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"We need to find out more"

While they weren't in the same place it was spoken simultaneously by Sealand, South Africa, Spain, England, and France.

Due to differences in location they spoke to different people.

Sealand spoke to hana tamago, who wasn't really paying attention as she kept him company while he was in time out for bugging Austria with Prussia (he wanted to know the secret of awesome).

South Africa spoke to his boss who had no Idea what he was talking about. Until he noticed the My Little Pony images on the computer screen. He face palmed.

Spain spoke to Romano who was doing his best to ignore him.

England spoke to the flying mint bunny, he didn't suspect anything being odd but France did and thus he must prove that he was right!

France spoke to Prussia, he was to awesome to really listen to France while playing with Gilbird.

Sealand already knew that he was in trouble. He hadn't done anything wrong yet, but he was going to. He was going to get the speech on trespassing again. Since England was his older brother he spent almost every other weekend with him. This weekend England wasn't really paying attention, so it was easy to slip out and even across the ocean when the workaholic was buried in paper work.

Little did Sealand know while he plotted a way to get to north America, that England was pouring over old photo albums and various other things that he had. Trying to reassure himself that nothing at all was wrong. It wasn't working, what would?

A wicked smile spread across his face, if he hadn't had to give up on a 6th new security system due to the fact that Sealand would probably still get past it, like all the others. "He is probably already planning something similar just to get on my nerves," annoyance dripped from every word that he spoke about sealands antics to his pet bunny.

"Peter, can I ask you to do something for me?" The voice behind the young nation was none other than his greatest foe, Jerkland. "what is it" he asked "and will you take me to the movies or something if I do it?"He added bouncing up and down at the thought.

"Sure, just go spy on North America and don't tell your parents." The brit while a worry wart also needed some peace and quiet, he was running out of advil for that head ache the micro nation gave him.

"Maybe I should spend more time with America at his place instead of mine." Japan wondered aloud to himself. Unfortunately "Yaaay, let's visit him tonight, we can bring along Romano and Germany too!" Italy was in the room. Now he couldn't take it back, alter plans, or do anything but try and most likely fail to reason with him.

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