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The B-Word

Say it once.

Say it twice.

Third times the charm.

Beyond the grave,

He rises from death.

Bidding everyone to harm.

He hates the smell of happiness.

Fear is what gives Him drive.

Don't let Him think your better than He is.

You wont come out alive.

There is a way to put Him back.

But it's just as easy to forget.

One wrong move is all you need.

And Danger's place is set.

He'll find a way to con you.

Each and every time.

Repercussions aren't His problem.

He'll tell you they're on His side.

Just as Destructive as He is Evil.

You have little chance to win.

He'll capture your soul with those Jaded eyes.

Stop your heart with a feral grin.

No remorse, no sorrow.

Man is truly bad to the bone.

Don't turn your back for just a second.

You will never be alone.

Heed my warning, don't think twice.

One word is all you need.

Say it once,

Say it twice.

Third time completes the deed.

Remember the Rules, keep some safe.

Before the Havoc gets turned loose.

Run for your life, but don't say his name.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!