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Human names and nation names used, if you don't know google it (while listening to the song go google it if your daring). Since mexico isn't canon she is America and Canada's cousin and her human name is Maria

Please read Brothers by BronzeButterfly18 before reading this.

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The wind lazily blew gold, red, and brown leaves past the window from which into a bedroom streamed the early morning sunlight, waking the sleeping personification of Japan. Who was not thrilled for the day to say the least. He had to go to a meeting when all he wanted to do was hang out online with his digital sweetheart. But he would just bring his laptop and pretend to be 100percent not goofing off.

As he left his house he mused on how America was never ever discreet about goofing off during meetings and would even try to convince whoever was sitting near him to ignore the meeting and goof around with him. Not that he was a bad guy but he also never stopped shouting, he would worry for his friends vocal chords, but then he might get some peace and quiet when with his friend.

He thought about taking America to get some ramen after the meeting.

Will you be alright, Al. Canada Telepathically worriedto his twin brother. I'll be fine Matt. Japan's my friend, I speak Japanese, and you helped me translate my notes to brail. Nothing can go wrong for this HERO, e-mail Mexico that the north- America conference is still on for tonight! America responded to his twin. You mean when you, Maria, and I stay up all night and eat three different fast food meals, shop, you two annoy people, we all laugh, and then draw straws for who explains it to the cops. Canada described in a deadpan tone. Hell yes, and this time it's at my place, bro. America declared. Which state? Canada chimed in. OOOh! planes landing can't think now, I'll tell you on the flight back home. America fumbled around his seat to find his carry- on bag and exit the plane, ignoring the annoyed bickering of the other passengers. He found his cab after asking for help from a little girl passing by to find one. He headed to the meeting with Japan, he was glad to see his friend (even if it was for work, which blew) but he would have to hurry if he wanted to be there in time for the North America meeting (that they didn't tell their bosses about).

Time skip

The meeting was over, never had Japan seen America not try to degrade a meeting to hilarity in any way. Much less hurry it along, "what just happened?" he accidentally said aloud as the 20 minute meeting that he predicted to take an hour and a half ended. "America– kun, wait up!" he shouted after his friend who was walking out the door, laughing constantly. "s'up, Japan?" exclaimed the energetic and blind nation. "err, since I've got to go to go to France's house I was wondering if..", " YOU CAN BORROW MY TASER ANYTIME, PAL!" exclaimed America, completely cutting Japan off. "No! I was wondering if we could take the subway to the airport together." Informed Japan, "you sure about the taser dude?", "I have my own America- san."

The subway wasn't nearly as packed as it usually is yet America was sitting so closely that you'd think it was. It was almost like he was helplessly lost in here, there was only about 50 people in the car, this was a good day, for him. What has America acting so odd? While the nation next to him could only think " crap, crap, crap, I can't read the signs to know when we're there; if I cling to Japan, he'll find the way for me. This is why I only take cabs in foreign countrys."