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The next night, Maria logged on. In the lobby, she checked her friend list. Both Xero and A-Man were offline.

Andy's got midterms. Xero's out. Looks like I'm going in solo.

Checking her inventory, Maria was surprised and relieved that the Duel-Semis were still there.

Great! I guess I'll keep this set-up for now.

Entering a room at random, Maria felt more than confident to take on any challenge.


Maria landed behind a block and some blue lasers. So this is Touchdown mode. Blue lasers are safe. Reds are not.

Running out of the base, Maria was instantaneously blasted back by a blue light, dropping her health to zero. Damned random sniper. Tenz railed Maria

Tenz: Lol Hey Getch. Ur crossdressing friend is here. Haha and her bud A-Man doesn't seem to be around.

Getch: How u doin love? Hehe ima enjoy this.

Shet. Did I really join the room of Getch and his wimpy sidekick?

She quickly scanned the leaderboard. Getch was strangely enough in 1st while Tenz was in 2nd.

Wow they actually got skill.

Then, Maria noticed that it was 4 v 5, her side losing. Crap. My teammates are rookies. Maria noted Tenz's rail gun.

K it's powerful and accurate, but the best way to dodge it is with erratic movement. Let's go!

She ran out of her base and bunny down the stairs. Tenz launched two more beams in rapid succession. Fortunately, they missed Maria by inches.

How did he increase the rate of fire on the rail? Hack? Not willing to call out the "hack", Maria pulled out her Duel-Semis and shot down the 3 red noobs, who were camping in the train.

So only Tenz and Getch are the ones who have some skill. This might be easier after all.

Then she felt a crushing blow from behind. Reacting quickly, Maria dodged to avoid smashing into the train wall. Getch had uppercut her with a strange, spiky, black CS. Another FP im guessing?

Remembering A-Man's words from last night, Maria realizes that Getch was using a Crow CS. Time to kill this playboy. Pulling out her PS, Maria dash attacked Getch, only to be stunned by Getch's Revenge. Again? Really? I gotta stop doing that. And with another crushing blow from Getch, Maria saw her body burn in green flames. During Maria's recovery, Getch grabbed the fumbi and scored a touchdown, making the score 4-7, Maria's side losing. So that's how Touchdown works.

Suddenly Maria's side gained one more member, ShineFox. Wow we got a pro? For reals?

ShineFox: Ok guys. This is an extremely one sided match. How my team gained 4 points, I have no idea. I just know that you guys are going down.


ShineFox: ...

ShineFox: *sigh*

When the next round started, the pro took off, wall jumping down the stairs, grabbing the fumbi; he did a trick to climb the bridge and score a goal. All before Getch approached the train.

Shine: Should I go a little slower? (^(O.O)™

Getch: thats it. Time to play defensively.

Shine [Team]: Ok guys. I have no idea how im gonna make the next score. Someone take care of the sniper and ima take care of getch. While getch is occupied, grab the ball and ramp to the goal. Got it?

Maria [Team]: K I got the sniper

Blue 3 [Team]: Right and I'll grab the ball.


Maria ran to the wall in front of the goal. She pulled out her Duel Semis and aimed for Tenz. Tenz was jumping around trying to snipe Shine. Oh no you don't. Maria fired and within three seconds, Tenz fell to the ground burning in green fire. At about the same time, Shine defeated Getch and ran up the stairs and jumped over the red lasers. You could do that? Maria shot anyone foolish enough standing still on the other side of the field. Shine invaded the enemy base and killed anyone aiming for the ball carrier and Blue 3 ran to score a touchdown.

6-7 Yes! We're catching up!

At the start of the next round, ShineFox went actively after Getch. However, after eliminating Getch, he was instantaneously sniped by Tenz.

Maria: Oh shet! Sorry Shine! Not paying attention!

Then, Blue 3 tried to do the same jump that Shine did, only to fail miserably, resetting the ball. Both Shine and Getch respawned and ran after the ball. This time, when Maria saw Tenz aim for Shine, she blasted Tenz to oblivion. Shine grabbed the ball and ran up the ramp away from Getch. Maria decided to run across the bridge and support Shine from the red side. She stood in front of the goal and shot past Shine to prevent Getch from getting any closer. Getch thinking that he could survive Maria's barrage ran straight behind Shine. However, he miscalculated and it costed him his life. Headshots bish!

Score: 7-7

Shine: Ok last point.

Getch: We'll see about that.

At the start of the next round, Maria ran out and scanned the field for Tenz. She easily eliminated the three reds running aimlessly around on the other side, but she couldn't see Tenz or Getch. Then, she saw all four of her teammates come up on the kill list. Damn. Tenz ran to the train?

Shine: Shield... I should've seen that coming.

Maria saw Getch running up the stairs and Tenz aiming for her head. Quickly, She ducked and underneath Tenz's rail beam. Switching to her PS, Maria jumped and slammed down on Getch, just before Getch could run into the goal. Then, she slashed Getch into her blue laser.

Ball reset

Maria ran down the stairs, just as Tenz was retreating in to the train. Crap, he's gonna camp. She ran into the train, praying that Tenz would miss, only to be stunned by a sentry nell.

Why is getting stunned becoming so annoying? Down the train, Tenz aimed his rail at her.


Tenz's last words were cut off when ShineFox came around and omnislashed him from the side.

Maria ran forward.

Maria: THX

Shine: ummmm... run? U got the ball?

Maira: oh.

Maria noticing her dropping SP bar and the white fumbi above her head, decided to run up the stairs.

Shine: Why do all noobs insist on trying to jump if they cant?

Shine decided to eliminate the 3 reds who respawned and try to keep the ball spawn.

Maria, about to do the jump that Shine did, noticed that her SP bar was way to low. Dangit what now? Looking up the stairs, she saw an area where the laser stops on the right side. Might as well. She hopped over to the other side of the stairs. Then, feeling a little crazy, she jumped over the stairs in to open space, and immediately turned left.

MADE IT! So scary, so scary. She saw Shine on the bridge providing cover fire.

Shine: GO!

Maria ran, wishing she could run a little faster. Coming with an idea, she pulled out her PS and dashed the last few feet in to the goal.


Game win: 8-7

Shine: Haha that was kinda close.

Getch: ... Shine, Maria, you two are gonna PAY.

Tenz: I think we should jet.

And with that Tenz and Getch left.

Maria decided that it was a good time to leave too. In the main lobby, she walked over to her corner from last night and sat down. She checked her friends again; Xero had logged on but he was in a game. Hmmm... Shine walked up.

Shine: That was a good play you made.

Maria: Haha. I was trying to copy you but I ran out of SP so I had to find a different way up.

Shine: Wow. Was that the first time you tried that jump?

Maria: Yea.

Shine: ... U know ur pretty good for a newbie.

Maria: lol I've been told. I played against Xero yesterday

Shine: Xero? Yea he's a decent player.. I know him. Here lemme add you on my friend list.

Maria: Sure. Oh btw do you know how tenz shot 2 rails really fast? Was it hack?

Shine: Oh that? Naw.. Just a trick called airhugging.. Look it up.. Now those Duel-Semis... Thats a hack :/

Maria: I didn't do it! I just found em in my inventory when I started.

Shine: Really? Hmmm well. I guess its not ur fault. S4 league has gone through many changes.. I guess this is one of its bug. There are a few ppl running around with interesting weapons..

Shine was just about to leave when he added one more thing.

Shine: Oh I hear a tournament is coming up. You might wanna check it out. And while your at it, invest in a better skill. That Half HP Mastery wont get you far.

Maria: Sure thing. Thanx :3

And with that Shine left.

Maria brought up a screen of skills.

Now what to choose?

HP Mastery? Naw..

Metallic? Useful, but not me.

Block? Also not me. Wait, whats that one?

... Perfect.

4th chapter done! Try to guess which skill she chose ;3

Hint: its not Metallic

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