Here's another of the prompts from the livejournal meme.

"Puck is a cuddleslut"

This is for Crazy-Ginger-Slytherinxxx who picked 22.

A Lot of Things

Puck was a lot of things to a lot of people.



Loving older brother.

Worst mistake of their life.

Former best friend.

Team mate.

Not everyone knew about all of them, but most weren't huge secrets.

Except for one.

Only Santana and Brittany knew about it and they were sworn to secrecy.

Puck liked to cuddle.

No, scratch that, Puck loved to cuddle. He didn't usually mean to, he was just drawn to the heat of another body.

He was in fact a cuddle-slut. He would often cuddle with his sister and when he went to visit Beth he would often just sit with her cuddled close.

Santana and Brittany would often cuddle with him, Brittany more than Santana, but the Latina was known to do it too.

He would often end up spooning with his partner, or he would try but they would usually either leave or make him leave.

So the one morning when they were all camping, Kurt woke slightly disoriented. Aside from that one time with Blaine, he had never woken up with someone else.

And Blaine hadn't been using him as a human teddy bear.

His tent-mate, Puck, something Kurt blamed entirely on the girls, was wrapped around him like a boa constrictor. How Puck had gotten into Kurt's one man sleeping bag was beyond him.

Kurt tried to wiggle out of the vice-like grip that Puck had him in, but he couldn't move.

With a soft moan, Puck nuzzled Kurt's neck, just behind his ear. His weak spot, and thrust weakly into Kurt's arse with a half hard cock.

'Kurt,' he breathed softly, and Kurt felt Puck's hips speed up and his cock harden.

Kurt was mortified to find his own cock hardening as his hips disobeyed his express denial to absolutely not push back.

Puck's hand trailed down and cupped Kurt's hard cock, and Kurt made a half moan half keening noise and Puck chuckled.

'You're so fucking hot,' Puck breathed into Kurt's ear, sending shivers all through Kurt's body.

He manoeuvred them so that Kurt was on his back and Puck was on Kurt; groins and chests pressed together.

'Why are you doing this?' Kurt half sobbed as Puck pulled both their erections out of their boxers and held them in one fist.

'Because I want you. I think, sometime between Regionals and Nationals, I started falling in love with you,' Puck replied, even as he jerked himself and Kurt off.

Kurt whined and covered Puck's hand in fluid just as Puck followed.

'I don't…' Things with Blaine were confusing at best at the moment and Kurt had no idea where he stood with the other boy.

'Hey, you don't have to say anything,' Puck cut him off with a gentle kiss, 'just think about it?'

Kurt nodded and Puck used a nearby shirt to clean off his hand, before settling down next to Kurt his head nestled in the crook of Kurt's shoulder, their legs tangled together.

Kurt was taken aback for a moment, before he remembered something that Santana and Brittany had told him, 'cuddleslut,' he grinned.

'Shut up,' Puck replied though the tone was more embarrassed than angry.

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