Red Hooded Secrets

A Red Riding Hood Fanfiction

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Chapter 1: A Reminder

Flowing red along the white snow, the color of blood, the hood given to her by her grandmother. "I made it for your wedding," she told Valerie a short time after her older sister Lucy had been murdered by the wolf, shocking the small town with grief. It had been twenty years since the wolf had last struck terror upon the town. This town, Daggerhorn, was notorious for the unthinkable stories of the "big bad wolf." Every day for the past six years, Valerie woke up, still finding it hard to believe that her own beloved father was that beast who took so many innocent lives. It was as if she learned this fact every morning when she rolled out of bed and placed her feet on the ground, ready for another day.

He jumped out from behind a tree and grabbed Valerie's hand. "Peter!" she shrieked. Peter pulled her in for a kiss. "Frighten me, why don't you!" she laughed, pulling away for a few seconds. Snow began falling down all around them, spotting Valerie's red cloak and the hood that covered her blonde locks.

"How are you?" Peter asked his wife. They had married four years ago after Peter retreated into the forest for a seemingly endless two years to learn to control himself. Before dying, Valerie's father bit Peter, forever changing him into a werewolf. In order to protect Valerie and the town, Peter left.

"Better now that you're here." She took his hand and began walking back to the house. "C'mon, let's go home. You're not even wearing a coat, Peter. You're going to get sick, I swear, if you do not take care of yourself."

He laughed. "Okay, Mother!" he retorted sarcastically. Peter and Valerie wanted to start a family, they really did, but the fear of how Peter's... genes... would affect their children prevented them from doing so. "Speaking of, have you spoken to your mother lately, Val?" he asked.

"Yes, actually," she replied. "Today. It seems... it seems as if she is slowly getting over father. I don't know if 'getting over' is the correct term, but do you know uh Henry's uncle? John Lazar?" Peter nodded in response as they both stepped over a small log that had fallen along their usual path. He would move that later. "He and mother are engaged."

Peter arched an eyebrow in question. "Engaged? Engaged as to be married?"

"Yes, engaged to be married! What else?" she laughed, but at the same time was irritated by Peter's moment of stupidity. "His wife died six years ago by the..."

"Yes, I know. No need to speak of it." The term "wolf" was rarely used between the couple. The word was off limits, so to speak. Maybe they referred to it as "the incident" or Peter's "side job" or sometimes even "business affair." The word "wolf," though, was hardly ever spoken. It hurt too much for the both of them. To Peter, it was a reminder of his ways and what he was, even though he had never killed a human being... yet. To Valerie, it was a reminder of the lives her father had ruthlessly taken. It was a reminder of what pulsed through her blood since the day she was born. It was a reminder that she could not have the one thing she wanted more than anything. It was a reminder that she and Peter could never start a family.

"I don't know. It's weird... that she's involved with another man other than my father. I mean, you know about Henry's father, but still, I never thought she would move on after her husband so mysteriously disappeared." But in actuality, Valerie's father never really disappeared. After Peter and Valerie had killed her father, the werewolf, they had no choice but to hide the evidence from the town by sinking the body in the lake. If anyone were to discover that Valerie was the blood daughter of the werewolf, she would undoubtedly be hanged.

"Oh well." Peter shrugged. "Let her have her fun!" They both laughed, trying to shake the mental image out of their minds. "Prudence is engaged, also."

"Finally. I thought she would never find a man willing to put up with her!" Stubborn as always, Prudence had refused to believe Valerie was innocent when the town attempted to sacrifice her to the werewolf. Valerie was accused of witchcraft after supposedly speaking to the wolf, her father. The memory was still fresh in Valerie's mind: peering out of the holes of the metal wolf mask, she watched as Prudence said, "The wolf is coming. You're gonna get what you deserve." Valerie, eventually, did find it in her heart to forgive Prudence.

"Who is she marrying?" she asked Peter.

There was a prolonged silence. Why was Peter not responding?

Finally, he replied. "Henry."

"Oh." Butterflies flew through out Valerie's stomach. "Good for them." Henry was engaged to Valerie for a short time. He called off the engagement, though, when he realized that she would never love him as she loved Peter. Why be forced into something that was just not there? When Peter returned the Village, he and Henry got to know each other better; they actually became really good friends. Henry would still do anything for Valerie and still loved her. This love, however, had slowly turned into one that he knew he could not have. She had chosen Peter, and Henry had to respect that.

Despite the fact that Henry and Valerie were no longer engaged and he and Peter were good friends, secrets still floated about them, threatening the very life that they knew best, the friendships that had formed, and the bonds of love that had been sealed.