A few years had passed since Lisa and Oliver had moved to the farm that Oliver had called Green Acres. 5 years to be exact. Oliver had just been talking to a friend on the phone who worked for an organization that gave economically disadvantaged children the opportunity to experience life on a farm for a week. Oliver had decided to have four children stay at Green Acres.

"Lisa we're going to have four kids…"

Before he could finish his sentence, Lisa interrupted him and had a shocked look on her face. A doctor had told them many years ago that they would never be able to have children. Did he want to adopt four children?

"Four children, Oliver there is a lot more you must do before you decide we will have four children"., said Lisa.

"We are having four disadvantaged children from New York City for a week to expirence life on a farm.",explained Oliver.

"Oh how vonderful. I'll be a mother for a whole veek!",exclaimed Lisa.

Oliver was glad to see her happy, but was hoping that she did not grow too attached to the children.

When they arrived Lisa smiled at these youngsters. They seemed to be about eight or nine years old. There was John, George, Roy and Lori. After they arrived the children were very surprised when they saw the house.

"What is that?",asked John.

I thought they only had tenements in the city.", said George.

"This is not a tenement.", said Oliver quite upset.

Lisa smiled making a mental note to later tell George that she hated the house and that the condition did remind her of a rundown Harlem apartment.

The children seemed to enjoy the rest of day finding out what life on a farm was like. They slept on cots in the barn.

That evening Lisa wanted to get to know the children better. She asked them to tell her where they were from in New York City. John and Roy lived with their parents in the Lower East Side. Lori was an orphan who lived with her aunt on the Lower East Side. George lived with his mother in Harlem. When Lisa told the children that she and Oliver used to live on Park Avenue, George said, "My Mom works on Park Avenue."

"Who does she work for?", asked Lisa.

"Mrs. Harriet Smith.", said George.

Lisa rolled her eyes. Harriet was one of Oliver's Mother's most bigoted and snobbiest friends.

"She's not a nice lady at all is she darling?", asked Lisa.

"You know her,Mrs. Douglas? I don't like her. She's mean. Did you just call me darling?",asked George.

"I know her and yes I did. I met your mother a few times.", said Lisa

"Oh wow! I like you a lot Mrs. Douglas. You're real nice.", said George.

"Thank you George.", said Lisa.

"Well kids, you have another big day tomorrow. After you all get ready for bed. Mrs. Douglas and I will come and say goodnight.

After Lisa told the kids goodnight, she was thinking about how she wished she could spend more time with children, and that she could be a mother.