The Recruit

Note: In this pre-LFN/alternative universe story Michael was actually first recruited by another Section and then caught the attention of Section One and was transferred over. The reason why I suppose this is because the timeline doesn't match up. Michael joined Rene Dion and L'heur Saguine in 1984 (when he was 19). The latest he could have planted a bomb would have been 1986 (when he was 21) otherwise he would have been out of the university and L'heur Saguine was big in the student upraising movement. Even if the trial takes about a year it would have make it 1987 (when he was 22) when he gets sentence to life in prison.

I doubt Section would have waited 4 more years to recruit him (when he was 26). Section didn't wait to recruit Nikita who they thought was a mere cop killer merely because of her looks and ability to kill in cold blood. They would not pass up the opportunity to recruit Michael who is university educated, beautiful and can build bombs. This story pushes his recruitment back to 1988-1989 early promotion to Level 3 by late 1990-1991 just in time to enter Section One.


"Who's that?"

Walter looked up at the new operative's question to find him looking across the room. Striding confidently through Section in his customary black attire was Michael, on his way up to the perch to meet with Operations. He turned back to the inquisitive field ops and replied: "That's Michael."

He laid down the gear he had been gathering and leaned in fixing a stern look of warning at the new guy: "You do not want to get in his way."

"Why's that?"

"He's someone you don't want to mess with."

The guy looked up at the perch where Operations and Michael were facing down to the Comm area, calmly discussing something. He turned back to Walter and responded: "So he's the top dog around here huh?"

"There are 3 general rules in Section: failure is not an option, you do your job, and you don't get on Michael's bad side. You follow those rules; you just might survive your first year out of training."

At the questioning look on the guy's face, Walter took it easy on him and explained the lay of the land. "If you complete your mission, you'll satisfy Operations. If you do your job, Madeline won't take a closer look at you. If you stay on Michael's good side, you might be able to survive your next mission."

"So Michael leads the mission?"

"He leads them, perform tactical oversights, create profiles, assign the teams, you name it he does it."

"When does he sleep?"

Walter was starting to like this new field op. He teased back: "Who says he does?"

The guy starts laughing in response, drawing several startled glances from fellow operatives. He choked back his laughter when he noticed Michael had left the perch and was walking across the room toward his office. The sound of laughter had drawn Michael's attention and he glanced impassively across the room before turning his attention elsewhere.

"Is he always this emotionless?"

"Pretty much."

"There had to have been a time he let his guard down."

"None that I've ever seen."

"Not even when he was a recruit himself?"

"I wouldn't know. Michael came to us already a full-fledged operative."

"What do you mean?"

"He came to us from another Section, Section 8 I think."

"There are other sections?"

"Of course there are. Terrorism is a global threat; we need sections to cover the world."

"When did he come over?"

"I don't remember, ages ago. Operations and Madeline had to wrestle him away from 8. They weren't too thrilled since he's the most gifted recruit that ever came through Section. From the sound of it they were grooming him for higher level positions, same as here. But what Section One wants Section One gets."

"Does he have any weaknesses?"

"Not many. You'll meet one of them; she's tall and blonde, a true beauty."

"She's an operative?"

"Yup. He trained her and they've been under each other's skin ever since."

"I'd like to meet her."

"Haven't you been listening to a word I'm saying? I warned you not to get on Michael's bad side. Well cozying up to Nikita will definitely lands you smack dab on his radar and quicker than you can say suicide mission, you'd be dead."

The field op held his hand up in surrender: "Okay, okay, I get it. Don't need to keep harping on it."

Walter fixed a stern glare at him: "Good, now get out of here."

"I'm going, there I'm gone."

"Smart as*s."