WARNING: This is a purely fictional story based on the game S4 League. Some characters are fictional, while others are not. You have been warned.


The sudden burst of white faded out as Maria_Leingod saw the closed space about her. An automatic computerized voice sounded, "Welcome to S4 League! I will need you to test your camera movement. Please look to the screens to the right and to the left." Maria turned right and left; as her view passed the red screens, they turned green. "Good! Now try moving to the Exit to the next area." Maria started a steady jog to the four-posted goal. Well, this isn't too hard. Upon entering the goal, the environment again flashed white as Maria was teleported.

In the next area, the voice commanded, "Now try to navigate your self in this maze. Don't get lost!" Maria started into the maze. Now where's that exit?

Suddenly, the world went dark; [You don't really think its gonna be that easy do you?]

Maria couldn't see her surroundings, but a strange humanoid figured appeared. In contrast to Maria's Blue and White training outfit, the figure wore completely black, with the exception of two orange stripes running from the shoulder to the waist. On ?his arm lies a checkered sash; his hands were covered with white gloves. But the strangest of all was his ?head; rather his head was completely covered by a helmet with a round grey window that hid his face from view. The figure motioned [follow me and try to keep up]; he then took off sprinting into the darkness.

Who was THAT!

Maria, spurred to chase, followed running as fast as she can. Barely, keeping up Maria saw him port through an Exit. When he did, the darkness lifted. The computer voice was back; "Oh no! Someone has altered the program. Please wait here. An administrator will be coming shortly."

Wait? NO WAY! I'm here for an adventure! Without warning, Maria sprinted right through the portal.

Again, Maria found herself in darkness.

[Brave of you to follow. Let's see if you can keep up with my moves.] The mysterious figure ran up translucent, neon blue stairs.

Maria shouted, "Wait!" and took off in pursuit. When the figure jumped, she jumped. When he sprinted, she sprinted. She shadowed the figure perfectly. Maria quickly mastered wall jumping, sprinting, and dodging. She even learned how to angle wall jumps to gain distance.

[Hmm. Pretty good.] Maria followed the person into another Exit.

The darkness lifted. Maria saw the person with his back to her. Dragon designs on his shirt formed two letters: GM.

Oh man...

The GM faced Maria; he pointed at two yellow guns down at her feet. [Try to hit me with those before the timer ends]

Maria picked up the guns and 60 seconds appeared in her display. Sounds too easy. Suddenly, the timer started; Maria, desperate to score a hit, fired both of her semi-automatic guns simultaneously. She swept her guns from side to side. The GM easily jumped over her sweep. Maria, then tried accurately shooting the GM; no matter how hard she tried, the GM jumped, dodged, and ducked every bullet.

40 seconds? Che, I Gotta Hit Him NOW!

Suddenly, Maria copied the GM's rhythm and flow, shadowed his movement yet again, and fired her guns with pinpoint precision. PISH!

The GM suddenly sprinted to Maria, moving faster than when he was avoiding bullets. He looked like a rock skipping across a lake. In a single movement, the GM brought out his Plasma Sword and stunned Maria.

[Got me in 30 seconds. That's better than most newcomers. You will do well in S4 League. See you around.]

Before Maria could recover, the GM vanished. Who was that? Maria thought. Suddenly, an Exit appeared in front of her; seeing no other way out, Maria went through.

A flash of white and "Thank Goodness. You are OK!" The familiar computer voice expressed concern. "Where were you? My sensors couldn't locate you." "I don't know.." Maria answered. The voice chimed, "Well, it doesn't matter. The abnormality has vanished. Please continue to the next area." Maria noticed that she was at the end of the maze that she ported out of. Wow, lucky me. She proceeded to the next area.

After destroying a couple of sentry bots, scoring a simulated touchdown, using shield, and learning of the danger of laser gates, Maria joined the lobby.

Wow, the rest of the training session was extremely easy compared to shooting the GM. That moment felt as if I was playing against a real player. Feeling done for the day, Maria signed out.

In real life, Catherine signed in.

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