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Big bright emerald eyes flooded with fear and tears looked directly at her big sister. The ten year old girl runs to her older sister just five years her elder. Time seems to go in slow motion as the fifteen year old beckons her younger sibling to her.

"Big sister" time seems to slow as the young life runs to her older sibling. The older girl's smile falters as an audible click of a gun is heard. She can't do anything she sees the barrel of a gun rise just behind her little sister and- BAM!.

"Ms. Webber wake up. I opened my eyes and stared into the little blue face of a 5 year old asari.

"I'm sorry Melody must have dozed off" I apologized.

"How can you doze off when we're watching Snow White" she replied pouting.

"I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately so I'm kinda tired. I didn't mean to fall asleep little one" I smiled with droopy eyes.

"You need your sleep I read on the externet that any race needs a good nights sleep or they wont be able to function correctly. That or your brain will shut down your body so you can get some good rest" I chuckled at the 7 year old greenish blue Salarian named Ewon. He was very smart for his age always saying how he is going to grow up to be a great scientist one day.

"I know Ewon I'm not trying to purposely lose sleep" I said with a smile as he nodded turning back to the film.

"Forget sleep I can stay awake forever and not get tired." Jaws an 6 year old palish red Krogan bellowed.

"You wont be saying that when you fall asleep during battle." I chuckled. Like any other Krogan Jaws wanted to grow up and kill things. My name is Megan Webber and I run a day care center at the Citadel for any race out there and I love my job. I looked up at the clock it was 5:00 pm.

"Alright kiddos time to get your things together your parents will be here any second." As if on cue their parents came walking through the door and were greeted happily by their children.

"Mommy can we stay just a little longer I want to spend more time with " Melody asked with a little whine.

"I'm sorry Melody but we can't remember we're going to the mall when we leave" her mother spoke with a smile.

"Hmm is it ok dad if we go to I need to get some more slides for my microscope." Ewon said while pulling that exact object from his backpack, I couldn't help but chuckle at this.

"Yeah we should go to, to check out the weapon store dad" Jaws shouted hitting his chest with his fist. I smiled again knowing that he'll make a great Krogan warrier one day.

" you should come with us." Melody proclaimed with a huge smile.

"I would but I can't what about another time" I asked crouching down to her level with a smile.

"If you need we can pay for you" Melody's mom stated with a smile.

"Oh no I couldn't take your credits. Trust me I'm fine please just go have fun" I exclaimed with a smile. Well yes I wasn't the richest person on the Citadel but I didn't like to take people's money.

"Alright then take care thank you again for taking care of my daughter."

"Always a pleasure" I waved them goodbye as they left for their shopping adventure. Looking around a replaced everything the way it was. Shutting off everything then the lights I left and went to my house.

"Did you hear whats going at the mall." I froze my key in the lock.

"I hope those kids are alright." This time I looked over at the voices to see two Quarians talking about it.

"Hey I'm sorry but I couldn't help but over hear. Whats going on in the mall?" I asked.

"This gang took over the mall and took three little kids hostage. They're holding them until C-sec...Hey where are you going." I was already bolting for the mall I dodge citizens that were in my way. I had to make it to the mall I had too.


When I arrived I saw C-Sec officers standing outside along with three other men. One seemed to be wearing black and red armor and had a crap load of weapons on his back. The two others that seem to follow him were of a different race than

him, him being human. There was a Turain in blue armor but a part of his collar looked liked it was burned off. The next one wore a brownish kind of leather, when I looked closer I noticed it was a Drell.

"Hey what are you doing standing around out here shouldn't you be in there" anger was staring to rise in me they should be in there helping them.

"Look ma'am we know your upset about the situation but-"

"You just think im upset you should be rescuing those kids in there" I yelled. "You guys need to get off your lazy freaking butts and get in there"

"Ma'am you need to calm down we can't go in there without out getting the hostages killed now do you want that" The Turian that I was yelling at growled his answer at me and I back down with a grumble.

"?" I turned to see Melody's mom along with Jaw's and Ewon's parents staring at me.

"Oh good your safe" I said and sighed running up to them.

"Yes but our children aren't. I'm so frightened for them. Whats going to happen to my poor little Melody" Melody's mom started to cray as Ewon's dad held her trying to comfort her.

"They wouldn't let me go back in there and kill those gang members for taking my son." Jaw's father growled punching the nearby wall.

"Don't worry I'm going to get them back no one hurts my kids non one" I cracked my knuckles and started to head for the entrance and almost got there and was stopped by a hand on my shoulder.

"Where do you think your going miss" I turned to see the man before in the red and black armor then it dawned on me this was Commander Shepard.

"Your Commander Shepard its so nice to meet you I'm a big fan" I smiled shaking his hand he smiled back.

"So your going to try to say those hostages shouldn't we still be thinking this through" He chuckled lightly and I froze smile now gone from my face. I caught a glimpse of the Drell following tense slight I guess he knew what I was about to do.

"Ok as you know I am a big fan and please don't let my earlier action from expressing my self be deterred for what I'm about to do." With a fast hand I slapped him hard across the face making the Turian following him go slightly wide eyed.

"How can you think about whether to do something about this situation? There are innocent lives on the line here. Now I'm going to go in there and save my kids you are welcome to join me if you like" I glared at him for a second longer before turning around.

"Your kids?" I looked back around to notice that the Drell took a step forward as he spoke.

"Yes the ones I take care of at the Day care center" I smiled apologetically at Shepard who was now rubbing his sore cheek. Nodding to them I took off running into the mall. I wasn't armed or armored I just hoped that whoever was waiting for me in side would listen to reason.