It was 1980 in New York City and a relationship that had started out as a crush on the Douglas farm ten years ago was now a romance. Lori Baker and George Carlson had been dating for two years. They had both gotten into the best college prep schools in New York City and were going to graduate in a week. They had both gotten scholarships and would be attending the same college in the fall.

They were going to their afterschool jobs at a branch of the public library, and were holding hands as they sat on the subway on their way to work.

"I can't believe we are going to graduate next week. College is going to be so much fun.", said George.

"Yeah I'm so ready to be done with high school. It's going to nice to be living on campus. I'm glad we're going to a college upstate." said Lori

"Oh yeah, it'll be cool. So did you invite the Douglas's to our graduation party?",asked, George.

"Of course I did, well actually Aunt Ione thought of it. She likes them as much as we do. She invited all of Hooterville actually.", said Lori.

"All of them?" Oh boy, even that crazy old lady telephone operator.", asked George.

"Hey, Sarah is not cazy! She has dementia, but she's not crazy. She loved to talk about being a telephone operator the last time Aunt Ione and I visited her in the nursing home.", said Lori. For a few years Aunt Ione, Lori and George and his mom Nellie had visited Green Acres for a week in the summer.

"Yeah, I was teasing about that. Her son has issues. He's such an annoying loud mouth, so I bet he won't be at the party.", said George.

"Yeah, probably not.", well this is our stop. Let's go to work.",said Lori as the Subway stopped.

Two weeks later they were at their graduation party. They held it at the church basement of Lori and her aunt's church. There was family, school friends, church family friends, and the special guests from Hooterville. Lisa and Oliver were the only ones there from Hooterville

Aunt Ione had on her smile that lit up her face."Hello, Lisa and Oliver I haven't seen you in a long time. I'm so glad you could make it. This is a special day. Lori, George look who's here!" said Ione to Lori and George who were just walking by.

"Oh my gosh, you came!",said Lori. She then hugged Lisa and Oliver.

George hugged Lisa and shook Oliver's hand.

"It's so good to see you again." 'said George.

George, Lori I'm so happy you graduated. You are very smart. I'm sure you'll love college.", said Lisa.

"Thanks, I'm really looking forward to it.", said Lori.

"Yeah, me too"'said George.

"What are you planning on majoring in?" asked Oliver.

"Political Science." said George.

"History Education." said Lori.

"I wish you both the best of luck.", said Oliver.

"Thanks.", said Lori and George.

"Mr. & Mrs. Douglas, it's so good to see you again. I'm so happy you could come to the party. You've been such good friends to both families. Thanks again for those fun farm vacations." said Nellie.

"We care about your families very much. I'm glad you enjoy Green Acres so much." said Oliver.

"Nellie, dahling I'm so glad to see you again!" Lisa said this after giving Nellie a hug.

The rest of the party was very fun for everyone there. It was filled with food, fun and laughter. Aunt Ione kept on talking about how she wanted a place in Florida when she retired. When Lisa and Oliver left, Lisa was thinking about how maybe she and Oliver should have a place in Florida.