This is a sequel to "Misguided Fantasises" -How will the team respond to Greg and Sara's relationship...will they even have a chance to respond?

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Harmless Liaisons: Chapter One

He sat in the bullpen of LVPD fiddling with a small silver heart shaped locket in his hands. There was nothing special about him. He was just another average looking man, tallish, dark hair, dark eyes and a dark expression to match. Most of the officers walked passed throwing pitiful glances at him guessing that he was the loved one of a victim waiting for news. Waiting for someone to tell him that there has been a break in the case.

Vartann made his way through the doors surrounded by his co-workers a coffee clutched in his hands, and a look that told everyone that today was not a good day. Seeing the man sitting in wait for someone to ask what to was wrong, Vartann rolled his eyes. What was wrong with the people he worked with? Why had no one asked the man what was wrong? Or if they could help?

Want something done right- do it yourself. That was certainly true in this place Vartann thought bitterly to himself as he approached the man.

"Can I help you sir?" he asked, the irritation clear in his voice.

"I'd like to file a missing persons report." The man responded looking up him in a distraught way.

It was in that moment that all the anger, Vartann had woken up with slipped away. Things could always be worse. He could be this guy. He reminded himself.


Greg and Sara lay next to each other listening to their heart beats slow down, and their breathing return to a normal pace.

"I think we have a record." Greg said between pants. Sara gave him a playful hit, and when they both rolled over to face each other they began laughing. Greg hadn't been able to keep his hands off Sara that night and she hadn't resisted his caresses and kisses.

It still felt wrong to Greg, being here like this, it still felt like they were having an affair to him. But it had been a month and a half since Grissom had found out about them. It had been a month and a half since Grissom and Sara had decided their marriage wasn't working. Not that they had told anyone else. They would steal kisses in the lab when no one was looking. Share what appeared to be causal touches in front of their co-workers. Be the professionals they were. Only to find themselves at home that night, tearing each other's clothes off and making love as if it may be their last chance.

Sara insisted that it made they had special but there was something at the back of Greg's mind that told him that hiding this was not special but rather a way of self preservation for Sara. But he didn't say a word for the fear of losing her.

Their alarms began bleeping reminding them that they were due in work in an hour.


Vartann sat at his desk, a new file open in front of him; pen in hand ready to take notes from what he was told.

"What's your name sir?" He asked first.

"Zack Berry."

"And who is it that has gone missing?" He asked the questions that were written on the sheet in front of him, knowing full well that he sounded cold hearted.

"My best friend, Andrea Martin." he said as calmly as he could, his hand were shaking.

"When did she first disappear?"

"About...three days ago...she went on a date and never came back." Zack explained the details that had been going around in his head for the last few days.

Vartann looked at him sympathetically, but he knew the statistics, after 24 hours, after 48 hours...after 72 hours.


A helpless woman sat in the small dark room that she had been left in. How long had it been? She thought, but without zeitgebers she couldn't tell. Days. Hours. Minutes. Seconds. What was the difference?

She could hear the sound of bird song outside but nothing else. It was as if she was trapped in Pandora's box, stuck with secrets and truths that no one wanted. All now she had do now was wait for an unfortunate soul to open the box and let the horrors out.

There was nothing in the room apart from a chair, where he had sat and watched her. Watched the tears rolling down her eyes, her pleas to let her go and promise to never tell.

Reasoning with a psychopath. Great idea.

She closed her eyes and leant against the wall she was propped up against hoping that it would all soon be over.

She sat there hoping that her death wouldn't drag out.


Greg sat on the edge of the bed watching Sara getting dressed. It had become a routine, he would leave Sara in bed to get used to the idea of getting up while he showered and dressed. Then he would watch her morning routine with a coffee in hand. Watch the way she picked out her clothes, put on her make up and did her hair. There was something entrancing about watching his lover become the woman he loved, if that made any sense.

Greg didn't know what it was, but he adored watching Sara get ready. The way she would crinkle her nose slightly as she looked at herself in the full length mirror on the days she felt unattractive, as she was doing this morning, he stood up and walked over. Greg placed a kiss on Sara's shoulder, where her skin ended and her t-shirt began.

"You look beautiful." he muttered into her ear wrapping his arms around her waist.