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Chapter Two


Throughout the twenty-two years of my life I've always believed in the good in people. From the bullies in the school yard to the homeless and even drug addicts. I always felt that those people were the way they were because of someone or something that happened in their lives. When I met James Hunter I never believed he'd turn out to be the person he did. When he did show his true colors I held on to the belief that he was traumatized in his childhood. I wanted nothing more than to make up for that and to take away his pain. Unfortunately, he was simply a royal dickwad that didn't deserve my love or even my pity.

When I first asked my dad for information about my would-be hero I didn't think he'd flip out the way he did. Apparently, he'd already gotten the information along with some background on him. Convincing him to give me the information took longer than I wanted. I think a lot of his reluctance to give it to me stemmed from the fact that I wouldn't stay with him and my mom in Forks. He was firmly of the mind that I needed my daddy to keep me safe. What a crock of shit.

Living in Seattle was great for me. In New York, I was either in my dorm room or at James' loft. I'd never really lived on my own. I found a decent two bedroom apartment in a fairly decent neighborhood. The building even had a doorman slash security guard so my police chief father couldn't get on my case too much. Never mind the fact that Edward and Alice lived a couple blocks away or that I was an adult.

Looking back my first letter to Jasper Whitlock was more of a ramble than a letter. I basically told him my whole life story. When I realized what I had done two days after dropping the letter off at the post office I felt like a complete idiot. I was sure he wouldn't respond. Nearly a week passed by before I got my reply. He thanked me for writing to him and went on to tell me a bit about himself. Reading that he'd been abandoned in the hospital when he was born was heartbreaking. Then learning that he'd spent his childhood defending himself against bullies solidified my resolve to be a friend to him.

Somewhere over the course of our friendship via letters things changed. Edward and Alice started pointing out that I tended to veer our conversations toward what Jasper's latest letter said. Emmett was weary of my relationship with Jasper and Rose was well... Rose. She bitched that I never stopped talking about him and made it a rule that I couldn't mention anything to do with Jasper Whitlock in her presence. For some reason that left me with not much to talk about. My dad went farther than Emmett with the worrying and constantly tried to enforce in me that he was 'not someone I should invest too much time in' while my mom was wonderfully oblivious to the whole situation.

When I finally thought back over my friends and families reactions and fears about Jasper I realized that I felt more than gratefulness or friendship for him. It wasn't that I pitied him or wanted to 'save' him because I did. I felt pity for how his life went and I wanted to do nothing more than take him out of the vicious cycle he was heading toward. I also wanted to care for him and love him. Not just in a physical sense because at that point I had no clue what he looked like. I wanted to show him and the world that people could rise above their situations in life to love someone else more than life itself. Realizing all of this terrified me.

I wasn't stupid. I knew that he had a rough road ahead of him. Being that once he was released he'd be a convicted felon would make it that much harder for him to find a job to support himself or even me should that be the case. I also wasn't blind to the fact that he'd had a different start in life than I did. He was street tough and primarily acted on instinct to survive. While I never had to almost literally fight to stay alive I also was never handed anything for free. I worked my ass off for everything I had; from my car to my grades in school.

Learning that he felt the same for me was exhilarating. I couldn't wait for him to be released so I could finally see him in person. Thinking about his release brought about the thought of when I would actually get to see him. When I asked my dad about the process for releasing a prisoner into society he explained that if the prisoner was simply finished serving any time they had been sentenced to then they were released from prison to basically live their lives within the law. But if the prisoner still had to serve probation then they had to not only have a home address they also had to meet with their probation officer within forty-eight hours of their release.

I knew that his friend and former boss, Peter, and his fiancee, Charlotte, had moved back to Texas when his bar folded so that meant that Jasper couldn't stay in New York. I figured that he'd made his way from Texas to get out of all the drama he'd been accustomed to there for a reason. Knowing all of that led me to convince my dad, who was retiring soon, to call in a favor to one of his friends in Seattle. When he told me that his friend, Dee Orlando, was going to call the prison and request Jasper's probation case I got Mr. Orlando's information.

It was two years to the day that I'd been attacked by James and saved by Jasper that I had a scheduled conference call with the representative at the prison who was responsible for securing and finalizing each prisoner's probation. It was also Jasper's twenty-fourth birthday. I was pretty shocked to find out that Jasper was in the room with Ms. Hillenburg, but even more so when I finally heard his voice.

"I'll be arriving at the prison on the day of your release to," I paused to clear my throat because I was pretty damn nervous about how he'd react to either seeing me in person or moving clear across the country, "escort you back to Washington and then to Mr. Orlando's office the day after our flight back."

Then he spoke for the first time and I could hear the smile in his voice as he exclaimed, "You're coming here!"

I laughed at his obvious excitement to my trip across the country and at myself for doubting our connection, but said, "Yes, Jasper. I'm coming there! I'll be waiting in the lounge the minute you're sprung."

Then he laughed a deep gutbusting laugh and said, "That is by far the best thing I've heard in the past two years. Hell, the past twenty-four years!"

Ms. Hillenburg said, "Well if that's all, I'd like to give Jasper his birthday present. Former Chief Swan, Mr. Orlando, excuse me for being blunt but could you kindly hang up." My dad and Mr. Orlando called out their goodbyes and quickly hung up their lines to the conversation.

Ms. Hillenburg then shocked the hell out of me again by telling me that I'd get to talk with Jasper without guards or other prisoners around. That's the reason we'd avoided talking on the phone in the first place. I gasped as she went on to tell Jasper that she'd have to stay in the room, but she'd keep quiet until we had a minute left of our fifteen to talk.

I heard the click of the speakerphone function being turned off as Jasper lifted the receiver then what sounded like mumbling before I heard the sexiest thing I'd ever heard in my life, "Bella."

How he could make my name sound the way it did to me was beyond me. I struggled to keep my voice steady as I replied, "Hi, Jasper."

"God, its so good to hear your voice," he groaned.

I chuckled and said, "Likewise. It makes me wonder if we were being smart or just plain stupid when we decided not to talk before."

"As much as I'd like to say we were being stupid, I'm really glad that I don't have to hear all the bullshit going on in the background while I'm concentrating on your voice," he replied.

I smiled to myself as I curled up on my couch and said, "That was really sweet."

"I can be that way occasionally," he chuckled.

"Hey, now! Don't get all sarcastic on me," I joked.

"Wouldn't dream of it darlin'. So tell me how things are going to go down once I'm sprung from hell on Earth," he drawled as he allowed his Texas accent to come out. It actually sent shivers down my back and dampened my panties.

"I...uh...," I said stammering on my reply. I hadn't paid attention to what he was saying only listening to the way his voice lilted and swayed and my reaction to it.

"You okay?" he asked worriedly.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I'm fine. Sorry what did you ask me?" I managed to reply.

Jasper laughed, "I asked you what was going to happen when you came to New York."

"Oh,yeah. I'm sorry. If I'm not badly mistaken, you'll be released on the Friday before Memorial Day. I'm flying out on Thursday morning. I'll be at the prison Friday morning to get you and we'll fly back Friday night. Normally Mr. Orlando wouldn't be working on the weekend, but he's agreed to meet with you two hours after we land so you can freshen up before you meet," I replied once I recovered from the lust induced haze caused by his voice.

"Are you missing any work?" he asked with a concern laced voice.

"Just Thursday and Friday. Before you flip on me about missing work, I'm simply taking two sick days that I'm entitled to. I'm only missing one class Thursday night so don't bring that up either. Face it, pal! I'm coming to get you," I answered.

"Alright. I won't begrudge you that, but you're going back to work Monday morning," he said in an imitation of a stern father.

I giggled – actually fucking giggled – and said, "That'll be pretty hard considering Monday is Memorial Day and the Seattle school system is completely closed."

"Well then, Tuesday you're back at work!" he exclaimed.

"Sir, yes, sir!" I replied mocking a soldier. "Once you meet with Mr. Orlando we'll be free to do whatever you want until I have to work on Tuesday."

"I'm game for anything, but being cooped up in the house all day. Speaking of houses, am I really staying with you?" he asked.

"Yep. My apartment has two bedrooms, so you'll have your own room. Alice is helping me set it up for you while we wait for time to creep by," I answered.

"Don't spend a bunch of money on me. A bed with a mattress that isn't four inches thick is all I ask for," Jasper said.

"I know that. I'm keeping it simple, I promise. And besides, Alice has taken it upon herself to outfit you with a wardrobe," I laughed.

"Oh God! She's going to dress me as some preppy bitch isn't she?" he groaned.

"Nope. I gave her permission to buy the clothes for you with the stipulation that she had to buy jeans and t-shirts along with appropriate work attire. I can't promise they won't be designer jeans and t-shirts though," I said.

He laughed then I heard some mumbling in the background. He came back to the conversation and said, "As much as I'd love to spend the rest of today talking to you, our time is up."

I pouted and said, "Well that blows. Do me a favor and be good. I really want to see you in two months."

"Me? I'm always good! I'm an angel among men," he cried then laughed and said, "I'll be good. I promise. You be safe and I'll give you the biggest hug you've ever had in May."

"Okay. See you soon?" I asked.

"Soon," he answered softly before hanging up the phone.

I pressed the end button on my cell phone then held it to my chest as I sobbed. I spent the day wrapped up in a throw blanket on my couch watching Lifetime Movie Network.