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Syusuke lost his virginity that night.

They hadn't meant to, honest. Syusuke merely remembered being drunk on happiness, giddy with relief, and the ecstacy on the prospect of being free to love and be loved by Kunimitsu.

No more excuses, no more hiding, no more nights lying down beside Kunimitsu, pretending that everything was normal but wishing he could do and have so much more.

And Kunimitsu had been happy, too. He'd been smiling for real, a genuine smile that made Syusuke breathless with awe. And Kunimitsu kept on saying he was beautiful, but he'd obviously not looked at the mirror lately.

They'd only been kissing... And... touching... a little. Just kissing on the bed, kissing and kissing and one kiss led to another and another, and another...

And then, kissing led to more touching, and undressing and...


So he lost his... yes. (He was still uncomfortable thinking of it that way. He didn't regret anything, it was the best thing that had ever happened to him yet, but the word and thinking about it that way almost made him sound a lot like Keigo. God forbid.)

The morning after, Syusuke had woken up in Kunimitsu's arms, smiled up at him and greeted him good morning. Kunimitsu had responded with a kiss.

And then the kissing led to touching, and more touching, and tangling in the sheets, and...


So the morning after, though he had nothing to lose, he and Kunimitsu... yes. (Still an uncomfortable topic.)

It didn't help at all that Keigo had smirked when he came down to the breakfast table, looking gloriously knowing and smug. Kunimitsu hadn't come down yet, because they had mutually agreed (without even speaking about it) that in no way were they sharing their... yes... to anyone.

Most especially not to Keigo.

But Keigo had smirked, and Syusuke barely had enough time to sit down before Keigo had asked, and in a conspiratorial tone that made it sound like he was about to hear the scandal of the century, "So, how was he?"

Syusuke blinked. "How was who what?"

"Come now, Syusuke, you can't lie to ore-sama," Keigo said, inspecting his nails. "I know what you did last night."

"Well, that's... smart of you," Syusuke replied haltingly. Ohgodohgodohgodohgod. How did he know? He couldn't have, or he would have gloated already. He was just smirking and smiling smugly, but there was no gloating, so that meant he didn't know, right?

Just smile. And pretend to be normal. Yes. When in doubt, smile. "That's nice of you to know I was sleeping last night."

Not a lie, because, technically, he had been sleeping some last night. So, yes, he was sleeping last night, and he was telling the truth.

He just wasn't telling Keigo everything.

"Syusuke, don't act dumb," Keigo purred, sidling up to him, and sniffing his hair. Syusuke flinched away. "You smell like sex."

This time, Syusuke scrambled away from him so fast, he almost fell down the chair. He smelled like sex? How can a person smell like sex? He can't possibly smell like sex, sex didn't have a scent, did it? Not that he knew of. Sex was a verb. Like, I-had-sex-with-Kunimitsu-last-night-and-this-morning (wistful, dreamy sigh) kind of verb. And even if it did, he just took a bath. (His shampoo was apple-scented!)

"I... do?" He responded intelligently.

"Distinctly like sex," Keigo nodded, self-assured, with his usual cocky smile. "So, how was he?"

Syusuke shrank away from Keigo and wished someone else would come right now and spare him the interrogation. Please. Because even though he loved every single minute of every single intimate thing he did with Kunimitsu, he was not comfortable sharing. He wasn't Keigo. Who, by the way, looked like he was having a field day.

"Idon'tknowwhatyou'retalkingabout," Syusuke muttered all in one breath so his words mashed together. He could feel the blood rushing to his cheeks, coloring his face, making it obvious that he, in fact, did know what Keigo was talking about, and that he was lying through his teeth.

"Of course you do. Come on, and tell ore-sama."

"I... It... See, it was..." Syusuke determinedly stared at the wall behind Keigo, his face still flaming. It was highly unlikely that Keigo would ever stop unless he gave up something so... "It was magical." He allowed himself a dreamy smile.

"Magical?" a different voice asked, with a cold edge that could successfully scare everyone. Syusuke, more than anyone right now.

My god, it just got a hell lot worse.

"Yes, magical, bitch," Keigo replied, and Syusuke could almost see Keigo's feathers ruffling. "Let's try to keep up."

"Was I talking to you, brat?" Seiichi's hand settled on his shoulder and squeezed. "It's just like mindless brats like you to butt into conversations that don't include you."

"Butt into conversations? Ore-sama is in this conversation! Ore-sama is in every conversation! Ore-sama is too good not to. You butt in conversations!"

"You whine."

"Ore-sama does not whine!"

"Brats whine, Keigo. You're a brat, and you're whining right now," Seiichi replied with his easy, still dangerous-looking smile. "And Syusuke, please don't sneak off like that, I have not started with you yet."

Syusuke froze from trying to get away, and met Seiichi's sweet happy-looking face.

"What's this I hear about sex?" Seiichi asked his cousin.

"Nothing... Keigo was just..."

"Did you or did you not have sex with Tezuka last night?" (Syusuke made a mental note to yell at Keigo later.)


"You did, didn't you?"

"I..." Syusuke focused on the table, and tried to look for a splotch to focus on apart from this conversation. "...Yes," he finally said (whispered).

Seiichi's smile widened considerably, and Syusuke felt like shrinking away into something decidedly small (maybe a pea?) and crawling into a hole under a rock somewhere until Seiichi forgot his anger. There was something infinitely scary about his sweet, closed-eyed smile that even Syusuke had to shudder.

"That bastard," Seiichi began, pulling Syusuke to his chest with his suddenly strong grip. "Taking advantage of you like that, and after I expressly forbade him from-"

"Seiichi, it wasn't his fault. I wanted to-"

"And in your moment of weakness, too! What kind of self-respecting boyfriend-" (Who was he kidding, of course, Seiichi wouldn't listen. And of course, he would have conveniently not heard Syusuke's almost-retort.)

"They're technically lovers now, bitch. Get with the times." (And of course, Keigo would jump in and make things worse.)

"Lovers?" (It was amazing how Seiichi could look so threatening while smiling so sweetly.)

"Well, yeah. I mean, Tezuka's fu-"

"I warn you, Atobe Keigo. Don't dare."

"Tezuka just fucked your cousin," Keigo finished, looking quite pleased with himself (though it probably wouldn't rank on his smarter, more life-preserving moments).

"Oh, Keigo." Seiichi's smile looked sickeningly honey-sweet. "Run."


In the end, Tezuka had to be there to break up the fight that was going on between Seiichi and Keigo while Senri laughed his head off and Kuranosuke looked like he needed aspirin.

Problem solved.

Except that the moment Seiichi had stopped focusing on trying to wring Keigo's neck, he'd zeroed in on Tezuka.

Which led to this situation.

Situtation being the both of them sitting down on opposite ends of the couch with Seiichi looming over them menacingly, and Keigo smugly guarding the door to his room.

And Seiichi getting ready to give the both of them 'The Talk.'

Only when Seiichi had started talking about 'the eel and the cave,' Keigo had cut in and mocked him because Syusuke 'obviously does not have a cave, it was just like bitches like him to be dumb,' so Seiichi's anger had focused back on Keigo again ("What did you think the –toot- was, you brat?").

Which led to Senri stepping up and pretending-coughing, wearing a doctor's coat of all things. He said that it was his duty to continue where Seiichi was unable, so he cleared his throat and started to talk.

(Seiichi had given them all of one glance, before shadows had crept up to cover Syusuke's ears. All Syusuke heard was the first word of what turned out to be a day-long speech.)

(One word was enough to scar Syusuke for life, though. Senri had cleared his throat and said, "Fucking-")

Afterwards, Kunimitsu had looked just about ready to throw up, Keigo had looked like Christmas had come early, and Seiichi had looked triumphant, muttering something along the lines of "Bastard deserves it."

(Syusuke was almost thankful he didn't hear it. Though Senri had insisted that he had copied the speech off of some pamphlet in the guidance office, which was weird, because why would there be a pamphlet about giving 'The Talk' in the guidance office, and why would a pamphlet in the guidance office's speech start with "Fucking"?)

In the end, it was decided that everybody would stay away from everyone else's 'sex life' (Keigo's words, and though Seiichi had looked rebellious for a moment, he had conceeded, as long as Kunimitsu kept it 'clean'. Syusuke had a hard time processing all they were talking about. Especially since Seiichi covered his ears for more than half of the conversation).

Needless to say, it took a month to get Kunimitsu to look at Syusuke properly again, without blushing or looking uncomfortable.

(All in all, Senri had summarized it to be a 'good meeting.')


Echizen-kun became part of their group, too, after Persona ordered Kunimitsu to train him.

Seiichi had been pleased, because he said that meant Kunimitsu wouldn't spend all of everyday trying to grab at Syusuke, which was silly, because Kunimitsu was a perfect gentleman, as far as his relationship with Kunimitsu was concerned. But of course, Seiichi conveniently does not hear any of it, and declared that he approved of the Kunimitsu-Echizen-kun relationship (Syusuke refused to be jealous).

Echizen-kun started spending breakfasts at their table, too, and Syusuke started to make concentrated efforts at being a good upperclassman to Echizen-kun. Starting with giving Echizen-kun milk. (He could see, more than once, that Echizen-kun actually begrudged his height.)

Echizen-kun initially protested at first ("I'm not a child, I'd rather drink Ponta."), but after much persuasion ("Who are you kidding, you look like a baby." – Keigo), they had finally settled on two bottles a day. Only, the persuasion part had seemed to develop a strange, rather antagonistic relationship between Echizen-kun, who called Keigo 'The Monkey King' and Keigo, who called Echizen-kun a brat ("How unoriginal." –Seiichi).

This made Seiichi like Echizen-kun even more, because, well... Syusuke guessed Seiichi just automatically liked people who hated Keigo the way he did.

Well, at least Echizen-kun fit in. (Kunimitsu made no comment about the milk-argument, but told Syusuke thank you that night, because he thought that Echizen-kun had great potential and they need to help him develop it in every way they could.)

Sometimes, Syusuke watched them train. They were so cute, completely focused on their task, completely focused on their training, with Kunimitsu looking adoringly handsome and Echizen-kun looking... well, like Echizen-kun. He brought them snacks on those times, and Kunimitsu would accept with a small smile, while Echizen-kun would sniff them like a cat because he says he'd already learned his lesson the first time he got spicy snacks from 'Fuji-sempai.'

But he ate the snacks, anyway, and downed everything with Ponta (grape, in can, really cold). It astonished Syusuke the sheer amount of Ponta Echizen-kun could consume.

So when Syusuke watched them train, he was ready and armed with sometimes-spicy snacks for Echizen-kun, non-spicy ones for Kunimitsu, and Ponta (grape, in can, really cold).

Once, during breakfast, Keigo had commented, off-handedly, how they very much looked like a family. Kunimitsu had glared, Syusuke had blushed and Echizen-kun had choked on his Ponta. Of course, Keigo had looked victorious, and had happily outlined how Kuni-daddy, Syu-mommy and Ryo-baby would live happily ever after in whatever happy little cottage they decided to live in.

And had only stopped when he noticed Seiichi's decidedly frightening glare upon hearing about Kuni-daddy, Syu-mommy and Ryo-baby.

From that day onwards, Seiichi started liking Echizen-kun less.


All in all, it was one big, dysfunctional, happy-ever-after.

There was fighting, more often than not, though Yukimura had chalked it up to Atobe Keigo's incessant brattiness. But at least, Syusuke looked like he couldn't be any happier. And proceeded to falsify the fact by looking even happier the next day.

That, Yukimura had decided a long time ago, was how Syusuke was meant to look like.

And even though there were fights, and Yukimura still distinctly disapproved of Tezuka (and their newly-created family with Echizen... it was just too bad, really, Yukimura had liked the kid), he was glad that things were better than how they were a few years ago, when Syusuke was slowly dying from a love he didn't even know he had.

Classes were slow, but it was a welcome thing, because it meant that they were all still alive to have them, and it was more than Yukimura could have ever hoped for.

Besides, he enjoyed English, and was satisfied that it was his first period for the day.

He smiled at the chirping birds outside his window. It was peaceful now, and the days of happiness stretched onwards and onwards into forever.

"...have a new student for today," he heard the teacher say. He turned his gaze towards the front of the room, his brows raised. It was nearing the end of the year, but it was just like the Academy to accept students like that.

Maybe this new student was even a Dangerous-Ability type. But he doubted it. Persona had mentioned nothing, after all.

"Enter, please."


The door slid open and suddenly, Yukimura's world stopped.

Just... stopped.

Once, Yukimura had asked Syusuke why. He knew it was pointless to, but he had to ask, he had to know why. Syusuke had just shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

And he'd said, "You just know, I guess. I knew unconsciously, but I still knew." And he laughed and hugged Yukimura blissfully, looking satisfied and content. "When the time comes, Seiichi would know, too."

"My name is Sanada Genichirou." His name was Sanada Genichirou. "Pleased to meet you."

And maybe it had been Yukimura's imagination, but during that last part, the part where Sanada Genichirou said 'pleased to meet you,' he'd been looking right at Yukimura.

And Yukimura looked back.

"When the time comes, Seiichi will know, too."

Yukimura had doubted it then, but that felt like years ago to now, to the present. Syusuke was right, he didn't know what had possessed him to doubt Syusuke, Syusuke had only ever been right.

Because when he looked right into Sanada Genichirou's eyes and drowned in their depths, he lost the ability to string his thoughts together, to think straight in the usual way he thought. And he didn't care.

Of course Syusuke would be right. Unconsciously or consciously, you just know. And right at the moment, Yukimura knew.

I know.

"Pleased to meet you, too," Yukimura murmured, looking straight at his eyes.

And maybe it was just his imagination working at overdrive again, or maybe it was his foolish heart thumping away in his chest, but Sanada Genichirou's eyes had crinkled into an almost-smile that made Yukimura feel as if he was flying.

Because it was almost as if he was telling Yukimura that he knew, too.

They both knew.

And it was magical.


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