Hi! This is my first ever fanfiction, so it might be a little rough. If so, I apologize. Basically this takes place after Nationals and after the school year concluded. Everything that happened on the show, happened here. So I'm picking up right where the show left off. Mr. Schue decided to take the kids on a week and a half long camping trip to help them bond and to reward them for their hard work over the year. Its mostly about how Rachel is forced to be with Quinn and Santana, and the three end up becoming friends. Hope you enjoy! Please review and give any constructive comments to help me improve.

Santana slunk back into her seat in satisfaction as Rachel managed to lift herself up off of the floor. The rest of the glee club snickered (attempting to keep it to themselves) as Mr. Schue glared at her.

"Santana." He warned. "I said more than once that this is going to be a bully-free trip. I meant it. Apologize to Rachel."

Santana let out a small growl but muttered a half-assed apology. Rachel glumly accepted and sat down in her seat (by herself) behind Mr. Schue and Miss Pillsbury. The rest of the club was laughing and goofing off in the back of the school bus. Santana and Brittany sitting together in the very back, Puck and Lauren across from them, Mercedes and Quinn, Tina and Mike, Artie and Sam, and Finn and Kurt all crammed together in the back. Rachel sat up straight, gave herself a small smile and placed her earbuds gently into her ears. Barbra sang to her and she instantly felt better. It never failed.

Mr. Schue had decided that the glee clubbers needed some cheering up after their loss at Nationals. Twelfth place out of fifty was not at all bad. Especially considering he had made them perform original songs and they had only prepared them the day before. In retrospect, that had most definitely not been his best idea. Not by a long shot. The kids seemed to be getting along better, but he didn't want to take any chances. Santana was still poking needles into her Rachel Berry voodoo doll, Quinn was furious about something or other, and Finn was just an idiot. Will figured a summer camping trip would be fun for them, if nothing else, it would force them to really work together and some issues would be dealt with now, rather then wait all summer. Emma being there was simply a bonus.

"Hey Rachel." Finn said as he slid into the seat behind her.

"Hello Finn." Rachel had been doubting somewhat her decision to rekindle her romantic relationship with Finn. It was true that she thought she was in love with him. She had wanted them to be together for a long time, but for some reason, it didn't feel like it should. The feeling she had didn't quite feel like love. Finn was a nice guy (sometimes) but she couldn't help but feel that he wasn't for her. She had to admit though, it was nice to have someone who wanted to be around her. No one else did. Finn had been the one to kiss Rachel during their performance, yet no one blamed him for their loss, only Rachel. Santana had become much more vicious lately, as had Quinn and for some reason Lauren. The only person not ignoring or teasing Rachel was Kurt. Thank God for him or Rachel would have been lost. Their friendship had become stronger since Nationals and his coming back to McKinley and she was grateful to finally have a friend. Someone who didn't just want to get into her very short skirts.

"Why don't you come sit in back?" Finn asked.

"I have some work I would like to get done. Maybe later."

"Oh." He said disappointed. "Okay."

Rachel gave him a small smile and turned back to her ipod. Barbra poured her heart out and Rachel read over some sheet music she had recently bought.

Quinn frowned at Finn as he dropped himself back down into his seat beside Kurt. She had to admit, his utter look of disappointment made her feel much better. Finn deserved every bad thing he got. He was a prick in her eyes. A cheating, lying, hypocritical, idiotic prick. Secretly, Quinn knew that she wasn't much better, but that was beside the point.

"How much longer is this gonna take Mr. Schue?" Puck groaned.

"About forty more minutes Noah."

The glee club let out a collective groan. They had already been on the school bus for two hours. Two hours in a cramped, un air-conditioned, uncomfortable bus. Will wasn't exactly thrilled at this announcement either, and he had given it. Emma gave him a small smile and took his hand.

"Can we dance?" Brittany asked no one in particular.

"Not on the bus B." Santana said.

"This sucks." She whined.

"Agreed. Let's chuck stuff at Yental."

Brittany's eyes lit up at the cruel suggestion, not so much that it would hurt Rachel, but something to do. Quinn happily joined in on the fun. The Unholy Trinity had become closer than ever in New York and the last few days of school had been the three of them wreaking havoc on the school. Rachel especially. Quinn's new haircut seemed to have at first calmed her down, but now she was back to bitch. Back to being numb, not showing her feelings, hurting other people, only when she was with Santana and Brittany was she back to her old (somewhat) happy self. It was semi-progress if nothing else.

Quinn picked up a pen and gave it a swift flick in Rachel's direction. She smirked as the petite girl cried out and held her head. Rachel turned around clearly hurt.

"Sorry Berry." Quinn said unapologetically. Santana grinned and gave Quinn another pen. It would prove to be a very long forty minutes.

Kurt walked over to Rachel and linked their arms together with a smile. Rachel gave him a small one back. Her head was still a little sore from the many pens Quinn and Santana had managed to throw at her before Mr. Schue finally caught on. Observant teacher he was not.

"I've got a plan." He whispered into Rachel's ear as the club gathered their bags. Rachel looked at him confused and eager but he simply smiled at her. Rachel turned to get her own bag as Santana shoved into her.

"My bad." Rachel scowled and followed the rest of the group to the cabins that was to be theirs for the rest of the week and a half.

There were two boys cabins, and two girls, a staff's (to be for Mr. Schue and Miss Pillsbury's) and a main cabin for activities which also held the kitchen. Much to the group's chagrin, the bathrooms (also divided for boys and girls) were a walk up away from the cabins. There was also a lake, and a few hiking trails (with activities and group bonding exercises) around the lake. Mr. Schue sent the kids off to get settled in after the man in charge of Camp Bristol Hill explained the rules.

Kurt gave Rachel a small squeeze before following Finn and the rest of the boys to their cabins. Kurt, Finn and Puck shared one cabin, while Sam, Artie and Mike shared the other. The boys (minus Kurt) had all dumped their bags on the ground and were already planning pranks on each other before the girls had even reached their cabins. Realizing that there was one more girl than available beds, Rachel was left outside alone. Emma walked by and saw her sitting upright on top of her bag on the steps into the first cabin.

"Rachel?" She asked.

"There are only three beds in each cabin Miss Pillsbury. You would think that perhaps Mr. Schuester would have called ahead and made sure that there was actually enough room for everyone involved in this club. I find the lack of attention to detail appalling and I will be calling my fathers to come pick me up as soon as I can get a signal on my cell phone." Rachel held her phone up in the air attempting to dial, but with no luck. Emma ignored her and walked into the cabin. Santana quickly hid the bottle of beer she had in her hand.

"Girls, shove your beds over to the side to make room for another one." She ordered

"Why?" Quinn asked.

"Because I said so. And Santana, hand it over."


"The beer. Come on, now." Santana groaned and passed the bottle over. Emma waited and took the other three bottles as well.

"Rachel, go into that cabin, I'll have the boys bring in a bed for you." Emma said as she came out of the cabin.

"Wait, in there! Can't I go in the other cabin with Tina and Mercedes? They hate me less than Santana and Quinn."

"No. It might do you all some good to be together for a while." Rachel sighed and began to collect her things. She felt like she was about to walk to her death.

"No fucking way Berry." Santana yelled out as Rachel walked into the cabin. "Go into the other one."

"I can't. Miss Pillsbury won't let me."

"You have got to be kidding me." Quinn scoffed. Rachel had no bed yet to put her things, or sit on so she just stood there. Quinn, Santana and Brittany all chose to ignore Rachel and began talking amongst themselves. They had only been at the campsite for fifteen minutes and already Rachel wanted to go home. An entire week of this was going to kill her for sure. The only thing keeping her spirits even halfway up was the fact that there were no slushie machines in the woods.