fell for. Last I heard of her was that she found out Noctis is actually a descendant of the original king of Caelum, but his family now just owns a large corporation to show that.

Serah still lives in New Bodhum but she commutes to Destiny Islands for university. Shortly after returning to home from the trial she had begun to date one of my friends from Destiny Island, Noel. They have been dating since then and are still dating five years later. Serah is studying to be a teacher while Noel is becoming a historian.

As for me…well I'm currently attending Destiny Islands University with Vanitas, though thankfully we do not share a room. I'm pretty much just dabbling in different things right now, though I'm focusing on an English major. I'm hoping to become a writer as soon as I leave the university. Riku is also attending university and studying business…

Sora stopped typing trying to figure what else he could write. He didn't really know what else to say about Riku at the moment. He spun around in his desk chair bored as he tried to think. He stopped and looked around the room he had in the dorm and smiled. It was a bit of a mess, things still strewn all over the place, never quite getting unpacked. The bed itself was messy and Sora smiled as he closed his eyes.

He was pretty tired, not having been able to get much sleep the night before. He jumped as he heard the bathroom door open; now noting that the sound of running water had been turned off.

"Sora, the bath's ready!" Riku called from the door to the bathroom.

Sora turned to look at his boyfriend who leaned against the doorframe watching him. Riku had cut his hair during their last year of high school, though it was nice short. Sora looked away, not being able to look at Riku any longer when he remembered the other boy was completely naked.

Riku smirked at Sora's reaction, "What you're still embarrassed after everything that happened last night? Besides we have been sharing a dorm room for half a semester now."

Sora's blush deepened, "Well…it's just…"

"What you're embarrassed about seeing me naked? If I may point out, I was just getting ready to get into the bath. You're the one who's been sitting out here since this morning wearing absolutely nothing."

Sora blushed again at this and covered himself up, just now remembering that he was indeed not wearing anything. He had woken up to Riku being in the bathroom and had just gotten out of bed. He hadn't even bothered to put on any clothes as he had continued to work on his paper. He shivered as he felt Riku pull him out of the chair and towards the bathroom.

He shouted as Riku pulled him into the tub and held him close to his chest. Sora's back was facing Riku and he was attempting to hide his blush at being held so casually. Riku wrapped his arms around Sora's waist and nuzzles his head into the crock of Sora's neck. Sora couldn't help shivering at the feel of Riku's breath on his neck.

He sometimes thought it was a bad idea to agree to room with Riku, but then again he loved this private time with his boyfriend. Though it was annoying at first when Vanitas would barge into their room with no warning. Sora closed his eyes contently as Riku moved them lower into the water. He enjoyed these times with his boyfriend and couldn't wait for what was to come.

~End Epilogue~

I hope you all enjoyed the epilogue and the story. It's sad that it has come to an end. Of course for most of the references I referred to they will be touched on in the side-stories. Which I will probably be posting along with this chapter.

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Sora's prequel:

Sora's life with his grandparents and a slight back story of his life with Genesis as his step-dad.

Sora attending middle school.

Sora's past relationship with Snow.

Serah and Lightning make appearances more often.

Kairi and Namine gain a signature role.

Noel and Sora's other friends are introduced.

Cissnei and Rygdea's story:

Cissnei's family is introduced as is Rygdea's.

Cissnei and Rygdea's meeting as well as their college life.

Each of the brothers being born.

Genesis gains a much more involved role in this story.

The name sake of some of the brother's are also revealed.

So which of the prequels would you all like to read the most? Obviously the points I put up are meant to be simple and not have a lot of detail; you'll have to read for those of course. Let me know which you all would like to read more!

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