TITLE: The Royal Issues of Mycroft Holmes
FANDOM: Sherlock BBC
PAIRING: Mycroft Holmes/Gregory Lestrade
GENRE: Slash.
PROMPT: "I can't be around sick people."
SUMMARY: "I can't be around sick people."
NOTES: nope.
DISCLAIMER: don't own, just burrow for a while, play with them and then carefully place it on canon again.

"This is ridiculous."


"It's only the flu!"

"A nasty case of flu."

"You had the shot!"

"I'm aware of that."

"Whatever happened with 'in sickness and in'-"

"I'm here, aren't I? That's closer than I'd ever expect."

"In the living room!"

"But the door is still opened. You can see me. Hi! Oh, you could at least wave back. Glaring is just impolite. I brought you chicken soup, an old movie and-"

"Your assistant to do whatever youwere supposed to be doing."

"She's been very helpful."

"She's staring at her blackberry for two hours!"

"Now, now. Don't offend her, she's at your bedside, at your call."

"I don't think she's even listening anymore."

"I am."

"Oh. Good."

"Could you tuck his pillow, Ms. Morstan, I think the Detective would appreciate it."

"No! No! You know what, I'd appreciate it if you could just get over your issues-"

"It's not issues. The Royall Wedding is coming and I can't get sick."

"Your royal issuesand just understand all I need right now is a little support from my partner. Something more than just chicken soup and, and... a maid."

"I prefer the term 'assistant', if you don't mind, Detective."

"Could you just be more comforting, Mycroft?"

"Well. Uhn. Of course. I'm sorry."

"Thank you."

"Ms. Morstan, give the detective a cuddle, please."