Hi guys!

I'm back! Since the new and improved FFN rules are that authors notes are not allowed in separate chapters anymore, I will have to write it here and hope as many of the "Truly" readers as possible notice it and responds before I delete it again in about a week!

Alright, I've done the rough outline for the first 6 chapters and I'll be giving you some things to choose from through the whole writing process, but not everything because I think we've all learned how long that can take if I have to make everything up on the spot.

I've got some different pairings messing around in my head for the next book (not splitting up Sookie and Eric! Off course not!) but I'll be getting back to that. There might be some surprise SLASH (non canon same sex couples) but I'll be asking you about that. If you don't chose it, then I'll just make my outline into a fic of its own – no biggie!

My question right now is.. –drumroll please!-

What do you want first?

The first chapter of Truly Living Dead in Dallas (which will be following season 2 and book two, Living Dead in Dallas). Neil Jones is dead in Andy Bellefleur's car, Eric receives a phonecall from Isabel of Area 9 and who is traipsing through the woods. And what about Pam's pumps? ("Those were great pumps…")


The Outtake taking place during the month between Rene's last attack and the day Andy gets drunk in the bar and leaves his car behind in the lot? (I'm thinking about a week before Neil is found - there's a nice _ in the middle of the page in chapter 10 TDUD, for those of you in doubt about when I'm talking about) This is where Bill (Beehl) gets his just desserts, where there is more bonding between the Stackhouse kids (Sookie, Jason, Lafayette and Tara). Pam enters into the scene a bit more, bonding with Sookie and also the all-important lemon you have all been waiting for. Yes, that's right – Sookie will be losing her V-card at last!

I only have so much time, and if I want to keep my personal promise of at least a monthly update to yours truly, my muse and my calendar, then I'll need to know which is more important.

True Blood has in MY personal opinion gone a bit off track for me.. It's.. well it's just getting a bit weird, so I might be going a bit AU and bit further towards the book than first intended, because I'm not really that fond of some of the choices HBO has made with this universe and the characters. BUT we will discuss that when we get to it my dovelings.

So... Chapter one of Truly Dead in Dallas, OOOOOR do you want to finish off the first book completely with all Outtakes and extra scenes first? I'll be putting up a poll if you feel it is easier to answer that way, instead of writing a review.

Let me know, and as always I am open and hoping - waiting with baited breath actually for your comments, suggestions and opinions.

All my love,