Me- "Younger Ben needs love! This is based off of stories I read that people started and didn't go any where and just stopped writing them. I in honor of those stories am writeing a similar one."

Ben (10yrs for story)- "Who are you, where am, YOU DON'T OWN ANY THING!"

A/N- This is when the gang are little kids no gwevin or benlie or pairings, sorry.

A/N2- Tetrax is the name of the dimond head bounty hunter from the original seiris and 'the secert of chromostone' He is the one that gave Ben the hover board.

Tetrax POV.

I walked down the hall. I had to go to Earth to get the boy, Ben who wears the omnitrix. This was because of the fact that the ten aliens he had unlocked at the moment wanted to meet him and teach him about what they could do and about thier home planets. So I got on my ship and left.

"Tetrax status." My screen showe the leader of my planet, Acanthite like his name his skin was of the darkest color on our planet while he had the purest heart, a strange combonation.

"Just now leaveing the hiden base." The base was hiden because many bounty hunters where also after the watch.

"Good. Be safe, travel fast." I shut off the screen and set off for the planet.

Bens POV.

" Are we there yet?" I asked.

"Shut it dweeb we will be there when we get there." I stuck my tounge out at my dweebish cousin. I laid down and went to sleep. When I woke up there was an argument going on.

"I understand your point, but the force (name of the group of 10) wants to meet him and it will be safer."

"Will he be able to contact us and his parents? And will he be able to use his watch?"

"Yes and yes." I opened one eye.

"Tetrax? What are you doing here, who is the force?" I asked. Dweeb was also awake.

"I am here to take you to a hiden ship to learn from and about your aliens."

"Really? Who is the force?"

"Yes, The force is the representitives from all of the planets your aliens come from."

"Okay, So I am going with you?"

"Yes only you, grab your items you wish to take, say good bye and we will leave." I did as told.

"Ben, while your up there make sure to take care of your self." Grandpa said.

"I will, I will." I said. I got everythin and me and Tetrax took off. I curled up in the large seat and fell asleep right away.


Me- "Okay more to come later!"