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Written by: Clary~

Acknowledgements to: Lia, Clary's not-editor


"I don't know why, but I feel like I'm not at all satisfied."

Seventeen year old Tezuka Kunimitsu turned from where he was contemplating all the dead people they themselves have killed to watch his companion through steel-rimmed glasses.

Of course Atobe Keigo wasn't satisfied. He was a narcissist, amongst other things and even though they had just killed off trained soldiers the number of a regiment (or two), he can't find it in himself to be satisfied because he was only ever satisfied if he got to show off 'ore-sama's prowess' and be worshipped for it. He was never satisfied when he had to put a plug on his alice because they've been ordered to not completely incinerate their targets the way Atobe wanted to because said targets needed to be recognizable to be able to serve their purpose as fair warning to the enemies of the Academy.

Like now.

In all truth, Atobe still would've incinerated their targets the moment Persona's back was turned and damn the consequences because everyone has to be 'awed by the sight of ore-sama's prowess,' so damn Persona and what he wants, ore-sama needn't be bothered by plebeians and their petty plebeian wishes. But Tezuka was a stickler for rules and Atobe knew it and Persona knew that Atobe knew it and Atobe respected (feared) Tezuka's alice enough to even consider not following Persona's orders to the letter.

And just because he was Atobe, he added, "No offense, Tezuka, but I wish we weren't on the same team right now."

He meant every kind of offense, of course, and they both knew it but Tezuka didn't say anything because he was Tezuka and Tezuka never says anything even remotely derogatory.

... Then again, this was Atobe and Atobe was an exception for everything.

Still, Tezuka was spared from even answering because Yukimura Seiichi picked that exact opportune moment to saunter up to them, wearing a very, very satisfied smile.

It seemed that he got the gist of what they were talking about because the moment he sidled up to Atobe he said, and he gave a very, very sly smile before he said it, making Tezuka want to pinch the bridge of his nose because he knew that this would result in another headache (because Atobe Keigo was already a headache in and of himself), "Well, I'm satisfied."

And of course, Yukimura Seiichi had every reason to be satisfied because he wasn't the one ordered to keep a lid on his alice and was allowed to just go on ahead and play with his shadows all he liked.

Atobe recognized this, and he also recognized that Yukimura was saying it just to antagonize him, like he always did (for Yukimura Seiichi antagonized everyone, except for maybe Syusuke, who he doted on) and he knew that he should just stalk away with all his dignity, but damn it, he was cranky and he never really like the guy in the first place, so, because he was Atobe, he said, "Get off my face, bitch."

Atobe never cursed, of course (out loud, anyway); he had proper upbringing but if Yukimura insisted on being a bitch, then he will be addressed as such, because ore-sama was just that damn honest.

Yukimura's smile turned poisonous, as it always did when Atobe said that word. "Who said I was in your face? Who would want to be in your face, brat?

"No one calls ore-sama a brat!"

"Oh, but I just did," Yukimura replied, still with that poisonous smile, and because he still hasn't gotten the revenge he wanted, he said, again, "Brat."

"Ore-sama demands you stop calling him that!"

"Try and stop me... brat."

This time, Tezuka did pinch the bridge of his nose. Atobe and Yukimura never hit off nicely, mostly because the two never had anything in common, so more often than not, they were bickering on one thing or another that were almost always, if not always, trivial issues. But since Persona let them be, no one else really bothered to stop them once they got going because no one else wanted to be in between two of the Dangerous Ability Type's most dangerous alice users when they were hell-bent on destruction, except for Tezuka, who fell under the same umbrella as them and was every bit as dangerous, if not more so. Therefore, whenever they were in missions together, or even in school (since someone has to stop them before they destroy more than what was forgivable, even for Dangerous Ability Types) Tezuka found himself delegated to the job of refereeing one argument and the next and the next and the next.

It wasn't a very pleasant job.

And sometimes (like right now), Tezuka didn't feel like playing diplomat, so he turned around and began walking away. It wasn't like they have anything left, of consequence, to destroy, anyway, so he paused just enough to spare them one last glance and call out, "Come back to the Academy when you're done acting like children."

He refused to be disturbed by the sight of the growing flames around Atobe's area or of the shadows collecting themselves around a smirking Yukimura. He can be disturbed just enough to stop again and remind them to not damage the corpses, but not disturbed enough to stop their argument.

He supposed it was about time he let them off again, anyway, because if he didn't then it would be even harder to deal with them in school and he'd really rather not have them fight in front of his brother.

It was getting on to be midnight when Tezuka slipped inside the huge suite that was his bedroom. From the huge floor-to-ceiling windows opposite the door, Tezuka could still see evidences that the battle between Yukimura and Atobe was still going on, and didn't look like it was letting off anytime soon.

His only concern was that they probably won't end up in time to sleep and be on time for class tomorrow, which started at eight. Well, Atobe, anyway. Yukimura, no matter how much, or how little sleep he got still managed to always be on time to every class and be praised in every single one of them. And Atobe, being Atobe, managed the way he always managed, and still found himself among the best four star students (like most of the Dangerous Ability Types because Persona demanded that all students under him needed the status and the dignity befitting the students under him) while maintaining a horrible attendance record and sleeping through the few classes which he deigned to attend.

Persona, and many other Dangerous Ability Types, found it amusing; Tezuka didn't.

Tezuka pinched the bridge of his nose again. He really needed a shower, and some aspirin before his head falls off.

Ten minutes later, Tezuka was ready to get to bed. He had on only loose pants because it was almost summer and getting quite hot and Tezuka disliked the airconditioning unit, which was always turned off (in his room, anyway).


Well, he can't honestly say he was surprised (though he can honestly say that he was dismayed, and rather distressed).

His brother was curled up in his bed, hugging one of its many plush pillows. His brother had his own room, of course, right beside Tezuka's own, actually, but Tezuka Syusuke, even before, when they were very young (when he didn't mind it), had developed the habit of crawling into his older brother's bed at night because he claimed to sleep better when he was beside his brother.

When they were brought to the Academy, Tezuka had expected the habit to vanish, he'd wished (very strongly) for that habit to vanish because of... things he'd rather not think about, but Syusuke's trips to his room only got more and more frequent, especially during nights when Tezuka was out on missions, which, to be honest, happened almost every night.

Tezuka didn't particularly need to, not always, Persona has other favorites, but it was necessary. At least, in Tezuka's mind it was necessary, for Syusuke (and Tezuka's sanity and... control and... no, stop, stop right there).

Syusuke was a Dangerous Ability Type, like him, but, unlike him, Syusuke wasn't in Persona's inner circle of favorites. Tezuka couldn't say he was disappointed in Syusuke. In fact, if he felt anything about the fact that Persona hardly even knew that Syusuke existed, he was relieved and would even go so far to say that Persona didn't care for Syusuke because Tezuka went to great lengths to make sure that Persona didn't care for Syusuke.

It wasn't particularly hard. The only Dangerous Ability Types that mattered to Persona were his favorites, the others he left well enough alone. Dangerous Ability Types, unlike the four other types didn't meet up weekly to 'share and be happy in each other's company'. They didn't need that guise. So, to Persona, the only members of the Dangerous Ability Type were the ones in his inner circle, nevermind what the Alice Academy higher ups said. Tezuka was in Persona's inner circle and Tezuka made very sure that Persona had more than enough reason to be satisfied with Tezuka. He took on more missions than necessary, and was brilliant in every one of them, so Persona wouldn't feel the need to go poking around Syusuke's records and find out that Tezuka's little brother had an alice that Persona very much liked.

Syusuke's alice wasn't one that was completely safe to its user. Tezuka knew, better than anyone, how Syusuke was stonger than he looked, but he was still altogether too weak, Syusuke had been born with a weak constitution, to begin with. Constant use of Syusuke's alice, which was what missions entailed, would be hazardous to Syusuke's life.

"Nii-san hasn't been sleeping," a rather sleepy voice said, as wide blue eyes peeked at him from under the pillow.

Tezuka smiled at the greeting. Technically, Tezuka was older, and he had given Syusuke his fair share of lectures, but sometimes, when Syusuke finds something unsatisfactory in Tezuka's behavior, Syusuke scolds, rather severely. It was amusing to think about it, a younger brother scolding the older, but Syusuke, lord knows how he does it, manages to look daunting even if he came up only to his older brother's shoulder.

One of the things Syusuke found fault in was his less-than-stellar sleep habits, which Syusuke never fails to give him grief about.

"Well, you're in my bed," Tezuka said, by way of explanation (because it explained a lot).

The blue eyes blinked once. Then, "It's altogether too big for one person, nii-san. That's not an excuse."

"It wasn't an excuse." But Tezuka climbed in anyway and spooned his brother to his chest, trying to convince himself that this was safe, this was safe, it was okay to hug his brother like this, many older brothers do, so it was safe. His brother's skin was cold against his own, even with the warming weather and the lack of aircondition.

In the darkness, Tezuka allowed himself a worried frown and buried his face on his brother's hair (because this, too, was safe, it was okay, it was safe). It smelled like honey and vanilla. "Go back to sleep." (Please, go back to sleep.)

"You, too," Syusuke replied, shifting so now, he faced his brother. Vaguely, Tezuka heard alarm bells ringing in his mind (this was safe, it was okay, it was safe). "You should sleep, nii-san. You can't grow if you don't sleep."

It was something mothers say to their children when children were five and stubborn. Tezuka wasn't a child but felt like a child, like he always did when Syusuke starts on his lectures. He didn't like the feeling.

"Did you finish your homework?" he asked, rather offhandedly. He knew the answer to the question, they both did, but it gave Tezuka the excuse to be big brother again (and to ignore, ignore Syusuke's body pressed up against his), and right now, when he was feeling like a child (and feeling all these feelings he'd rather forget about), Tezuka would have grabbed every excuse he could get.

"Mn," Syusuke replied, snuggling against Tezuka's chest (it was safe, it was okay, just think about something else, not... not the position they were in right now, anything but the position they were in right now). "I almost didn't. Senri didn't. But Kuranosuke made me do it, so I did it."

It was incredible how Syusuke managed to be in first name terms with everybody, but he was and everyone who knew Syusuke doted on him. "You should listen to Shiraishi," Tezuka told him quietly. "Chitose only wants to have fun." And he was satisfied with how he made the word sound so offensive.

There was a breathy laugh. "Fun's not so bad, nii-san. Senri says it loosens you up. You need to loosen up."

Tezuka winced (because the images in his mind of what he could and probably would do if he 'loosened up' were too bad to even mention). What kind of nonsense has Chitose been pouring to his brother's head while he was gone this time? "Chitose has a horrid definition of fun."

"Like not making homework?"

"And sleeping through classes," Tezuka filled in, stroking his brother's hair (it was safe, it was okay).

"Keigo sleeps through his classes," Syusuke pointed out. "He misses classes, too."

"I know," Tezuka replied. He'd been thinking about that very thing a while ago (before he was... distracted), actually. "That's why he and Chitose get along well."

"Senri has this theory that no matter what we do, we'd still be four star students at the top of the class. He thinks teachers are afraid of us Dangerous Ability Types, and would let us do whatever and won't give us grief for it."

Tezuka took a long time trying to find a suitable reply. In truth, Chitose was probably right. Atobe was top of the class because he was smart, even though he didn't pay attention, he was smart, and so was Chitose, Yukimura, Shiraishi, and Tezuka and Syusuke. But there were other Dangerous Types who didn't pay attention and didn't care and weren't as smart, but were still four star students (granted, not at the top of their class but still, four star was four star). Normal students who were like that would probably be lucky to scrape up a two-star rank but Dangerous Ability Types made it to three and four-star easily just because they were Dangerous Types. Teachers were afraid of them (or, more likely, of Persona) and their (or Persona's) abilities. Dangerous Types didn't talk about it and didn't flaunt it (they were more of the quiet, strong, deadly bunch) and teachers liked that they didn't flaunt it but it was always what happened and the arrangement worked out for both parties just fine. But his brother, who was probably the only Dangerous Type who didn't know it to begin with, didn't need to know it now.

"Chitose always liked his daydreams. Now go to sleep."

Chitose Senri was a shameless bastard, in Tezuka's opinion. Granted, he had a rather powerful alice and he was part of Persona's inner circle, like Tezuka, but Tezuka never liked the guy. Tezuka probably never would like him, so long as he insists on being shameless.

Tezuka rather liked Chitose's best friend better, because Shiraishi Kuranosuke was proper in all ways proper was in Tezuka's own personal dictionary (which was saying something, considering how Tezuka had been brought up). He didn't exist to Persona, even though he had a powerful alice (because his alice had more disavantages than advantages), but Tezuka knew him because Chitose (and Syusuke) knew him. Tezuka didn't know how, but Shiraishi and Chitose were, by some miracle, best friends. Chitose was everything Shiraishi disliked and was not, but Shiraishi put up with him. To everyone else, Shiraishi was severe, if not apathetic but he put up with Chitose, had a soft spot for Syusuke (because everybody did) and tolerated Tezuka (most probably only because Tezuka was Syusuke's brother).

He gave Tezuka a nod when Tezuka went down to breakfast that morning and offered Syusuke a smile that probably only Syusuke was meant to see. Tezuka liked this greeting in comparison to Chitose's "Yo, Tezuka!" to him and "Sleep well, beautiful?" to his brother.

Was it just him or did Chitose Senri just hit on his brother?

Syusuke answered Chitose's question as they sat down and Tezuka, head still trying to make sense of said question wasn't able to hear the answer, but Syusuke must have unknowingly said something suggestive to Chitose's ears because the next moment, Chitose was staring at him with a quizzical frown which was slowly evolving to a smirk.

It was never something good, when Chitose smirked like that and he was right, because Chitose suddenly said, and with a self-satisfied tone, too, "Ne, Tezuka, are you actually one of those types who have less than innocent intentions towards their brothers?"

If Tezuka hadn't been brought up the way he was brought up, his jaw would have dropped to the floor. At it was, Tezuka's eyes only narrowed behind his glasses and his lips pressed into a thin line. What did he mean less than innocent intentions? How could Tezuka even have 'less than innocent intentions'? Towards his own brother? Who was, by the way, currently blushing bright red and trying to make himself as small and as invisible as possible.

Tezuka really didn't talk much, and he rarely ever did get angry but for god's sake, he was going to give Chitose Senri a good talking to right now and set him damn straight. Don't get Tezuka wrong, he loved his brother. But not... that way. Why would he even love his brother... that way? He hadn't been thinking about anyone else... that way, much less his brother, a person who, by definition, shared his DNA makeup. Tezuka wasn't Chitose Senri, so Tezuka wasn't shameless. Especially that kind of shameless.

Wasn't he?

Tezuka froze, he froze, thinking of those nights, those nights when he... those nights. He barely noticed that Atobe had settled in his usual place beside Chitose in their table, and hearing only Chitose's question, smirked and because he was as shameless as Chitose, said, "Senri, people have got to be rocks to not have less than innocent intentions towards that thing." And thus saying, he nodded to Syusuke with a sly grin that made Syusuke blush ten shades brighter.

"Keigo," Syusuke whined. "You can't just say that to people."

Tezuka didn't know who was worse, Chitose or Atobe, but since Atobe was nearest him, he fixed Atobe with the hardest glare he could muster, and was quite pleased when Shiraishi, too, did the same to Chitose, who took one look at his best friend and deflated. Unfortunately, Tezuka had no such luck with Atobe.

"Why?" Atobe had the gall to ask. "It's the truth."

"Well, you still didn't have to say it," Syusuke mumbled, completely intent on his scrambled eggs.

"Syusuke," Atobe said, managing to sound exasperated, though what he was exasperated about Tezuka didn't know. Tezuka continued glaring, his eyes promising hell if Atobe so much as opened his mouth again. Atobe glanced at him, smirked and ignored the warning. "It's a compliment. People feel flattered when other people give compliments. Compliments are meant to be said out loud to people."

"... It's not a compliment."

"It is," Atobe insisted, smirk growing wider. "If I say 'Syusuke, your pores ooze sex appeal,' it's the truth and it's a compliment."

"No, it's not the truth. It could be a compliment, I think, but it's not the truth." Syusuke's voice sounded oddly subdued and Tezuka doubled the effort on the glare (because Atobe was coming closer and closer to... to... no, stop, just stop).

"Syusuke, it's you," Atobe said, looking for all the world like a parent teaching an exasperating child. "Probably half the people in this room watched you when you came in, and are still watching you now, because they are imagining in their head what it would feel like to strip you naked and fuck you against the nearest hard surface they could find."

"Atobe," Tezuka cut in, his voice with a sharp edge to it (stop, stop, don't think about it). "I would very much like that you don't talk about my little brother like he's a sex toy." What Tezuka really wanted to say was 'fuck off' but Tezuka was proper and he really just couldn't bring himself to say those words in front of Syusuke. If Atobe continued talking this way, however, that will change, and very quickly.

Syusuke raised his head, his eyes wide, looking quite scandalized. At a loss for words, he turned to his brother. "Nii-san..."

"Atobe, you are so crude," Yukimura Seiichi commented, standing behind Syusuke. He kneeled down so his face was level with Syusuke's and took Syusuke's face between his hands and kissed his forehead. "Don't listen to anything he says, okay, Syusuke? Those are things that only horny, hormonal teenagers say and nobody listens to the trash that horny, hormonal teenagers talk about."

Syusuke nodded and managed a small smile but Atobe, who heard every word, was incensed.

"Are you implying that ore-sama's a horny, hormonal teenager? And that ore-sama talks trash?" Atobe demanded hotly.

"Well, who else could I be talking about?" Yukimura shot back, his expression morphing from gentle to glaring. "I don't hear anyone else talking about mind-raping Syusuke."

"Seiichi, please," Syusuke cut in, blushing again.

"It was a hypothetical!" Atobe exclaimed, sounding very much like a child.

"Oh? It didn't seem like a hypothetical to me."

"Mind your own business, bitch!"

"Not when you're being a horny brat, Keigo."

"Don't you Keigo ore-sama!"

"Why? I can't call you Keigo because you don't want to sleep with me?"

Atobe sputtered and his face reddened. Tezuka, despite himself, felt very, very gratified.

"What's that got to do with anything?" Atobe demanded, trying to draw what was left of his dignity around him like a cloak of protection. "And why the hell would I want to sleep with you?"

Yukimura just gave Atobe a condescending smile that seemed like he was saying 'I've won this round and you know it' and turned to Syusuke, whispering words to his ear that seemed to be comforting him because a minute later, Syusuke's usual smile was back.

Tezuka was glad there was Yukimura because really, another moment and Tezuka would've strangled Atobe. He was a little jealous because, well, that was Tezuka's job, what Yukimura was doing right now, but Tezuka was never good at the comforting stuff and Yukimura was their cousin, anyway, so he had every right to be all comforting and supportive. Besides, Yukimura had shut Atobe up about the topic of Syusuke and... well, that, so he owed Yukimura one.

So, Tezuka did the next best thing, and that was to glare at Atobe, who was nursing his wounded pride by downing his coffee. And because Syusuke was listening to Yukimura right now and Tezuka still felt more than a little spiteful towards Atobe, he said, "Fuck off."

And even though the entire table turned to look at Tezuka with astonished, disbelieving glances, even Syusuke, whose eyes were wider than he ever remembered them being, it was well worth seeing Atobe choke on his coffee and spit it out on his newly-pressed uniform.

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